Monday, June 18, 2012

Vatican II Now a Code Word for Heresy and Heterosexuality Amongst Catholic Bishops?

I know this sounds bizarre but a light bulb went on regarding the Prince Bishop of New York City Cardinal Timothy Dolan sticking his nose up the ass, into the affairs of the Irish Seminary in Rome, on behalf of Benedict the German, Bishop of Rome.

Dolan is pulling a Bill Morris or a Charlie Chaput style hatchet job on the Irish Seminary staff that seems too V2 to the Vatican in their ways. 

Of course all this happened over a year ago and the results are only now coming to the forefront and insult of the nation of Ireland as retaliation of the Vatican to not only the politicians of Ireland that want the Child Abuse swept out to sea in the Irish Catholic Church and her institutions but to the people of Ireland, the lay people, the victims of sexual abuse by the RCC and its celibate clergy.

The light bulb had to do with the former flaming Queen, Princess Bishop of New York, Cardinal Spellman and his “Vatican II will get no further than the Statue of Liberty” in his gay bishop’s balliwick where promotions to monsignor in NYC rested solely on a priest’s height and good looks. (yum yum)  LMAO

Timmy Dolan technically should not have gotten his red hat last year because the previous Prince Bishop of New York, Edward Egan, had not reached the age of 80 and ineligibility in Papal Election voting. No problem, the more the merrier, birds of a feather and all that. Early reward for a drunk Mick to garrote his own kind. How so very WWII and German. 

The problem with the Irish Seminary and the staff of long standing that are being thrown into the very dirty corrupt streets of Rome is that usually the charges against the accused always flows back to charges related to humanity or the laity or the heresy preached by Vatican II.

The heresy of Vatican II is not really heresy but the only way the closeted gay bishops can steal the RCC out from under the People of God or the real church so sullenly trod into the dirt lately by the likes of Bertone, Ratzinger, Chaput, Lori and laughing cow Timmy the "Mick" Dolan.

I guess when female ordination is mentioned as in the case of the late deposed Bishop of Toowoomba Australia, William Morris, anything Vatican II or anything on the heterosexual line of thought, females that is, is anathema to the HE-MAN Women Haters Boys Only Club of the USCCB, United States Catholic Conference of Bishops and the boys in Rome and the Vatican.  Whatever.

That being a real celibate is not being kind in thoughts to women or gays but a real celibate must install fellow closeted gays in positions of "Celibate" power into order to loot the Church. 

The Holy Spirit watches and waits to strike down this evil dressed in purple and red and white.