Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween - Global Culture - Day of the Dead

There are traditions that transcend cultures. There are traditions that are adopted. There are traditions that get recycled through time.

The ancient Celtic New Year used to fall on November the first. There are ancient Celtic customs related to the harvest and coinciding with this date.

A Celtic celebration called Samhain used to center around the building of a bonfire on the Celtic New Year’s Eve on October 31. The people of a village would extinguish all fires in the village and take fire from the community bonfire to bring a new light from fire into the new year.

With the Celtic or Irish disaspora to America in the middle of the nineteenth century came the tradition of dressing up on Halloween first in religious costumes and later in monster chic.

The Brits, who have been greatly Americanized in these past decades, have found and adopted the “American” (Irish American) custom of Halloween and trick or treat. Many purists over there are disturbed that their traditional harvest festival bonfire thing on November 5 of Guy Fawkes Day has somehow been corrupted by yet another thing American.

Which came first? The religious holidays of All Saints day on November 1st and All Souls day on November 2 or the ancient pagan rituals associated with the Celtic New Year.

As in a grinding merger of cultures, it is hard to tell the truth of any given custom or tradition. In a way, globalization and driving toward a global culture have been ongoing for millennium.

I think we have the Celts first and then the Christian era trying to dominate and own dates on a calendar.

People of the Meso-American cultures of Mexico and Central America have their Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead customs around November 1 and 2. November 1 is for memory of babies and small children – angels – saints. November 2 is for memory of dead adult relatives - souls.

While the symbols of this holiday and its festivities are far from the Victorian or Puritanical customs of mourning, Meso-American culture treats respect and memory of the dead along with the needs and celebrations of the living. Families meet, clean up a relative’s gravesite, have a picnic there, tell family stories or even keep vigil through the night with candles and musica.

The human skull as symbol of death is not a feared symbol but a reminder of death which is part of a cycle of life perspective. The skull in Meso-American culture had been around for centuries before the Spanish and their imposed religion. In many ways I think that western culture and or Christian culture is a culture that greatly fears death and has great self-doubts about its mission statement. The conquered give lip service to their new masters and ancient customs such as Dia de los Muertos and Halloween go on and on.

I have spent the last thirty odd years practicing my own form of pagan respect, not ancestor worship. I light a candle before sunset on Halloween in honor of the Samhain custom and help the New Year in with new light. I also light a candle in my home on November 2 to remember long gone friends and relatives. I also in true Irish tradition and variation thereof have a shot or two of tequila in their honor.

(October 30, 2009)


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rand Paul To Give Original Speech in Gettysburg on November 19 - Disputes Plagiarism Charges on Stealing Lincoln's Speech - (Gattaca-Gate?) LOL

Rand Paul will open with these original lines below assembled by his crack intern Senate team, graduates of Triple Kristian University (T-KKK-U) etc. 

Rand Paul denies that there is any proof that Lincoln even bothered to give a speech at Gettysburg 150 years ago...

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal....

(for the sake of argument I attribute disputed passage above to Wikipedia as source...)


Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle – Ken Cuccinelli’s not too sharp but biggest supporters – Fox News Live and not rehearsed

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Better than Kiddie Porn? – Political (GOP) Arm of the KoC Brotherhood – Bishop Finn’s Buddies at the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus There to Protect Him? Pius XII Council 4962 Kansas City MO


Council Hall #4962
5101 Blue Ridge Cutoff
Kansas City, MO 64133

The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the Knights' respective countries through active membership in local Fourth Degree groups (called "assemblies"). Fourth Degree members must retain their membership as Third Degree members in their council to remain in good standing with the Fourth Degree....

Bearers of this emblem (wink,nod) are committed to conduct themselves honorably as Christian gentlemen in their private and public lives, as well as acting patriotically for the good of their nations. Likewise, the Fourth Degree sword represents the bearer's reverence for the Eucharist and the Pope, Bishops and hierarchy of the Church, and displays publicly his willingness to protect his Church and Priests. (at all cost of human misery and human dignity to victims of sex abuse if need be?)


John Wanamaker Department Store NYC - Astor Place - Grennwich Village, Broadway 8th Street to 9th Street

Wanamaker’s business philosophy, which dominated the retail operations of his department store, relied on fixed prices and guaranteed customer satisfaction. His department store included the first in-store restaurant – now a staple at most department stores in New York City. Wanamaker is also believed to have invented the White Sale, a marketing strategy in which the store deeply discounts merchandise at a time when sales are slow. Wanamaker’s treatment of his employees was also revolutionary – he gave his employees free medical care, education, recreational facilities, pensions and profit-sharing plans before such benefits were considered standard. Wanamaker’s decision to link his store to the new subway can be seen as another revolutionary (and successful) effort.


John Wanamaker's Thanksgiving Menu - 1901


Monday, October 28, 2013

Is Ted Cruz (R-Canada) the Anti-Christ? - Matthew 24:24 – Falsely Anointed = Anti-Christ – Serpent of da lord (Koch)

"Destroy America!" -- Satan

Is Ted Cruz the anti-christ?…and he is the champion of the haters. Misogynists and racists think he's the berries! - - “Eljeran”

For there shall arise false christs (of false anointings), and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect(orate).  Matthew 24:24


Ted Cruz Wabbit Hunter - looking to Get Bugs Bunny - Socialist Carrot Eater - After Shutting Down Government

Where is the wabbits?


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Russell Brand - Corporates Profits = Government Deficits – Change / Revolution / Alternatives

Brilliantly put. Bring on the Revolution. 

profit - deficits 4:40-4:48 .


Allentown Jail - the Seekers

They locked up my darlin' in Allentown Jail
Oh oh oh oh
And no one has come for to put up his bail
Oh oh oh oh
They say at the courthouse he'll never go free
Never go free
For he stole a diamond a beautiful diamond
To give to give to me
Somewhere somewhere in Allentown Jail in Allentown
My heart waits in Allentown Jail
You know I'm gonna dance for you mister I'll sing you a song
Oh oh oh oh
But more than that mister would surely be wrong
Oh oh oh oh
But more than that mister would surely be wrong
Oh oh can't you see?
Well my love stole a diamond a beautiful diamond
To give to give to me
Somewhere somewhere in Allentown Jail in Allentown
My heart waits in Allentown Jail
Somewhere in Allentown Jail

My heart waits in Allentown Jail

Taxi - Harry Chapin

Operator - Jim Croce

Sounds of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel

I started a Joke - Bee Gees

Saturday, October 26, 2013

McDonald’s Corporate Profits Built On Government Subsidies (Food Stamps) for Slave Wage Workers?

Get the Government out of my pockets!

Get McDonald’s out of the Government’s pockets!

McDonald's workers struggling to get by on poverty wages should apply for food stamps and Medicaid. 

 That's the advice one activist McDonald's worker received when she called the company's "McResource Line," a service provided to McDonald's workers who need help with issues like child and health care. 

 "You can ask about things like food pantries. Are you on SNAP? SNAP is Supplemental Nutritional Assistance [Program] -- food stamps ... You would most likely be eligible for SNAP benefits," a McResource representative told 27-year-old Nancy Salgado, who works at a Chicago McDonald's. "Did you try and get on Medicaid? Medicaid is a federal program. It's health coverage for low income or no income adults -- and children."


B 4 Drones, There Was Save J.P.Morgan and His British War Bonds’ American “War To End All Wars” – Triumphant Return of Pennsylvania Troops in Roman Pagan Style Parade 1919

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ted Cruz Cuban Grandmom Still Waiting For Visa, Plane Ticket, Section 8 Certificate and Food Stamps Card ? Nigerian Racist Remarks Moot? - Look at his Roots?

                                                                                                                                        Photo - Tibor Vegh*

Ted Cruz's racist joke about Nigerians running the computer scam on ObamaCare has nothing to do with racism considering all the black Cuban blood in his Canadian born veins? 

If he was going to make jokes about computer scammers, why not make jokes about Goldman Sachs, where Ted gets his healthcare insurance off his wife's dime.

“You may have noticed that all the Nigerian email scammers have become a lot less active lately,” Cruz said at a gathering with supporters in Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle. 
“They all have been hired to run the Obamacare website,” he joked. 
But the Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans, also known as CANAN, isn’t laughing. The group blasted Cruz, calling his comments distasteful and disparaging. 
“Cruz has maligned all hardworking, decent and outstanding Nigerian-Americans who add value and bring goodwill to their different communities, especially in Texas, with the largest concentration of Nigerian-Americans in this country,” the group said in a statement released Thursday. 
And that’s not the only place where Cruz’s joke fell flat. 
The Nigerian ambassador to the United States also wants an apology from the senator.

*Cuban Woman Photo


American Right Wing Jesus Idol/ology – Guns, Violence, Racism – Not Faith But Fear – False Christianity

Ted Cruz and Entourage at Media (prayer)

With Inspiration from this blog article:


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Doctor Riley Writes Her Second Essay – Is Fined Again for Whatever? – Licensing of Bricklayers, Doctors and Other Professionals in Utah

I have to apologize a bit here. I have, since the inconvenience of the recent government shutdown on a federal level, been researching many things related to the anger in the Republic against big government and the reality of the “less government” crowd who really mean less government for you but "more government" and contracts for us (and cronies) kind of scenario.

I see from public documents that Doctor Riley is finished with Maryland so to speak and that now Utah wants a second grade-school essay from Doctor Riley. Nicola Riley is no saint. Just read the SL Tribune or Deseret news to get that certain PC POV toward her. Public Square in Utah is many times Temple Square btw. 


Feedback on Tea Party Creep Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, Pennsylvania – and other Holier than Thou Burb Bubble Land People just Like Him

We have this problem here in America Lately.  The press gives free rides to people like Ted Cruz or idiots in the Pennsylvania State (H8) Legislature like Rick Saccone and Daryl Metcalfe who pass this feel good Guido stuff that plays well in their bubble world existence in the Burbs.

That they are thinking that what they feel good with on lily white green lawn suburbia is what I want which it ain’t.  They claim, most of these Tea Party shits to be Christian, but they do not have a clue about life or people, empathy or compassion. That many in fact if you look at them closely have lived in the burbs all their lives or they are lifers in the military and then come out and get elected to cushy little jobs to backwater burbs.

They are building the new Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School in Cranberry Township Pa. which is the home base of Daryl Metcalfe, there in a rich burb of Pittsburgh. That the old North Catholic there had to climb further into the burbs to escape the blacks in the inner city that want to get a better education etc. No doubt Cardinal Wuerl will be proud of the new WHITES ONLY BURB catholic high school. 

Mission of the RC in America of late seems like it is to sell off all the old immigrant built inner city real estate and locate to the white safeness of the burbs. Many of the best inner city schools and high schools in America have bit the dust in favor of locating to the burbs to escape the reality of diverse 20th century America etc.

Daryl Metcalfe R-Pa – Another NeoCon Sucking on the Government Tit In Pennsylvania – Wants to Harass I Mean Impeach Female State Attorney General Kathleen Kane

Another Bush Era “Christian” sponge on the government tit for so long, he thinks he is entitled to his $78,000 per year gubmint job plus benefits while Lord-ing all over the rest of inferior non-white, non-burb Pennsylvania.

Rep Daryl Metcalfe is always 100% right even if his district is only 98.6% white. lol

In June 2013, after the Defense of Marriage Act had been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, openly gay state representative Brian Sims tried to make a speech in the Pennsylvania House supporting the decision. Metcalfe, who was one of several representatives who blocked Sims from speaking, said ”I did not believe that as a member of that body that I should allow someone to make comments such as he was preparing to make that ultimately were just open rebellion against what the word of God has said, what God has said, and just open rebellion against God’s law.”

Just another two-bit NeoCon Tea Party tin plated god. Oh Yeah!

Metcalfe circulated a memo to his colleagues Monday, letting them know he plans on introducing a resolution containing articles of impeachment against Pennsylvania's Attorney General, Kathleen Kane.

 The reason: Kane's decision over the summer not to defend the state against a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn Pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage. At the time, Kane said she could not defend a law that she found to be "wholly unconstitutional."

 Metcalfe argues that Kane is abandoning the duties and responsibilities of her job, which include defending the state's laws, whether she agrees with them or not. Others have echoed the criticism, but no one has gone as far as seeking to impeach her.

 "Impeachment is a rarely used, but extremely important, tool to address misbehavior in office," Metcalfe wrote in the memo. "Attorney General Kane’s violation of her constitutional, statutory, and ethical duties cannot be tolerated if our system of government is to work properly."

 A spokesman for Kane could not be immediately reached for comment.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Ted Cruz (R-Canada): "I Don't Work For The Party Bosses In Washington"

Ted Cruz (R-Canada): 
"I Don't Work For The Party Bosses In Washington" 


Warning: Listening to Ted Cruz (R-Canada) Phony 21 Hour Long Filibuster Speech May Be Dangerous To Your Children's Health - Wayne's (LaPierre) World

“…The child may have offed herself as the result of merely being born a redneck. But unofficial reports state that the entire 21 hour DVD of the Sen.Ted Cruz's (R-Canada) phony filibuster (C-Span deluxe version) was playing on the TV when the child decided to visit Jesus. …”  T.C.C. news service.

(warning one - sarcasm)

(warning oneA - Visual Sarcasm)

(warning oneB - It takes intelligence to understand and appreciate sarcasm, and visually expressed etc.)


Bill Donohue/Catholic League Shilling For Conservative Telemarketing Penny Anty Scam Web Site – NewsMax – Front for Out of Work (no wars going) Neo-Con Executives?

I hear the Confections in Iran are far superior to North Korean Sweets.
But we won't know until we contract out there, will we?

Like I said the other day about how neo-cons get to land in easy cushy no show jobs in between American Global Wars of Genocide and Profit for White Republicans, like St. Vincent’s College in Latrobe Pa., Bill Donohue over at Catholic League has a nasty article about NYC mayoral candidate that thumbs his nose at Catholic Cuddling that Bill has come to expect sitting at the feet of American high level clerics and giving them free pedicures too I hear (bishops and above only – holy foot fetish, don’t ya know, lol).  And lets not forget the unofficial Catholic views on male waxing

I go into Bill's least offensive sounding “defen$e” of Catholicism tax free web site article at Catholic League that leads to a (wink,nod) link to NewsMax, a west Palm Beach neo-con News sites that supposedly makes over 24 million a year, doing what? I have to wonder why a tax free Catholic employee at the Catholic League is hanging out at a right wing political "newspaper".

Makes you think that maybe separation of church and state and the tax free jerk off thing does not matter anymore in the shiny city on a hill republic of Ronald Reagan that now has sunk into the adjoining swamp land below? When it comes to the Catholic League and Doctor Donohue that is. Quack! Quack!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stephen Fry - BBC "Out There" - Human Dignity - Gay RIghts

Ran into this video over at Bill Lindsey’s Bilgrimage and his eternal campaign for human rights and human dignity – all human dignity. 

Very interesting video of Stephen Fry. I have to admit that the same video word for word from an American openly gay actor produced by PBS would not have the same impact on myself. Something about the mother tongue and the mother culture that on some level has true stage presence in the documentary side of English speaking common cultures.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Six Degrees of Separation Between Rick Saccone and an Eight Dollar Cup of Faith Based Soup in a Soupline given to a Homeless Man or Woman or Child, paid for at taxpayers’ expense

I tried to find a picture of the old Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix with a picture of onion soup on the box. Somewhere along the timeline, nobody eats onion soup out of a box anymore.  The Lipton Onion Soup Mix has a picture of onion flavored sour cream dip made from the box. A hell of a lot of salt and or calories for all the fat ass obese people on welfare eating with Gubmint food stamps. A hell of lot of poison being fed to America but that is another story.

Somewhere along the time line Compassionate Conservative got mixed up with politics and religion and leeches on the government dole selling an outsourced – it is cheaper to pay churches to feed the poor tag – which is a lie – but it sounds good in a soundbite. 


I see that the godless Tea Party, wrapped in the flag and inhumane bubble of ethnic Catholicism in Pennsylvania has had a “Year of the Bible” in 2012 resolution passed in the Pennsylvania Legislature. 

Now “Year of the Bible” Rick Saccone after a lifetime of living on the public dole, of never having a private sector job before 2002 or so wants to forcefully indoctrinate all public school students with an “In God We Trust” metaphoric tattoo on children’s foreheads for a feel good Guido kind of thing. I think perhaps he is passing or proposing all these greasy Dago Catholic patriotic sounding shit things in the Assembly rather as a resume builder to step up to a teaching job at Ave Maria University in Florida.

But I look at these corporate welfare people like Rick Santorum, Ken Cuccinelli or Rick Saccone living most of their lives on the top end of the stick of government handouts and see them in their tight little Italian culture bubbles looking down on an Anglo like me and having them try to expand their guinea catholic bubble around me and my private concerns.

I read about a hypocrite like Rick Santorum homeschooling his kids and then having then forced to be driven by a bunch of groupies to daily mass at a Opus Dei parish like St. Catherine of Sienna in Great Falls Virginia and I want to free those slaves of his children from his patriarchal tyranny.

Or I hear Ken Cuccinelli rant about God should punish this nation more because of Abortion. Man, get a life. Stop beating your wife etc.

Well anyway, I am thinking about how George W Bush got the fundies all on the same page to back him and get him elected and his promise of a bribe in return with the White House Faith Based Free Blow Jobs for people with a collar office of parasitic opportunies. Which is illegal under the constitution. Obama gave it a slight name change but the eight dollars a cup Liption Onion Soup still gets doled out to the poor because of the horseshit PR moniker of “Compassionate Conservative” (an oxymoron – emphasis on the moron part).

So you gots Rick Saccone wanting to probably trade up once he’s made Pennsylvania a theocracy to move on to greener pastures in Florida. Does not have a complete bio. Do not know where he was born. A carpetbagger in Pennsylvania, a retired military lifer, consultant on torture to the military when needed and hired at St. Vincent’s College in Latrobe Pa..

I can remember when the best beer in America was made in Latrobe, Rolling Rock, before it got bought out and is now being churned out under that same label at the Budweiser MEGA Brewery in Newark New Jersey across from the airport.

Like the gone before quality of beer, I somehow doubt the quality at St Vincent’s is the same since carpetbaggers like Rick Saccone or Jim Towey arrived like locusts on that once great teaching institution.

Something about price and quality. While an eight dollar cup of onion soup at a trendy restaurant sounds appetizing, the poor in America get the eight dollar cup of onion soup out of a paper packet and through the filter, laundered fee based Faith Based Circle Jerk for rich clerics organization.

Here are six degrees of separation between the poor and the uncle sugar paying for many people’s dimes.

One – You got Ted Cruz organizing the fundies into a Bush for Christ President campaign.

Two – You got the White House Faith Based bogus thing.

Three – You got Jim Towey, first real head of the WH Faith Based Free Blow Job for Christ thing.

Four – Now Jim Towey gets a temporary job at St. Vincent’s (Why? Fuck if I Know.)

Five – You got out of work lifer Rick Saccone finding a job at St. Vincent’s before Jim’s arrival but Jim leaves in 2010, and no doubt told Rick before he left to go south that it was Okay to teach at St. Vincent’s and run for a part time job in the State Legislature to help pay the bills etc.

Six – Ave Maria University – UberCatholic Heaven on Earth depending on you own personal twisted POV where Jim now is and no doubt would like a good church militant type like Rick Saccone to whip the Florida State Leigislature into shape to reestablish the “theocracy of our founding fathers?” there.


Where are the poor in there? Anywhere there is a paycheck from the government and a bunch of faith based parasites to serve the luke warm make with LUV Liption’s powdered Onion Soup Mix.

Hijos de Puta!


World Trade Center Views - October 18, 2013

View - North to South
Click on Photos to get Bigger Image

View from Staten Island - Bayonne / Jersey City center left - Manhattan center top