Thursday, August 21, 2014

Governor Rick Perry Addresses Heritage Foundation – Trailer Trash Vatican of the Tea Bag Party

Heritage Foundation HQ Washington DC -
Trailer Trash Vatican of the Tea Bag Party

(Image - Google Maps)

Fresh from his mugshots in Texas after his infamous misogynous attacks on a Texas Prosecutor with a Drinking Problem, Rick Perry beat it to Washington to make his case before the Texas People on how he is as innocent as Jesus and did not deserve to be indicted in this one particular specific case.

The Heritage Foundation is like the Vatican of the Trailer Trash constituency of the Tea Party that Perry needed to suck up to fast for a quick influx of cash flo from the money laundering PACs doing what the Founding Fathers did – stealing land and enslaving people - whatever.

Perry unique new Foreign Policy in a Future Perry Admin in the White House is to link dem dirty A-rabs with dem dirty immigrants swarming at Texas’ border.

Bomb. Bomb. Bomb.

Drone. Drone. Drone.

Tax Cuts for the Rich. Tax Cuts for the Rich. Tax Cuts for the Rich.

I ( Rick Perry ) is your man. Yeah right.


Obama and the White Trash Congress - Going Forward after 2014

I hear a lot of bullshit especially from the right now creeping into the left “liberal” media that President Obama is aloof and does not know how to interface with members of Congress and including the Tweedy Bird Majority Head in the Senate.

I have to wonder after five and a half years of the white members of the Washington Power Club having to share the front door of that formerly “Whites Only” club with a man of “Color” and their snubbing and ignoring him at every twist and turn of the corridors of that club and in its gym and or locker room – Why Obama does not just quit the Club and or just say “go fuck yourself”.

That after five and half years of doing everything to bolster white male power and virtually zero anything for the common good of the Republic and or Country, why Congress even bothers to show up at its Gumba club house except to play cards and drink expresso all day and send newsletters back to their Gerrymandered constituencies in the great white gated communities of the Heartland – about how they will never share power with a “nigger”.

I welcome, after the November 2014 elections, the fact that Obama can and will probably rule by executive order in his last two years of legitimate rule in favor of America, my America, your America.

And to the Congress of the white trash Joe Wilson types in Congress – Go Fuck Yourselves!

Have a nice day.