Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Take the Statue Down Penn State!


Residents of State College could look into the sky and find one person's opinion on whether Joe Paterno's statue should stay outside the Penn State campus. 
An airplane banner was being flown Tuesday morning with the message, "Take down the statue or we will."

What is the Carbon Footprint of the extended Romney Family?

What is the carbon footprint on Planet Earth of the extended Romney rabbit hutch, hutches?
I think it a fair question. What is the footprint of empty nesters Mitt and Ann?
What is the carbon footprint of his Trust Fund Sons and their spouses? (His Trust Fund grand kids?) :
Tagg (Taggert)  and Jenn (Jennifer)
Matt (Matthew) and Laur (Laurie)
Josh (Joshua) and Jenn II (Jennifer)
Ben (Benjamin) and Ande (Andelynn)
Craig (Craig) and Mare (Mary)
What is the carbon footprint of Mitt (Willard) and Ann (Ann)’s twelve to fifteen grandkids? I lost track, don’t want to waste my time in researching their name tags, and for the sake of politics, they should remain out of any direct political spotlight? The grown sons and spouses are a different matter.
What is the carbon footprint of Mitt (Willard)’s - how many are there - car elevators? In how many mansions?

His automobiles?

His private jets?
His horses?
His illegal grooms, gardeners, housekeepers and nannies?
The family seems to gravitate between Boston and San Diego, two sons each, and one in Salt Lake City. What is the carbon footprint of a Romney Family Thanksgiving get together? Holy Cow! Etc. 
I know it is not right to ask these non-PC questions about wealth. The new philosophy, civic, Robber Baron American market economy religion says to respect without question what any MAN can steal and keep for his daily bread, even it is a trillion loaves of bread. I perhaps disagree with that on many levels. 
I don’t have the answer to the carbon footprint thing. In a way I never thought about it much until I saw a family portrait of Mitt’s extended brood, combined with his money and I suddenly think that the planet may really be in danger of tipping over into some future cosmic abyss considering the possible scale of electricity and carbon fuel consumption in America with the Romneys as typical example. I could be wrong.
Somebody tell me I am wrong and tell me that the Romney/Bain fortune is being used to Green the world and the future of mankind. How perhaps idealistic of me and how perhaps none of my business?
What is the destructive power of money, robber barons compared to the people who have lost their lives, dignity and purpose in life for the sake of Bain Profits?
What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his Bain Dividend?
But it all balances itself out in the third world. Right?
What Romney and his dynasty use up in earth’s resources, those same resources can be denied to starving or better yet never to be born children on the other side of the planet?

It all balances itself out. Right?