Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kathryn Jean Lopez – Token Vagina/Front of the All-Male RC Church’s New Evangelization

It is perhaps vulgar of me to use the title I used but after some basic research, I thought I would share it to those interested in reading it. I call a spade a spade as I see it. And Me vulgar – never – just a bit kitch?

Kathryn Lopez is thought to be some sort of wunderkind, being “Hispanic” and a female and her career has shot with a bullet to the top of the heap as Heir Apparent to Phyllis Schlafly as token female Catholic opinion maker and speech giver for the GOP.

Of course her shot to the top was as one woman with a computer at the National Review and running as editor in chief National Review Online NRO. Now that the Internet has taken off, Kathryn got pushed to the side as Editor at Large at NRO, which gives her time to produce a prolific amount of GOP and Uber-Catholic drivel both separate and mixed together on many media and online sites and circles.

Most of what I read of what she has written is totally boilerplate and considering her associations with Right Wing think tanks and her association with National Review; she has little journalistic talent IMHO.

She merely reiterates and repackages what she hears on the media and re-spins it to the ears of RNC talking points' daily listeners.  A one trick (very talented – savant?) monkey sort of “journalistic” deal? She does not as far as I can determine work directly with the Republican National Committee.

And of course when Bill Buckley Jr. was alive he renounced the John Birch Society and Ayn Rand per say but dear old uber-uber-Catholic Bill is dead and in uber-Catholic gated white heaven. Thank Gott!

In terms of her Twitter, she seems when the news is dead to send out Saint Josemaria Escrivia quotes, perhaps trolling for lonely workaholic Opus Dei virginal males and females working themselves to death and feeding, contributing to Opus Dei trying to deprivatize religion in America.

That and she throws out random bones that bored lonely Catholic Housewives eat up, to stir the pot of racism, or is it Abortion against the you know who in the White House (wink,nod) left over from the 2012 election campaign still gnawing at the craw of so many good white gated community pro-life uber-catholics?

It is in retreading backwards on some of her retweeters that I see that many of them are Twit Tweet illiterate and merely want to show an @ or a # Hashtag shared with the rising token vagina in the Church, Party and or Church/Party – The Christian Catholic Republican Party?

But really some of these retweeters and it is unfair to use guilt by association, but I rather think that a lot of campaign fund raising and more importantly charity fund raising follows the lines of K-Low’s considerate well-heeled Mailing lists or followers of her tweets, columns and other keeping her face and her income career constantly in the every second of everyday borderline social and public media.

By her own description, she is a workaholic, listening to MSNBC, talk radio, reading tweets, e-mails etc. to get her constant flow of filtered rewrites out to the right, with  their limited understanding of the outside world, this to both her uber-Republican and uber-Catholic fans.  Basically she is a middle aged female workaholic and I do not know if she has a private life, sex life etc. outside what she is allowed as a faithful unmarried submissive to male culture Catholic female?

My thanks to Dr. Bill Lindsey, the Catholic Theologian over at his Bilgrimage mission blog for alerting me to the latest crop of videos of the Uber-Rich, Uber-Catholics joining up in this year’s Napa Institute’s Catholic version of the Bohemia Club up there in wine country in Northern California.  

More Chardonnay anyone?

Of the many Videos offered on YouTube and on the EWTN Catholic “News”/propaganda network was one of a person who I had never heard of before, that of Kathryn Jean Lopez – “K-Lo” to her friends.

I went into this video of her speech at the Napa Institute with a mindset, after researching her writing, and was surprised by her presentation as full of effervescence masking extreme nervousness, shyness and in an adolescent style presentation, of rarely directly looking at the audience, of actually speaking directly to the audience with eyes closed at times and always always looking down, hands and arms waving, at her too long a script delivered at New York Minute speed to what looked like an older western middle class audience whose facial expressions, when the camera pans the audience, come across as Huh!, bored or indifferent. 

They give her a full eight and a half seconds of applause at the end of her presentation.

Content of the speech which is supposed to be the “deprivatization of religion in America” which translates into shoving your private religious beliefs into everybody’s face and legislation etc.

She does not make a good case for the so called title of the YouTube except to plug Archbishop Gomez’s latest book of similar title.

Her first plunge toward the deprivatization topic suggested to me that Archbishop Chaput or his aides wrote the script because she masks her attack on the “first Catholic American President” as the person who privatized religion and made it okay for the secularization of the American Town Square.

Whether of her own ass kiss writing origin or input script, I find it insulting that John F. Kennedy is both a forgotten dissed by silence, lack of a name (a bastard so to speak?) and insulted too at the same time as the man who forgot or greatly discounted his Catholic Root. Her reference to Chaput after this insult to President Kennedy is what suggests the ass kissing and or co-written status of her words.

Good job Girl!

There is also below a reference to her indifference to the Hispanic Community in America by her lack of knowledge of the Spanish language or by her not wanting to mix with the unclean unwashed immigrant types that some might think goes along with her name of Lopez – thus the Label and distance from Spanish culture in the “K-Lo” tag unless it is an inference and direct challenge to Jennifer Lopez regarding the biggest NewYorican (Puerto Rican) female Ass born in New York City.  LOL

And also below in YouTube garbled robot script that could not correctly translate her fast speaking style. She comments about having to go to a catechism to repackage what Pope Francis had to say on a plane – to understand it PC uberr-style – and reiterate it to her adoring uber audiences. 

I'm worried about also our outreach to Spanish speakers and I worry about
are segregation within the church but despite my last name
others here are better equipped to address that topic

people often have no idea what we're talking about when we use the word
nevermind have a wall forms one we really have a lot of fundamentals to

how you made them feel. the good moment I think to talk about Pope Francis
on the plane but right back from Rome there's a brilliance
to what he did as well as I think a caution and challenge for a bay dealing
with the media
my initial reaction so the first news stories that makes
characterized what he said as a definitive slapped down at Pope
on a seminary candidates and homosexuality
my initial reaction was to scurry to figure out where exactly said because I
was in on the plan announced a good time
I had a and presented in some kind of catechetical context right
which is what a what I tends to you up but all around me the buzz continued
the pope people react in said the pic pope showed signs
finally let gay priest reeve
LGBT activists on my the cable news channels
said finally somebody in the catholic church doesn't think we're wrong and
thats course a great injustice right but oh my goodness
while people may only be personally listening they are listening
he's captured their attention consider it their concern that perhaps
not all catholics may actually hate


NRA – Wayne LaPierre Silent on Washington Navy Yard Massacre

Hewlett Packard hires IT people from Texas for a much cheaper rate than native Washingtonians, gets into the Navy Yard passed subcontracted outsourced temp Security Guards??? and puts him in with a security clearance as a subcontractor with a history of gun violence and Wayne LaPierre is silent.

The only way to deal with a bad or crazy man with three weapons and a thousand rounds of ammunition is a taxpayer SWAT team?

End of story. 

Fuck you Wayne. 

Fuck you NRA

“I may be the chief medical officer of a very large trauma center, but there’s something wrong here when we have these multiple shootings, these multiple injuries, there’s something wrong,” 

“I worry about this, I worry about our community,” she told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. “Mass murders – people walking through schools, people walking through movie theaters, people walking through work places –unfortunately is common, or more common than what it should be. And I spoke from the heart when I said that we’ve got to work together to stop this.”  

~~ Dr, Janis Orlowski, MedStar Washington Hospital Trauma Center