Friday, November 18, 2011

Lee Ryan - I Am Who I Am

Joe the Pope - Unhate Yourself?

I don't know if the above advertisement is offensive?  I showed it to someone point blank without explanation and she showed no negative response. Said something like "that is the custom over there" in Muslim countries and did not understand when I gave the full skinny on what the above was all about.  That it was not Joe the Pope in the picture etc. 

It is all about the Brand these days.  The Vatican is concerned about the Brand and it is obvious that Benetton did not give a cut $ to the Brand for the supposed use of the supposed sacred image.  Whatever. 

The theme of these ads is "Unhate" meaning two enemies embrace and love. 

I feel all too certain that a self-hating gay like Joseph Ratzinger or all the other self hating gay Cardinals and Bishops of the RCC do not, cannot understand the simple or underlying meaning of the message. 

It is all about the BRAND.

Brand is the modern code word for profit/greed = irrelevant to any or all things human.


Try to find a little humor in life today.  There is no little out there in the real world these days I think. 


Oakland Cathedral – Church of the Holy Vagina?

Holy Vagina!

I say that because when I look at it – that is what I see – a Pussy in modern sculptural form. 

What?  Well somebody has to say it! That cathedral looks like a bloody vagina!

Just recently saw this very well hidden from the media “architectural gem” for the very first time. I can guess why they keep this "gem" so well hidden. Besides its obvious anatomical likeness, it is one ugly pile of metal and glass architecture.  An eyesore!

That is what is wrong with this modern age.  Everybody, brain dead on TV and Video Games, is afraid to tell the secular or religious emperor, front office tin god, that he or she has no bloody clothes on!

For a religion that is so anti-vagina like the RCC why do they sculpt what they crave most but cannot have. Are there really any so-called heterosexual clerics in that religion to appreciate this kind of hidden joke played on them by the architects???  You know, like they don’t know what one looks like.
I know of one American Archbishop that goes screaming, cassock over his head, running out of the room at the mere thought of a naked female tit – something he did on a recent trip to Spain and it never made the American newspapers – but let’s not go there…

Is that piece of modernism architecture shit really a church???

What kind of spiritual mojo can you get going in this dirigible hanger – or what they called them my youth, a natural gas storage tank, that used to dot cities up until the 60s.

I have seen nicer Olympic ice skating rinks in my day but $200 million is quite a rip-off of whatever fool and or fools who signed the checks.

The two fold purpose of spending $200 million dollars was to have a fancy burial vault in the basement for 12 archbishops.  That and the building is, get this, supposedly earthquake proof.

Picture this. Men of faith shaking their fists at God and more or less saying – WE DARE YOU to tear down this man-made Tower of Babel! (humble)  

We all know where that architectural fable goes, which is tumble down, down, down.

Whatever.  Have a nice day.