Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Philip Downing Letter Box - U S Patent 462093 - Oct 27 1891

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Moses King New York Guide Book Cover – Inspiration for O.Henry’s short story The Lady Higher Up?

New York World Sunday Magazine, July 24, 1904, The Lady Higher Up by O.Henry

I have to thank the Internet for the coming together of ideas. Researching the latter part of the nineteenth century New York I came across the Moses King Photographic Views of New York originally published in 1892.

I cannot but help to think in the last twenty four hours looking at the cover of the King’s Tourist Guide that Bill Porter hanging around pool halls, billiard parlors and rummy saloons around Fourteenth Street, fingered his King’s Guide to New York to inspire a story for a much needed sawbuck to pay his bar tab and some back rent on a furnished room. 

That about a year and a half to two years into residence in New York City he may have been ready to toss that book - feeling like a native NYer - but instead fingered that guide for inspiration, in a copy newly purchased when he has first arrived or in a dime used copy at a bookstore outdoor stall – with the cover image of Diana the Saint Gaudens sculpted weathervane on top of Madison Square Garden - pointing an arrow at Lady Liberty - may have just been the visual inspiration trigger for the story mentioned above.  

Just a thought.


Walt Whitman 1887

Walt Whitman 1887 - presumably in his Camden New Jersey home.

Photograph attributed to the Philadelphia artist Thomas Eakins - (Library of Congress)


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Babbitt Soap - Washington Street NYC - 1892

Greenwich Street and Trinity Place NYC - 1892 thru Present

Above looking north - 1892 View from #1 Broadway / Washington Building - Greenwich Street left (Ninth Avenue Elevated) - Trinity Place right (Sixth Avenue Elevated) 

Looking North - Greenwich Street left - Trinity Place right

Looking South - from Trinity Place and Edgar Street


1 Broadway NYC - 1884 thru Present - Washington Building

Same structure - re-sheathed and remodeled in the 1920s. 


Koch Brothers / John Bircher Madness - Let's Turn America Into One Giant Slag Heap - Enslave the Planet with Toxic Waste

Koch Brothers John Bircher Madness - Let's Turn America Into One Giant Slag Heap - Enslave the Planet with Toxic Waste.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Charles Keating Lonely in Hell - Awaits His Pals Dennis DeConcini and John McCain for Reunion of the Phoenix Boys

Dear Denny and Johnny:

Missing you in Hell. Am keeping a special spot warm for each of you. 

Your Bosom Buddy.

Love Charles.

P.S. Mother Teresa gives lousy head here in hell. Not like the good ole' days in the 80s.