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Monday, September 29, 2014

Julian Assange in 3-D

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who Needs (a) God When They Can Afford an iPhone 6 (Rhetorical ?).

I could die and go to heaven when I get my iPhone 7 !  (trash cult talk)

Made in the image and lifeness of god Steve Jobs…….lol


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Top Favorite Baby Name in Israel – Mohammed – Mazel Tov

But what the incident does reveal is some long-standing anxiety about birth rates. Israeli Arabs — that's citizens of the state, not those living in the West Bank or Gaza — make up 21 percent of Israel's population. Though they're still substantially smaller than the Jewish majority, it's not surprising that Mohammed's victory makes some Israelis antsy about a potential future demographic shift.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Peter Kehoe Murderer Gets Ten Years - Jersey City NJ 1891

Detective William Dalton was born in Ireland in 1846 and was brought to Jersey City when a child. He served for nine months in the 21st New Jersey Infantry. After the war he was in the sail making business until he was appointed on the force in May 1871. He served as Patrolman until May 1 1887 when he was promoted Detective Dalton has a record as a detective officer that cannot be beaten. He has made many important captures of criminals amongst which are the arrest of :

Proctor Denning and Foley the first National Bank robbers who were sent to prison for fifteen years

Girloff the sandbagger who got ten years

Blinkey Reilly and Hop up Langtry the post office burglars who got five years

Patrick Doyle a professional swindler one year

Maria Kelly a notorious dishonest servant five years

Joseph Kirwin for the murder of Frank Fernando ten years

Jack Gill the coiner two years

John Romenillo for the murder of Michael Storolice in Brooklyn

John Miller for burglary five years

Victor Turo for murder of Peter Kehoe ten years

Big Dick Morris pick pocket five years

Herman Zrecker burglar five years

Frank McCabe pennyweight man five years

Mike Noonan for the murder of John Carroll twenty years

Belch Harney for burglary three years

Big Jim Montrey and Charles McKelsy for burglary ten years

Frank Clayton burglar five years

James O Brien and James McNulty masked burglars five years

Finger Morrison burglar five years

George Neisenger and Max Featherstone Lava Bed gang five years and

Anton Bertrand alias Frenchy burglar five years.