Saturday, October 17, 2009

Michelle Malkin - a "Red" Racist?

This is a connect the dot hysterical hissy fit for what passes for journalism, at least on cable these days, and on the MSM – so called main stream media.

I think I saw the recent Keith Olbermann tirade on Michelle Malkin, a blogger on the right, who somehow was following through on a FOX “news” story about the indoctrination of children in an elementary public school in Jersey. The You Tube segment below is an example of how our children are being Mao-ed or Goebbel-ized in Obama’s secret plan to steal the U.S. Government knowing that at any minute some lunatic Russian ex-patriot will finally find his real-real-real birth certificate in a pumpkin patch in Gorky Park in Moscow. Oh how I love a mystery!!!

The Skinny. Olbermann tiraded into Malkin for starting an e-mail campaign against author Charisse Carney-Nunes, who supposedly shared a class with Obama at Harvard and wrote a children’s book “I Am Barack Obama”, for supposedly organizing the children’s treason below - singing The Obama Song. That e-mail campaign supposedly caused death threats to that author. I won’t tell you that I once shared a class with Obama up at Columbia and I won’t tell you that the class was on “Marxist Theory”. Because it it not true. That’s how bullshit journalism, blogging, hate, fear mongering infects the tree of life these days in America – critical days. Journalism is no longer a signpost to truth but a signpost to hell these days IMHO.

This is a donnybrook or more accurately a feeding frenzy of the MSM creating one phony story after another starting with Fox on September 24. To add insult to injury so to speak, a lefty, Megan Carpentier of Air America, a lefty site attacked Keith as being a woman hater in his imitation of Maulkin’s speaking voice and his description of her with lipstick. Carpentier perhaps sees an opportunity to write a whole bunch of follow up blogs (see what I mean about feeding frenzy) about battered women and men like Keith who…

My trek through this wilderness started this afternoon. First with Page Six on the New York Post quoting Carpentier on Olbermann as proof of Olbermann’s misogyny. Busted! I only went to the Post to see if they might have finally hired a first rate astrologer finally after all these years after the death of the late great Patric Walker.

Well anyway. From Page Six I had to piece this story together for my own satisfaction and see what the real thing was all about. I guess I have already told you what I think indirectly from what I wrote above.

I went searching for the exact lyrics of this so called Obama Song and found that there are literally dozens of different ones out there on the Net.

Which took me for the first time to the infamous Michelle Malkin blogsite –yee gads.

The story below is about Social Security but what shocked or sickened me was the symbol used of a red man with a handgun robbing the rich blue man (above). The article is about an Obama proposal.

Wealth redistributor-in-chief

I know that the underlying message of “Socialism” is supposed to say it all. Perhaps I have been become a lunatic too and caught the Glenn Beck disease and see things in symbols that I should not see. Crazy! Using the color/symbol/word "red" as coded overt to mask the true racist message?

For one thing, with my previous blog about Red as the New Black in mind, I see a symbolic representation of a stereotypic black male with a hand gun robbing a (?) blue (white?) man. I think that the red man if he were a true communist would be carrying a AK47 and not a cheap inner city handgun to rob the current oligarchs/robber barons now in charge etc.

It is near my bed time. Good night. Pleasant dreams. Avoid all symbols if possible.

Love. Peace. Karmic Bliss!

Red As The New Black

I am glad that tea baggers are running around and defending their way of life what ever that is or used to be.

The tea baggers are the tip of the iceberg of anger in this country about the mismanagement, cronyism, lack of jobs, Goldman Sachs seven figure bonuses courtesy of the taxpayer, and government spending in the final analysis likely to spark hyper inflation as a means to put the final nails into the coffin of the late great middle class America.

Part of this whole cauldron of distress is of course visual on the news with the stars of the Murdock sound machine on Fox News. The tea baggers have many racist placards in their numerous protests showing the President as a witch doctor and of course being a socialist communist RED. Red was the term used in the cold war to denote the godless commies for whom we sacrificed national health care to buy bombs, bombs, bombs as a kind of fear tax.

Red also denotes the states that are electorally in the GOP column as opposed to the blue states for the Dems. Red is a safe, comfortable color for GOPs to throw around in public or so they think. They think they own the word and or term. Yeah right. When they call Obama a Red – we all know what they mean.

Out of this cauldron of seething anger and mis/dis/pis communication I have run into a new street variation of the word for Black people in general. The term is translated from Spanish as “the reds” and is used by the very diverse Hispanic population, which these days comes from dozens of Spanish speaking countries. I have no clue how blacks become reds but in this strange vetting age of the first black president anything is possible.

In many quarters these days, coded overt messages are going about and I think they are related to the past age of race being dissolved away with interracial marriage and minorities like Hispanics arriving on these shores already having exposure and tolerance to states of interracial beauty.

I have been on the Net trying to determine the source of the new term Red for the old Black. The Urban Dictionary (I won’t put the link here in that it is quite a vulgar site and won’t force you to read it) states two references to Red in that Blacks favorite flavor of Kool-Aid is “Red”. And an obsolete racist term “Redbone”, from the South and denoting interracial origins, has been revived and shortened into “Red”.

Of course we are not talking about eggplants, Mulignan, an Italian term for blacks. The term originated in Italy as a derogatory term for Sicilians who were once conquered by the Moors and do have African blood in their cultural whole. The term was used on the Sopranos. Overt, untranslated, translated, transmutated messages seem not to have the full force these days to match another time and another pure white culture of the past. The overt messages are sometimes too diluted now to matter.

Nobody cares. The Black President got elected by the majority of all people who voted in the election. Minority opinions or sour grapes rarely matter.

I am not the thought police and I am not pure or PC in my opinions of the good or bad of cultures, race and language in this extremely diverse American scene. I place no judgment upon anyone in this rather sad/comic beautiful wonderful American way of seeing things.

Perhaps the id of our culture already has an understanding of the cutting edge of the future. Perhaps we do not even know at present that that is what we are doing – trying to fit into a probable future with various code talks all around us at present. Wherever the planet may be going in its future global culture – America gets there first in the majority of those merged future diverse flavors of life and words to describe such.

My question to myself is - do the Glenn Beck idiots and tea baggers of the world, with “Red” on their lips – do they know that they share solidarity with the emerging Hispanic segment of the population and in fact share the same overt message:

Red is the new Black!