Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parable - Jesus & the High Priests of Brazil

I have often wondered what Jesus would make of our present civilization if he were to come back on an unofficial visit before his official second coming. Perhaps he made a recent visit and…

…and Jesus came into a large city in Brazil and encountered the High Priests standing on the steps of their Temple surrounded by news gatherers.

The high priests had their hands clutching their gold encrusted vests and condemning and excommunicating those caught in the unlawful act of abortion.

“In the old days, we could have stoned them to death, these sinners. Or better yet, burned them to death. The child too, who probably gave false witness against her step-father.” pronounced a high priest.

Jesus got the attention of both the high priests and the media as he started to toss pebbles at the high priests.

Jesus spoke. “in whose name do you condemn and despise these people?”

“In the name of Jesus! You fool! And who are you?” yelled one of the high priests.

“I am the son of humankind. I do not condemn them in this public place.” replied Jesus.

“Son of humankind? You’re just another lunatic. A street person. Some homeless bum!” shouted another of the high priests.

“Perhaps. But I do not condemn these people in public. These people must examine their own consciences and decide what sin, is any, they deserve judgment on.”

“Judgment is already rendered. The law condemns them. End of story!“ proclaimed the High Priest.

“What is their ultimate sin, you hypocrites? Poverty or ignorance? The poor and the ignorant will always be with us.“

“They are condemned for their ignorance of the laws of God.” said one of the high priests.

“And who taught them these laws.” asked Jesus.

“Fool. We taught them. We are the hierarchy of the temple.”

“This fool agrees with you. Ignorance is the sin here. It is most obvious.” spoke Jesus.

One of the news gatherers asked one of the high priests about the question of rape that caused a nine year old girl to become pregnant in the first place.

“Rape is not the sin being discussed here! The sin is abortion and the taking of an innocent life!”

Jesus interjected in a voice loud enough to be heard.

“Was not the nine year old girl raped or the six year old girl molested - was that not the taking of an innocent life and corrupting it into your pit for the judgment of sinners?

“And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.”(Mark 9:42)

Jesus walked away. A news gatherer ran after him and asked what did he mean by the words he had just used against the high priests.

Jesus mumbled something like “it is amazing how things have not changed that much on earth in two thousand years.”

The news gatherer wrote this down and looked up to ask another question.

Jesus had disappeared into the crowds.