Saturday, July 7, 2012

Babies as a Commodity for Cash in the Catholic Church – Videla sentenced in Babies for Crime and Profit Scheme

The aging ex-Argentine dictator gets yet another sentence of 50 years added to his imprisonment in a baby stealing ring among his cadre of military thugs.  An estimated 13,000 pregnant prisoners of Argentina’s “dirty war” disappeared.  It is now thought that those women were executed once they gave profit to a profitable commodity like a new born baby.

Ex-Argentine dictators Videla, Bignone convicted of having babies stolen from slain dissidents
The baby thefts set Argentina’s 1976-1983 regime apart from all the other juntas that ruled in Latin America at the time. Videla other military and police officials were determined to remove any trace of the armed leftist guerrilla movement they said threatened the country’s future.The “dirty war” eventually claimed 13,000 victims according to official records. Many were pregnant women who were “disappeared” shortly after giving birth in clandestine maternity wards. 
Videla denied in his testimony that there was any systematic plan to remove the babies, and said prisoners used their unborn children as “human shields” in their fight against the state.

My mind is thinking how the Media, the MSM reports these facts and then sort of drops them off at a dead end street or parks them in a 1960s VW van on some cul-de-sak somewhere in the hopes that the public does not make any connections, speculations on where 13,000 babies disappeared to in the middle of a military junta regime in Argentina.

I prefer to follow timelines.  I see that the theft of children in Argentina took place within a similar timeline when Catholic Hospitals in Spain sold 300,000 babies stolen from their mothers in the 1960-1986 timeframe as quoted in the press.

The time frame in Argentina is 1976-1983 with the 13,000 number.  Did the dictator’s commanders and soldiers just post index cards on barracks bulletin boards, “Wanted: Baby for a Childless Military Family”?

Did the military ratline reach back to the remnants of Franco’s Spain to help out or was the business mechanism already in place in Argentina for the sale and placement of babies as in the Catholic Hospital System in Argentina?

Makes you wonder where Videla’s conviction the other day could lead if we had real journalists left to lead on such a story.

I am reminded of all this of late American religious liberty and religious freedom talk in this election year. It starts back earlier than the present USCCB PR campaign of “religious liberty”.  I think having to do with losing the very lucrative baby adoption process that Bishops in Illinois had to give up because of discrimination against Homosexual/Gay Couples who want to adopt children, a civil right.

That Catholic Charities does not start at home but at the bank vault it would seem and the well is drying up for many bishops there who can no longer exclude gays from the adoption economic equation of Catholic Charities subsidized by Uncle Sugar (Fed Gov).


To refresh your memory:

And the American Skinny on the Illinois Adoption Bottom Line:

In Illinois, Catholic Charities in five of the six state dioceses had grown dependent on foster care contracts, receiving 60 percent to 92 percent of their revenues from the state, according to affidavits by the charities’ directors. (Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Chicago pulled out of foster care services in 2007 because of problems with its insurance provider.)
When the contracts came up for renewal in June, the state attorney general, along with the legal staff in the governor’s office and the Department of Children and Family Services, decided that the religious providers on state contracts would no longer be able to reject same-sex couples, said Kendall Marlowe, a spokesman for the department.
The Catholic providers offered to refer same-sex couples to other agencies (as they had been doing for unmarried couples), but that was not acceptable to the state, Mr. Marlowe said. “Separate but equal was not a sufficient solution on other civil rights issues in the past either,” he said.
Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Rockford decided at that point to get out of the foster care business. But the bishops in Springfield, Peoria, Joliet and Belleville decided to fight, filing a lawsuit against the state. (NYT 12-28-11)

Of course all this present article, of making possible connections along a time line came together for me while looking up the Argentine Papal Nuncio during the Videla Regime in Argentina in the person of Cardinal Pio Laghi.

From left to right, Cardinal Paolo Bertoli, dictator Jorge Rafael Videla and Pio Laghi

Pio Laghi
Laghi was named Nuncio to Argentina on 27 April 1974. His six years in Argentina coincided with the worst excesses of the military dictatorship in what was known as the dirty war. Many in Argentina believe that the church hierarchy supported the generals in their misrule, and that Laghi - who played tennis regularly with one of the leaders of the junta, Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera - turned a blind eye to the murder and disappearances of thousands. "Perhaps I wasn't a hero", Laghi later said of his time in Buenos Aires, "but I was no accomplice".[citation needed]The debate that his conduct generated was enough, however, to ruin any chance he ever had of becoming pope.[citation needed] 
Pope John Paul II transferred him as Apostolic Delegate (10 December 1980) and later (26 March 1984) Pro-Nuncio to the United States, where he was entrusted with emplacing conservatives in key positions, such as Bernard Francis Law in Boston and John Joseph O'Connor in New York.

Pio Laghi was BTW Primary Consecrator to the level of Bishop in Rapid City South Dakota of – Charles Chaput – in his salad days out west being groomed no doubt for speeches on “religious liberty” just like the one he delivered as key note speaker in Washington DC on July 4 as culmination of the USCCB’s attack on the Department of Health and Human Services, the guys who cut the checks for “Catholic Charities”.

Golden RULE = Their Gold.  Their Rules (HHS).