Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prince William is 1/256th Indian – BFD - Not Such A Pure Linage LOL – Just a Brit DNA Sales Con Game

Royals relaxing at Balmoral

I have more dirt under my finger nail than Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has Indian / Armenian (Kardashian) DNA.

Big Fucking Deal. 

A milk maid got over the fence two hundred years ago. Lol

The whole thing, the silly research is really a ply for Indians to have their DNA tested by this Scottish DNA company spreading all these nasty rumors about the Royals just being Kardashian cousins etc.



George W Bush Still a Hemorrhoid – Results from Private Poll Show

Genuine Texan Vietnam War Hero - Yeah Right

My private poll finds the mention of George W Bush to still be offensive when used in mixed civilized company worldwide, i.e. the killing fields of Asia.

Words and descriptives like coward, deserter in the face of war, inbred idiot, moron, village fool etc. I have worn out over time.

Not to forget he is part of the drugged out Ivy League educated ruling elites who still direct this nation toward impending economic disaster.


George W Bush no matter what any dumbed down American poll shows in popularity; he is still a hemorrhoid in the American body politic.

BTW, Dick Cheney is still the wind beneath George W Bush’s wings.