Saturday, September 5, 2015

Anointed Saint and Martyr Kim Davis Organizes Christian Prison Gang to Terrorize the Unsaved behind Bars

On authority from Gawd, imprisoned county clerk Kim Davis wasted no time in starting a Christian prison gang to harass the unsaved in her immediate view. This on verbal support of several closeted Gawd-fearing GOP politicians from southern inbred red states - Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky etc. Words from the king of bullshitters Donald Trump don't really count I would think. 

“It is an abomination that people here in prison not demand salvation from my perfect Gawd”. She stated to a reporter before having a rumble in the Clark County Prison exercise yard with the people with the wrong shade of color and Da Gays etc.

“Looking forward to sign a book deal with Sarah Palin’s publisher. I like she have a unique story like she. Did I mention I like she.  Here in prison some of the girls remind me of Sarah…”

Mat $. Staver, Liberty Costs Counsel, passed the hat outside the prison to pay for Gawd favored legal advice.

“Jesus died only for me” stated Kim behind bars. “He died so I could hate. I am a perfect Disheveled Assembly of Gawd Chreesh-chun. Amen.”