Monday, November 21, 2011

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Bishop Brom San Diego – Vampire Bishop? – Twilight Cathedrals California? – Kinky Catholic Sex in Coffins

This is a bit late for Halloween and perhaps a bit silly, but a few thoughts.

Twilight – Breaking Dawn – a vampire flick just grossed close to $300 million on its opening weekend.

And I ran into the weirdest reference in Wiki about the current RC bishop of San Diego California whose settlement, out of court, from his youthful indiscretions with children that did not keep him from being a bishop in San Diego.

BTW, border towns or near border towns like San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, El Paso, or transportation hubs with Mexico like Calexico CA have long been the dumping grounds for pedo priests in the United States. Why?  Illegals can’t call the cops when the local padre rapes their children.
Anyway. The weird thing about Bishop Brom (any relation to Bram, Bram Stoker?), is the obscure reference to kinky gay vampire sex in coffins for a self hating gay? self-hating vampire? like Bishop Brom?

Robert Brom was accused of coercing a student into a sexual relationship at a seminary in Minnesota, where he once was rector and later headed the Diocese of Duluth. The alleged victim reportedly claimed that the incident of abuse occurred "in a coffin along with other bishops". Due to the "unusual" allegation, no criminal charges were brought at the time and, according to Brom, the settlement was made to offer psychological assistance for the alleged victim.
Doing further research, I have not been able to tie down that “in a coffin with other bishops” quote to a specific document. But it leaves a lot to my imagination. A lot!

Having recently done an Architectural Review of the RC Oakland Cathedral that got built for $200 million, and the old cathedral damaged in an earthquake could have been repaired for $8 million dollars, I have to wonder the need to spend so much?  And why also a new RC Cathedral in Los Angeles for another $200 million dollars? 

Aside from the need for underground parking, the major use of space underground competing with the parking is the Crypts, acres and acres of Mausoleum space underground? Honeycombed under these new church structures.

Time was when churches were places of worship.

But I guess there is more money selling burial space to elites and renting to out of town California vampire types like Bishop Brom? LOL

With all these TV shows, movies, books about blood sucking and the undead, La La Land big business - money, is somebody trying to let us know something about the dark underbelly of the human soul?

Who better to get involved in banking and the dark underbelly of the soul than the RC church?


Have a nice.  (cover your neck)