Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Church of England Stays Gay - Just Like the Roman Catholics - Same Sex Only For Bishops

A saddened Cameron told MPs: "I am very clear that the time is right for women bishops; it was right many years ago. The church needs to get on with it and get with the programme." 
Parliament had to "respect individual institutions and how they work, while giving them a sharp prod", he added. "I think it's important for the Church of England to be a modern church, in touch with society as it is today, and this was a key step they needed to take." 
His remarks were designed to put pressure on the new church leadership to return to the issue more quickly than a strict interpretation of the church's rules allows.

Father Gary LaMoine and Bishop Michael Hoeppner – Hate Served Up with that Special Crookston Diocese Minnesota Flavor

Some strange things coming out of Southern Minnesota besides cow shit. Hate and denial of confirmation to a 17 year old male for his political opinions by fauxmosexual Bishop Hoeppner and fauxmosexual Father Gary LaMoine. Sieg Heil!

“It is to my dismay that what should have been kept an internal Church matter has now become a public controversy. To place this controversy into the public forum was the decision of the young man and his family; it was not my intention or the intention of Bishop Hoeppner who was informed about the situation shortly after the young man withdrew from candidacy. The Bishop and I now find ourselves harassed by the media, coming to my door at 9:30 PM last Wednesday for a newspaper interview and being called to give comment on a KFGO radio program. All this activity originated from the young man and his family. Agreeing to disagree and leaving it at that is not acceptable to the young man and his family. What this family hopes to gain is beyond my present comprehension.” – Fr. Gary LaMoine

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