Friday, February 20, 2009

Mark of Cain - R. Williamson SSPX

Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of Saint Pius X is being kicked out of Argentina. Williamson with his Mark of Cain** on his forehead lied on his paperwork with his visa as to what his real role was in staying in Argentina etc. The very powerful and influential Jewish community in Argentina no doubt had some input and influence in the deportation of an undesirable alien from that country.
Argentina expels Catholic bishop who questions Holocaust

The way the financial crooks are coming out of the woodwork these days, one has to wonder if SSPX, based in Switzerland, seems more and more like some sort of money-laundering operation than an enterprise of God. Who has bankrolled them all these decades? I doubt Bishop Williamson soils his dainty hands with the everyday money operations of the business. He is perhaps just window dressing in case the casual street viewer wants to question the whole real back office operation of SSPX.

It is going to take Bishop Williamson many more weeks, months or years until he reconsiders his opinion on the Nazi Holocaust. (How long does it take to move a dozen Intaglio Presses in the back boiler room boys?)

I have recently read the good bishop’s review of the movie “Doubt” from his personal blog- Dinoscopus.
Church Godless

"Thus while the merely human drama is between two people, the real drama for Catholics with eyes to see is a whole Church collapsing for lack of God. Mother clings humanly to a decent discipline, but nothing in Merlyn Streep’s performance suggests that it is anchored in God. Still less anchored in God is the priest floating human love on doubt. The Church of 1964, as here portrayed to the life, was doomed."

In the way of pissing me off, this 15 minute of fame anti-christ like persona of bishop Richard Williamson has given a review of the Movie “Doubt” with Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Not only that, the fcuk did a spoiler review and gave away the ending before I got a chance to see the freakin movie!

Never the less, let my humble self do a review of the review. His review reveals so much about his reptilian Medieval Revivalist Church thinking. Somehow Meryl Streep is the good obedient female victim of the church. He can’t even mention Hoffman’s name in the review. What a pig? No doubt the names of priests accused of child molestation over the years in all church organizations become nameless and best not to remember names or even numbers in tragedies progressed by the Church.

The Holocaust was numbers and tragedy but that is something else.

Anyway, if the priest in Doubt gets promoted to a rich parish in 1964, he probably was innocent of being a pervert. Nancy Pelosi rich parishes keep heterosexual priests with mistresses on the side. If the priest merely got transferred to some new parish forming in the burbs in 1964, there is a good chance he is guilty of child abuse.

I have done some research on the subject in my native Philadelphia and the court records at least seem to indicate that the bad priests got farmed out to young suburban parishes before they got farmed out to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. In any case, the bishop doing the assignments in those days of glory, of God, that Bishop Williamson calls 1964, no doubt they the bishops did not remember names on transfer forms.

Names are a funny things. Names on transfer forms, names on evacuation orders, names on work camp rosters, names on gas chamber terminations - names, numbers they are all conveniently forgotten by some especially the types in charge who prefer not to remember nasty things from the past.

No mystery. No beauty. Just the coldness of space dust in your pompous bloodless, soulless life in the Medievalist Revival Church post as bishop of whatever land.

This poor sad man does not see God in 1964 or after Vatican II. A high school religion teacher, a priest, of mine had great hope in Vatican II. That teacher told us, taught us, that where there is life, there is God.

Up until the very last breathes of political prisoners, victims and Jews, millions of them - God existed in them before they died so tragically and after too.

**( Mark of Cain - “am I my brother’s keeper?” )