Thursday, April 25, 2013

1626 N. Broad Street Philadelphia


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DeSales University Hosts Bill Donohue’s Standard Boilerplate Catholic Fascist Speech to Rounds of Applause from a Grateful Rich White Catholic Audience

DeSales Universtiy - Home of the (???) Bulldogs

Life time employment for oligarchic Plutocratic tools like Bill Donohue and Wayne LaPierre as spokespeople for the Catholic Fascist Movement in America to take over the government and reduce all minorities and non-Catholics to slavery.

Talking to a audience of well healed Catholic White People at DeSales University just outside Allentown Pa, Donohue pandered his standard fare of coded hate to the African American President Obama to tremendous applause.

It should be remembered that the people who can afford tuition to private elite Catholic colleges are the people zygoted, bred, wed and dead in the affluent burbs and seek that their’s is the only point of view possible in the best of all possible pampered trust funded worlds.

Apparently the Secularists have a secularist university and or academy or old Bill is in his usual blacked out state on his way from Rosey O’Grady’s Saloon in midtown Manhattan. The reference to “Academy” below is I think purely Donohue-style Delusional.

"It's undeniably true that the administration as a whole is not Catholic-friendly," Donahue said. "They are die-hard secularists. I think [Obama] is a secularist like so many people where he came from, the academy."

Of course there were rounds of applause in the sea of white faces regarding women not having the right to an abortion, a medical procedure, in places like Mississippi and North Dakota etc.

"I think we're winning on abortion but the [same-sex] marriage issue is much more difficult,"

The American Catholic Church has already missed the boat completely on the equal marriage civil rights thing. 

But then equal marriage rights will be a direct challenge to the need for celibacy in the their Catholic clergy ranks which have for centuries been the place to put your odd son in the family in a safe lifetime meal ticket job, just like Bill's job. If your odd son or daughter (gay) can marry and make a life for himself or herself outside of the Church, who needs the church in this new modern day sexual equation. Two's company, three is a crowd.

But I think the real heart of the American Catholic coded mission statement and its commitment to the political right is to the abolition of the U.S. Constitution and comes in Bill Donohue’s remark:

"I don't want to dialogue. I want to win."

Compromise never on the road to the brave new Catholic America. (the road to hell?)