Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rep.Sam Johnson 3rd Texas - Key Player in Handing Over Social Security to Wall Street

Rep Sam Johnson 84 - 3rd Texas 84 refuses to retires on full Congressional Pension – too much money and favors to be had from Wall Street Cronies? War on the American Middle Class.

Banruptcy of Social Security began on January 20, 2015.

It all sounds like “good government,” but the politics are rich.

House Democrats were not consulted on the rules change, and liberals accuse the GOP of trying to cull the weak from the herd, pitting the disabled against pensioners to undermine the larger Social Security coalition.

In fact, the new rule’s fine print leaves an escape hatch for Republicans to move tens of billions into the disability fund if this gambit fails. Still, the upshot could be a one-two punch Democrats most fear: a first-round debate over disability funding in 2016 followed by a bigger battle over all of Social Security in 2017, when Republicans hope to control both Congress and the White House.

“They’re looking for a new weapon,” said Michigan Rep. Sander Levin, the ranking Democrat on Ways and Means. “What they’re doing in this rule is to use any problems within disability as a way to attack the whole system. It’s dangerous doubletalk when they have been the problem, not the answer.”



Saturday, May 23, 2015

Duggar Christian Hate Factory Program Takes a Temporary Hit on News of Josh’s Terrible Family Secrets – Tip of the Iceberg

The media is rolling in the muck of these inbred Christian overpopulationist Duggar family as a baby mill in fulfillment of fundamentalist literalist “Christianity”. 

The Duggars look like a disturbed dysfunctional family on first and last glance to me. Have seen one or two episodes of the so called “reality” show and can understand why an unsupervised oldest child starved for affection from his cold holy money marketing money making parents, why molestation and incest happened.

The Duggars are selling the Grit Guns and God of bullshit ex-preachers like former governor Huckabee of Arkansas who supplement their incomes as Christian Hate pundits on FOX NEWS. The agenda they sell is inhuman and inhumane to their families but hey it is the South and they still have not reconciled their soul’s conscience to the institution of Slavery.

In all the media hype and Mike Huckabee’s forgiveness of a fellow privileged white male penis of Josh Duggar reinforcing the disease of GOP White Fragility, the victims, the little girls who were molested are forgotten. Whatever. A terrible whatever.

America has got to get to some common ground of common sense and self-love in TV land and stop selling this self-hating Christian bullshit packaged by the GOP as politics of the so-called superstitious common toxic good of the masses for the benefit and exploitation and profits of the 1%.


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