Tuesday, May 8, 2018

FLOTUS Melania Trump - B-e-e Yourself - Be Best

Kanye West's Use Of Coded Evangelical Hate Word "Choice" not a Good Choice for Media Star - His Bad

My cousin, from a different aunt?, Kanye West, a rapper whatever that is, but is of some importance in the public sphere with the mindless talking heads of the media, is perhaps going through some mid-life crisis and is by general consensus a person of color and or "African American". 

Kanye's fame and or not intelligence and or wisdom also owes to being married to some reality  show talentless star of the Kardashian tribe and or breeders circle not unlike some third rate racing horse in a sense of "raw beauty".

Well anyway, cousin Kanye wrapped tight in the Michael Jackson bubblewrap world of money and fame recently made a comment that "Four Hundred Years of Slavery" amongst black people in America sounded more like "Choice" and not victimization. 

While I am certain Kanye is guarded by a dozen bodyguards and will never be beaten up I think or shot by cops after being stopped for a "broken tail light" on his limousine, I feel certain that he probably watches too much gilded chrstianity on TV like Joel Osteen etc. and gets his ques from pimp mobsters like Donald Trump as to what rants in public will get ya respect. 

That Kanye in kissing up to his white Massa ideals, just threw his whole race under the bus by in a coded way talking to the Trump Base that Choice in Slavery in code is code for Choice in Welfare and we all know from Ronald Reagan about dem colored "welfare queens" traveling around in cadillacs while people like Ronny and his White Hollywood NRA crowd refused to pay taxes for all these cheating welfare people mostly of color etc. 

I tuned into my favorite people of color show on Viceland cable channel and saw how "Desus and Mero" were not only cautious in how they treated Kanye's Black Foot in his Mouth coded hate message about "choice" but also saw the hurt in their eyes as to how this is supposed to to be a role model for their race. 

Sad. Whatever. Current America.