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Is the System Corrupt Enough to Make Tim Dolan of NYC the next Pope?

Tim Dolan was giving depositions just as he was borrowing a billionaire’s jet to hop the Atlantic and take Rome by Media Storm. But not to worry. The cemetery deal was about burying cash and not bodies – ha ha.

Then again I can remember Governor Fife Syminton III of Arizona running for Governor not to be governor but solely to avoid prosecution in the Savings and Loan fraund scandal in Phoenix and let’s not forget Governor George W. Bush of Texas about to be indicted in the Enron Fraud thing. Seeking and holding a higher office can keep the dogs of justice at bay sometimes. 

Now would be a good time for Tim to move on to bigger and better things.

God knows that Benedict was not Rock Star material.

And if the modern papacy is to be of the John Paul II model, the Rock Star PR Media fantasia thing, then Tim Dolan is the next pope coming from the PR, BS Media Capital of the Planet, New York City.

Seems like yesterday I had never heard of Tim Dolan from Milwaukee and he shows up unannounced to become the instant favorite son of Gotham City. Wow. Instant local media celebrity. Don't bother to check to see how dirty his laundry coming from Milwaukee is - his drawers etc. - (nasty business - the truth)

The nostalgia just overwhelms me with the thought of losing Tim to Rome and the Big House Time Show.

Yeah right.


Cardinals Do Harlem Shake to Elect Pope

Thursday, March 7, 2013

WTF - What do John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, Bush 41 & 43, Petraeus and Opus Dei have in Common? – Their Luxury Suites at Hotel Hell for all Eternity

Oscar Romero - Hugo Chavez
Liberation Theology - Sacred and Secular

"When Reagan was elected, two months later there was a meeting of his National Security Council in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to discuss one thing: How can we destroy liberation theology in Latin America? And they concluded: We can’t destroy it, but we can divide the church. And so they went after the pope. They gave him lots and lots of cash for solidarity in Poland. And in exchange, they got the permission, if you will, the commitment on the part of the papacy, to destroy liberation theology."

So, history and cheerleading of popes, what I call papolatry, will not cover up the facts. This has been the most sordid 42 years of Catholic history since the Borgias. And as I say, I think it’s really about ending that church as we know it. I think Protestantism, too, needs a reboot. 

I think all of Christianity can get back more to the teachings of Jesus, a revolutionary around love and justice. That’s what it’s about. And that’s why there’s been such fierce resistance all along from the right wing. 

The CIA has been involved in, especially with Pope John Paul II, the decimation of liberation theology all over South America, the replacing of these heroic leaders, including bishops and cardinals, with Opus Dei cardinals and bishops, who are—well, frankly, it’s a fascist organization, Opus Dei is.

It’s all about obedience. It’s not about ideas or theology. They haven’t produced one theologian in 40 years. They produce canon lawyers and people who infiltrate where the power is, whether it’s the media, the Supreme Court or the FBI, the CIA, and finance, especially in Europe.

Steele's contribution was pivotal. He was the covert US figure behind the intelligence gathering of the new commando units. The aim: to halt a nascent Sunni insurgency in its tracks by extracting information from detainees.
It was a role made for Steele. The veteran had made his name in El Salvador almost 20 years earlier as head of a US group of special forces advisers who were training and funding the Salvadoran military to fight the FNLM guerrilla insurgency. These government units developed a fearsome international reputation for their death squad activities. Steele's own biography describes his work there as the "training of the best counterinsurgency force" in El Salvador.

Of his El Salvador experience in 1986, Steele told Dr Max Manwaring, the author of El Salvador at War: An Oral History: "When I arrived here there was a tendency to focus on technical indicators … but in an insurgency the focus has to be on human aspects. That means getting people to talk to you."
But the arming of one side of the conflict by the US hastened the country's descent into a civil war in which 75,000 people died and 1 million out of a population of 6 million became refugees.
Celerino Castillo, a Senior Drug Enforcement Administration special agent who worked alongside Steele in El Salvador, says: "I first heard about Colonel James Steele going to Iraq and I said they're going to implement what is known as the Salvadoran Option in Iraq and that's exactly what happened. And I was devastated because I knew the atrocities that were going to occur in Iraq which we knew had occurred in El Salvador."
It was in El Salvador that Steele first came in to close contact with the man who would eventually command US operations in Iraq: David Petraeus. Then a young major, Petraeus visited El Salvador in 1986 and reportedly even stayed with Steele at his house.
But while Petraeus headed for the top, Steele's career hit an unexpected buffer when he was embroiled in the Iran-Contra affair. A helicopter pilot, who also had a licence to fly jets, he ran the airport from where the American advisers illegally ran guns to right-wing Contra guerrillas in Nicaragua. While the congressional inquiry that followed put an end to Steele's military ambitions, it won him the admiration of then congressman Dick Cheney who sat on the committee and admired Steele's efforts fighting leftists in both Nicaragua and El Salvador.
In late 1989 Cheney was in charge of the US invasion of Panama to overthrow their once favoured son, General Manuel Noriega. Cheney picked Steele to take charge of organising a new police force in Panama and be the chief liaison between the new government and the US military.

Cardinal Dolan – Angelman Syndrome?

Should the Future Pope Need to Pass a Physical? 

– Besides the Balls Test to prove he is not a woman.

Angelman syndrome (pron.: /ˈeɪndʒəlmən/; abbreviated AS) is a neuro-genetic disorder characterized by severe intellectual and developmental disability, sleep disturbance, seizures, jerky movements (especially hand-flapping), frequent laughter or smiling, and usually a happy demeanor.

Currently at large in Rome


Taco Bell – USA Horsemeat Policy – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

Safe at McDonald's? - Good Luck Horsey

The American press/media has kept a lid on the contaminated food chains in Europe whereby Beef Products like the mystery meat filler they put into Taco Bell tacos in the UK is actually mixed with horsemeat.

Just because the Americans don’t want to know, are too dumbed down on Medicaid Pharma test drugs, don’t want to test the filth that does not in many cases have to be labeled as filth on the label of the meat product - 

Does not mean that horse meat or Chinese chickens at KFC gorged on Chinese human feces is not being sold in American supermarkets or fast food outlets like Taco Bell or KFC.

Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Don’t wanna know!

LONDON, March 1 (Reuters) - Britain's food regulator said on Friday that testing had found horsemeat in ground beef at Taco Bell UK fast-food outlets, a discovery that puts new pressure on parent Yum Brands Inc, which is grappling with a food safety scare in China.

Taco Bell said the horsemeat issue is isolated to its UK market, where the Mexican-inspired chain has just three restaurants, and that it will step up testing of its beef.

On Monday, Yum said it would stop using more than 1,000 poultry slaughterhouses in China as it moves to tighten food safety and reverse a sharp drop in business at KFC restaurants in its top market after a scare over contaminated chicken.

Europe's horsemeat scandal erupted in January, when testing in Ireland revealed that some beef products also contained equine DNA.

It since has spread across the continent, ensnaring numerous well-known brands, prompting product withdrawals, consumer concerns and government investigations into the region's complex food-processing chains.

"My big bugbear is food labelling. The Trade Descriptions Act says a product can be named by the last place where something substantial was done to it.

"So we have Chinese chicken fed on human excrement, killed in China and brought to Britain and washed in saline and put in a bag and it becomes British chicken.


Gabby GIffords to Congress - “Be bold. Be courageous. Support background checks.”

Gabby Giffords returned today to the Safeway parking lot where a gunman shot her through the head two years ago to urge the U.S. Senate to take action on legislation requiring background checks. 

Flanked by her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, Giffords delivered a brief message to Congress: “Be bold. Be courageous. Support background checks.”
Giffords, Kelly and several of the other victims and survivors of the Jan. 8, 2011, shooting massacre gathered this afternoon to encourage Arizonans to ask Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake to support expanding background checks. 
The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to mark up a background-check bill tomorrow, but Politico reported this afternoon that a bipartisan effort to craft a bill had fallen apart over differences regarding whether non-licensed sellers would have to records of firearm transactions. 

As Giffords and Kelly arrived at the Safeway this morning, they laid a bouquet of white flowers at the memorial for the six people who were killed during the Tucson rampage: 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Green, federal Judge John M. Roll, Giffords aide Gabe Zimmerman and retirees Dorothy Morris, Phyllis Schneck and Dorwan Stoddard. 

Kelly, with Giffords by his side, then took to the podium to call on the public to contact McCain and Flake to let them know they should support new laws that would expand background checks to gun sales by unlicensed dealers and to make it easier to block sales to mentally ill people who pose a danger to themselves or others.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Papal Conclave - McPope with or w/o Fries? - Which Guy is Giving out the Swag Bags?

                                                                                                                                                                (Composite - Habemus Papam - Nanni Moretti)

The Vatican (Benedict)’s Payback to the Irish and the Brits – Gentlemen’s Club Membership Cancelled? – Omerta goes bye-bye - Watch Your Backs Conclave!

Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Scotland - Not a Red Hatted Friend in Sight

One cannot but help notice that the Italian media have led the way against two Cardinals with Irish Names.

Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles has gotten the heat in the Italian press not to show up and vote for Pope.

Born in Northern Ireland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland got the heat in the media real fast when Omerta evaporated away and Priests and or former seminarians got phone calls (?) out of the blue for an intervention for poor dear Keith - no doubt, anonymous phone calls (?), old phone numbers listed in files from decades old complaints, from the not so secret Herranz Report overlapping with the Ratzinger Worldwide Pedophile Legacy Archive in the Vatican -

– all of a sudden accusations against Keith came out of the closet and he was getting payback from the Italians for all the nasty Irish Politicians that have put the Vatican in the its place lately? Talk of legalization of abortion in Irish Parliament etc. Legalization of Gay Marriage in Britain etc.

And retired Philly Crime Boss Justin “Big Frank” Rigali, an I-talian, not so much as a peep of the Child Abuse mess in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and how he was allowed to walk away from those crimes against children and humanity, and retire in the lap of luxury in the lap of his protégé Bishop Stika's Baliwick in Knoxville Tennessee. 

Does Pennsylvania have an extradition treaty with Tennessee?

No justice in the world.

Plenty of hypocrisy!

Fair weather friends even among birds of the same feather. 

Expect more backstabbing as the days progress in Rome. LOL


Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Pope Resigns - Habemus Papam - Nanni Moretti


Pope Sees Female Shrink – Pope Resigns – Habemus Papam

(April 23, 2011)

I ran into an article in the Guardian, a Brit news source, about the mixed reviews of the new movie in Italian – Habemus Papam – (We have a pope.)

Alas, cannot find a video with English subtitles. The storyline is about a newly elected pope with panic/anxiety attacks who requires the services of a shrink. 

The best of the best shrink available is played by director Nanni Moretti. I think that the storyline has the pope ending up going to the shrink’s ex-wife, Margherita Buy, for therapy and in the end the pope resigns a job he did not really want and could not handle. 

That is a very human theme. (If popes cannot be human, then how could Jesus have been human? Myth reflecting reality or reality reflecting myth?)


Friday, March 1, 2013

Inclusion, Neighborly Love, Part of Alternative St. Pat’s Parade in Queens, opposite of the elitist, exclusionary, 5th Avenue Manhattan St. Patrick’s Day Pararde

Fr. Mychal Judge, Saint of 911
Honoree of Queens "St. Pat's for All" Parade

When the Cardinal and his elitist corporate friends and bankers want a Fascist Like display of blind obedience in the annual 5th Avenue St Patrick's Parade every year, Public Drunkedness is okay but no signs or expressions of freedom or private personal opinions, they are VERBOTEN. 

There are alternatives and there is life in the other boroughs and outside the control of the stone canyons and stone hearts of the elitist ruling class in Manhattan.

“I know what it’s like to be told you’re not welcome,” Mr. Fay said as he rushed around his Astoria, Queens, home making last-minute preparations for this Sunday’s parade, which starts at 2 p.m. in Woodside and runs for two hours. It begins at Skillman Avenue and 47th Street and proceeds east on Skillman, ending at Woodside Avenue and 58th Street. …

With the phone ringing constantly, Mr. Fay finalized details for portable toilets, pipers and puppets to be held aloft by children. The parade has grown in size every year, and this year he expects more than 2,000 participants.

Bars that once wanted nothing to do with the parade are now opening early for breakfast on parade day, he said.

As for the parade, he said, “We err on the side of hospitality and inclusiveness.” And with the doors wide open, he has certainly amassed a wide array of regular attendees, including from many ethnic groups in this extremely diverse area of Queens.

At the moment, Mr. Fay was making arrangements with Pakistani and Bengali contingents. There will be Bolivian, Ecuadorean, Korean and Chinese groups, as well as a troupe of young black and Latino step-dancers from the Bronx.

Mr. Fay called a Turkish contingent seeking to march for the first time, to honor the food shipments that Turkey sent Ireland during the potato famine. Then there was the Mexican group marching in tribute to that country’s San Patricio battalion in the Mexican-American War.

“We try to reflect the spirit of New York – we’re all neighbors, we marry each other,” Mr. Fay said in his living room, which is presided over by a green statue of St. Patrick, rescued from a trash heap, with its arms broken off.

As usual, the parade will honor the Rev. Father Mychal Judge, the gay Fire Department chaplain who marched in the parade in 2000 and died on Sept. 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center. And as usual there will be a moment of silence for Robert Rygor, an early critic of the Fifth Avenue parade who died of complications from H.I.V. in 2004.

Papal Conclave - Cardinals Arriving in Rome on Their Brooms - Snake PIT

Papal Conclave Rome - Who to Elect Pope?

Reserved Quest Parking - Vatican City


Pope Benedict Finally Free to Marry Archbishop Georg Gänswein - Rumors About Cardinal Dolan and Bill Donohue at Catholic League Circulate in the Open as well

Benedict XVI and Archbishop Georg Gänswein


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Father Dougal Maguire – Thousand to One Shot Betting Odds on being elected the Next Pope

Actor Ardal O'Hanlon as Father Dougal Maguire

Father Dougal Maguire of Craggy Island Ireland is a stand in for the Late Great Dermot Morgan – Father Ted – who unfortunately cannot run being deceased and all that. (Though few I think in the Vatican or Media might really notice.)


Benedict XVI’s Smoke and Mirrors of Satan or What I Am about to manage to F**k up as the second and new Antipope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI - Antipope Benedict XVI

I am not being sarcastic or even cynical when I name Josef Ratzinger the new Antipope and the Second incarnation of Benedict XVI as the retired entity wants to be called from his cave in hell calling the shots in the Vatican from that basement bunker of his new palace at Vatican City.

“Pope Emeritus”. White robes. “His Holiness”. Living in the little palace in the back yard of the big palace.

What do they call those kind of living arrangements in houses – a mother daughter house?

Don’t expect any reforms in the RCC under the new pope. The old pope, the new antipope and his Tea Party cronies will be passing notes back and forth in code and by secret buff couriers to thwart the new pope’s efforts even to take a pee.

All this modern, in the last six hundred year sense Pope and Antipope stuff started when Philip IV of France

bribed Clement V 

into the Papacy with Templar Knights/Bankers gold.

On the History Entertainment Channel on cable they talk about Phillip IV doing a hostile takeover of the Templar’s European Banking Assets and torturing and killing all the bankers in order to cancel his debt to the Bank. 

The History Channel never mentions Clement V up front as an equal co-conspirator with Philip IV to take over the European Banking system. 

Sounds a bit familiar and the EU has clamped down on the Vatican Bank for the moment as a rogue outlaw banking entity in Europe and the man in ultimate charge, the pope, resigns and hides in a bunker in a foreign country without extradition treaties to avoid prosecution and imprisonment?

Clement was French and decided to stay in France and set up the so called Avignon Papacy

in France for over a hundred years. After about sixty years or so, the guys in Rome started to elect their own separate bishops of Rome or popes and started calling the French popes Antipopes.  

The Antipopes in Anignon France move out and for another decade or two you gots a few more straggler Antipopes as the Romans seemed to have won that argument on the concept that a Bishop of Rome should actually live and work in Rome. 

BTW two of the last three AntiPopes were both named Benedict XIV. Believe it or not. Smoke and or is it a dyslexic eye/mirror to see a similarity between XIV and XVI etc.? LOL

It is a strange world. And getting stranger by the moment.

Satan and the bankers have the upper hand at the moment I fear.

Papal Palace / Fortress - Avignon France


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

World Trade Center One - Topping off with a Spire

220 feet to go on the spire under construction

World Trade Center Tower One - when complete

Cardinal O’Brien Fears for Life in Rome, His Name on Vatican Death List like Albino Luciani, John Paul I?

Between the Rigali wing of the Swiss Guard, the Opus Dei New Pope Lobby, the media is the last thing Cardinal O’Brien is worried about. 

The fear to set foot in Italy for O'Brien is now that the German Retires, an act of survival on O'Brien's part does not give Britain a vote, by veiled threat of death by parties within the Vatican Corporation? 

Is this papal election regarding Britain the first time since the Reformation under Henry VIII that Rome is doling out its unique brand of queered justice? 

The Laity in Britain don't mean Jack Shit to Rome? You bethca!

Whoever emerges as Benedict’s puppet pope in Rome in March, he will not have any validity in Great Britain. This kind of petty bitch politics of the Vatican is a sign of the end days of the Vatican I think. 

The Counter Counter Reformation against Vatican II is under full steam. The cliff over which the RCC finally jumps is within sight?

The Smoke of Satan blinds the vision of many these days in the soon to be late, great, Vatican City State.

O’Brien is not stupid. He knows that he is not welcome. The American pedophile protector enablers Cardinals Mahony and Rigali are embraced as true brothers of the Vatican twisted sister cult that runs the RCC these days.

O’Brien having alleged encounters with adult male clerics is like the most common thing in the Vatican City State or the church worldwide in a sexual sense I would imagine. As Catholic as Apple pie!

O’Brien is likely to be welcomed as a hero by the clerics in Rome Italy for being merely human. 

If he dared to place his vote in conclave, he would likely die under mysterious circumstances like the late Albino Luciani, aka John Paul I.  (Wink. Nod)

Here Today - Literally Gone Tomorrow - LOL


Monday, February 25, 2013

Benedict’s Demotion Back to High Priest of the Inquisition – March 1, 2013

Reading some progressive Catholic Blogs in the last few days, I get the sense that once Josef Ratzinger got promoted to pope, he found out how little real power a pope has in the Vatican.

That John Paul II made it look easy. That Joe thought that he too could be a rock star pope.

Truth is that JPII was only a media star and his role as conduit for cash through the Vatican and into the Eastern Bloc i.e. Poland for political intrigue fit into pro bono American East Coast media gold during the Cold War.

Well, along comes Joe the Pope and the first thing he does is he wants to show the world what a great scholar he thinks he is and then insults all of Islam with his scholarly Cliff Notes at Regensburg in September 2006.

The man clearly does not understand Islam or he thinks himself insulated in some small college delivering his cheesy little college work that nobody outside the college will know or care about.

No doubt Joe’s best moment came in May 2006 when he finally, after years of writing private secret memos about Maciel to General Wojtyla who never read them apparently, he pushed an aged Legion of Christ founder and general all around pervert and Madoff like crook Marcial Maciel Dellogado into a forced retirement. Not that hard to bring down an old toothless lion at the zoo.

All well and good. And like Henry VIII’s breaking up of the very corrupt obsolete Monastery system in England, the breakup and redistribution of wealth and serfs and seminarians and foot soldiers is still underway for that Legion of Christ empire.

Aside from that, the pope these days is little more than Mickey Mouse at Disneyland who must ride around in his ridiculous pope mobile and wave to the tourists, the majority of practicing Catholics in Rome on any given day of the week, that far outnumber the non-practicing natives etc. and then once a week arrive in Superstar Audience Hall and deliver a pithy little moral sounding message to inspire the rich tourists and justify their very expensive trip to Rome and the Vatican museum.

All this time, the thousands of folders on all the pedophile Priest and pedophile religious members of his church worldwide have been sitting on his old desk collecting dust at the Inquisition, toxic waste that nobody other than a good German clerk could deal with in terms of classifying, stamping and filing away for future reference and or possible authoritative action. Yeah right.

I think that Joe the Pope got bored, and worse than that, that pile of toxic files back in the Inquisition office were becoming his only legacy, a full floor's worth in acreage no doubt in the underground bombproof eternal Vatican Library.

Ratzinger’s, Benedict’s, recent obsessive ranting about homosexuality no doubt is from his long term memory both from his own personal past, the type of distorted sexuality of the average Roman cleric, and along with his past as John Paul’s chief clerk, gatekeeper and fire putter outer of the child abuse thing that got out of the Vatican Fire Brigade’s control both under John Paul II and the overlapping John Paul/Benedict united regime.

The modern world, democracy and communication technology brought perversion to the surface of the pond in the form of all the Bernard Laws of the Hierarchy, one state and one country at a time.

When I see somebody like Cardinal O’Brien finally getting some kind of payback from the Vatican, I see a man without a political party in the Vatican being picked off as road carrion for the sake of public example to all the incoming Cardinal’s about to rush in and crown Benedict’s hand-picked successor from a field of stooges hand-picked over three decades during the John Paul/Benedict Magisterium period of the church.

That and stabbing a Britain in the back fits well into the Wehrmacht training of his youth, a story that he has controlled all along his timeline btw.

That Mahony in Los Angeles carries the Gomez’s Opus Dei Vote to Rome. Rigali certainly knows the details of the Cedric Tornay Swiss Guard Murders and can vote because he has the blackmail power to do so. 

And no doubt there are a handful of Cardinals now who as younger men heard their older cardinal bosses discuss the results of the secret autopsy of John Paul I. Blackmail power there too I think.

John Paul II in his obsession with the dead, dare I call it necromancy, had the bones of some Polish saint, a national Polish hero examined and cat scanned, and also had the body of Celestine V, the last pope to voluntarily resign forensically examined, an object of obsession now for Benedict also.  

Also some sense of trying to make papal sense out of the bizarre way that popes fuck things over for the sake of personal power and prestige masked in a face of that strange bizarre truly unknown to them Christ creature.

John Paul II, and his obsession with dead papal royal bodies and Polish national heroes, in his role of also turning John XXIII’s body into another tourist thingy in St. Peter’s, a Vatican II trophy?, did not under his watch order an autopsy of John Paul I because he already knew the results or did not want to know those results that catapulted him into global power and fame. Believe it or not.

Now Joe’s only role left is to protect his niche in papal history, is to shred or misfile those thousands of pedo files in the Office of the Inquistion’s vaults, not to be refound in next thousand years by the average mediocre Vatican scholars of the future allowed to examine them.  LOL

“Wenn Sie einen Job richtig zu erledigen wollen, müssen Sie es selbst zu tun.”