Thursday, May 3, 2012

GOP Vice President Slot to be Vetted by Opus Dei ?

Benedict's Consigliere (Opus Dei)

Considering how fast the far right closeted homophobes got rid of a competent right wing soldier, open gay guy Richard Grenell, off of Romney’s staff, one has to wonder who really is running the Bishop’s GOP Presidential bid/campaign, which faction, which church, which group agenda???

Beth Meyers, Bishop Romney’s nominal vetter for the GOP Vice Presidential position is out there officially. 

One has to wonder if a token female or temporary “honorary white Mormon male” on the Bishop’s staff is going to make any real decisions regarding the VP slot. Rhetorical question. Whose approval does she have to seek into order to give Mitt the "final list" of VP fodder?

There is an article in the press about the pope setting the Opus Dei dogs loose to sniff out and find leaks in the Vatican, especially the ones exposing financial corruption with crony contracts on the Vatican’s dime. They certainly are not sniffing out the sex crimes end of the Vatican business etc. Everybody seems to have a dirty little secret to hide in the Vatican on that playing field.

So the whistleblower so to speak Archbishop Carlo Vigano gets demoted to Papal Nunzio to the United States. What does that say to you?  Who is the Pope’s real man in Washington D.C. with Vigano at the head of the Nuncio’s Palace in Washington?  One has to wonder in an election year, who is in charge? Who will get the carbon copy of Bishop Romney’s list of Catholic Vice Presidential candidates from Beth Meyers?  

Can Bishop Rmoney just appoint any VP or does he need final approval from Opus Dei, sacred arm of the pope?

One has to wonder how all this Mormon Catholic USCCB protocol has to be worked out in the politics of this years election? One even has to wonder if there is a secret Vatican Concordat back in 2010 between the Vatican and the Mormon Church’s State of Deseret, once recognized by Pius IX because of its pro-slavery policy during the American Civil War etc. 

Just comes to mind who Bishop Romney could appoint as VP running mate, they are Chris “loud mouth” Christie, Marco “soft spoken” Rubio, Bobby “Hindu” Jindal, Rick "I'm not a homo" Santorum and pops over the hill, Newt “I’m Brilliant” Gingrich.

Am I leaving out any other catholics on the Romney VP ticket list?