Tuesday, April 14, 2009

GOP and the New Racism

I do not think that it is intellectual or moral backbone that has the Cardinal Newman Society, a once harmless national on-campus organization, campaigning against President Obama, to prevent him from speaking at Notre Dame on May 17. I think it is out and out pure old fashioned racism. Not so recognizable as racism but the coded worded type so frequently used in the recent past.

This moral outrage – is it funded in anyway by the down and out GOP?

GOP money seems to be funding this tea bag thing against whatever – taxes? - too.

The GOP is looking for a hook. Anything that will stick and get them back into Sodom and Gomorrah like absolute power in Washington D.C.. This wanting "Obama to fail" strategy is publicly professed by Gingrich and Limbaugh among others. This wanting Obama to fail is unpatriotic in my opinion. I feel that it goes deeper than failed politics on the GOP side. I think it also goes to the level of race.

I don’t think it is coincidence that Tony Blair converted to Roman Catholicism as a prelude to his campaigning to be the first president of the EU.

I don’t think it a coincidence that Newt Gingrich has now converted to Roman Catholicism. I think the new “IN” for the republicans and their tired decades old “family values” hypocrisy is in hiding behind the skirts of the RC Church to push its fascist agenda forward.

I do not think it coincidence that a nationally mounted campaign in the Catholic Blogoshpere against Obama speaking at Notre Dame - or on any level - but with this run let's call it moral - and not racism coded or otherwise - is anything but a test run for politics and new GOP strategy.

If this new fascist strategy wrapped in moral sheep's clothing - if it works at Notre Dame, then the New Racism (the hook) is born and and the GOP will try to rise again using this new found gimmick of pushing its agenda forward on the "moral" Catholic Blogosphere, coded or otherwise.

I watched this person last night, this Raymond Arroyo “News” anchor on the EWTN – Eternal Word Television Network – and heard him pump up and advance this (covert racist) campaign by the Cardinal Newman Society to throw the black guy off campus at Notre Dame. The spokesperson for the Cardinal Newman society said that he would be happy if they withdrew the honorary degree and the (second class negro citizen) President be allowed to only talk at the commencement.

Sound familiar? ASU in Tempe Arizona will not give the black guy an honorary degree. Like what has Obama done lately? Not much apparently. Arizona, has a republican Governor and two republican senators. Arizona, under a republican governor, shot down the MLK federal holiday a generation ago – a good red neck state and it’s Universities suck too.

I had come to believe lately that the party of Lincoln and their recent round of debauchery, of sodomy in airport bathrooms and fondling page boys in the Capitol hallways and the adultery, drunk driving and making of bastard children was on its way out for a long needed rest.

But no. Fox News may be in decline. The Catholic Blogosphere is the next wave, the secret weapon of the GOP. I told you that Roman Catholicism was not a fascist religion so much as a religion in search of a fascist patron – President Newt Gingrich?

I can’t find any credible journalistic credentials for this Pee Wee Herman look alike spokesperson for the Church of Rome – Mr. Arroyo seems to be an official spokesperson supporting the church’s (racist?) policies in Africa and the Pope’s evil (coded) pronouncements on condoms. We in the west don’t take the Pope’s unscientific pronouncements on condoms seriously.

But a bunch of poor uneducated Africans do take the words of the pope as sacred or sounding like they come from Mt. Sinai or such.

The pope is not pro-life
Appearing on Fox's O'Reilly Factor last week, I debated the pope's statement with writer Raymond Arroyo. I pointed out that UNAIDS, calls the condom the “single, most efficient, available technology to reduce the sexual transmission of HIV.” Arroyo responded with a bizarre conspiracy theory saying that the United Nations group was only trying to “protect the government infusion of money to these condom programs that have demonstrably not worked at all.”

Then I asked Arroyo point blank: “If all the condoms in Africa magically disappeared, would the number of HIV cases increase or decrease?”

He responded that HIV would decrease if people would model their lives on the pope's “ideal way in which to live.”

In the ideal world promoted by Arroyo, priests would not rape little boys, while getting shuffled around parishes to protect the church. In the real world, the Vatican has spent millions of dollars to pay for child abuse lawsuits. In Arroyo's fantasy world, young people pledge abstinence until marriage. In the real world, studies show that teens taking virginity pledges were just as likely to engage in sex—and less likely to use birth control or condoms when they finally did.

Beware of the new power of the RC church as an agent of the GOP.

Fascism in America or it’s secret agenda within the GOP is not dead yet.