Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bishop Alexander King Sample Barred Free Speech in Marquette Michigan in 2009 - What a Creep!

Bishop Alexander King Sample

A rather bizarre story from 2009 when Bishop Sample of Marquette Michigan barred retired bishop of Detroit Bishop Thomas Gumbleton from giving a talk at a local Lutheran Church.  A Lutheran church, that's right. 

Bishop Sample practicing his Religious Liberty to deny others in his secular  community Freedom of Expression and or Freedom of Speech? How typically Catholic these days in America.

When did Freedom of Speech in America become a crime Bishop Sample??? What planet do you live on?

Marquette has a population of 20k. The Catholics lost among the many more moose and guns on the upper peninsula, 50k, is less than many megachurches out west and down south.

The victims people Catholics of his upcoming transfer to Portland Oregon are in for a treat.  I think Portland used to have a reputation as a nesting place for eccentrics on the West Coast. It more recently has the rep of being the juvenile sex trafficking hub of the west coast (but "Seattle is Worse" see comments).

Great place to send a head in the sand bishop who does not even want another point of view expressed down the street in Moosetown on Nuclear Disarmament.

The Child Sex Trafficking problem just went away with the arrival of Bishop King Sample in Portland Oregon. It doesn’t exist in the Church and cannot therefore exist in the profane secular world as well.

Good luck Portland! Welcome to the seventeenth century. Wait for the upcoming "Bishop Sample Approved list of Street Conversations in Portland". LOL

Pass the buggy whip dude, please.

I read Bishop Alexander Sample's explanation in The Mining Journal of his decision to prohibit Bishop Gumbleton from speaking publicly.  
Bishop Gumbleton was scheduled to speak at a prayer service at St. Mark's Lutheran Church on "Gospel's Call: Action for Peace," and at Peter White Library on "Vision for Peace: Abolition of Nuclear Weapons," both timely and critical issues. Bishop Sample's reasons were that questions may arise on controversial issues, e.g. homosexuality and ordination of women as priests. At the same time, however, he noted that these were not the issues of Bishop Gumbleton's talks, but questions may be asked about these issues and his duty was to shepherd us. 
As an active member of the Catholic Church, I respect Bishop Sample's duty to shepherd us, but shepherding should not prohibit open dialogue and questions which may arise on controversial issues.