Thursday, December 27, 2012

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RC Cheyenne WY Bishop’s Franchise – How Much is the Buy-in? - Follow the Money

I fear the money laundering scheme set up by the God Emperor General Wojtyla aka JPII is still up and running and still collecting cash to defeat the Soviet hegemony in Eastern Europe.

Of course the cold war is over and there is no need to launder cash but hey, once set in motion, an object tends to continue in motion. (“The evil that men do lives after them.”)

I would wonder looking at how poor boys like Bishop Etienne of Cheyenne, who obviously approves of the local Knights of Columbus raffle for guns scam, what his cut of the action is?

That no doubt the check for $54,000 raised from the Gun Raffle for the old priest’s home above in 2011, it must be deposited in the Vatican Bank that handles all charities and funds for all religious orders, even charties run by local dioceses. 

It is a way of monitoring funds held by religious orders and dioceses. It is also a two edged sword whereby funds deposited there can then be drawn down from a legitimate banking source such as the Vatican Bank. 

One has to wonder if a legitimate audit trail of funds existed to be examined, how a check for $54,000 from gun sales/charity gets deposited first in a K of C account for the Cheyenne Diocese or some other account in Rome under Cheyenne’s name.

One has to wonder if some accounting error might occur and somehow a zero gets added and $540,000 gets deposited in Rome, then $540,000 would have an audit tag of the Vatican Bank under the heading of Charity. 

One might also wonder if the checks drawn on $540,000 goes out on the check heading of Diocese of Cheyenne or Local council whatever of the K of C or the Heritage Foundation etc. ? 

One would have to wonder too the source of the accounting error might come from the mysterious cash difference of $486,000 and where the heck did that come from?????  

All just a money laundering theoretical scenario.

Having worked in the back office of legitimate, well regulated, regularly audited banks in my life, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is not. Beware.

But getting back to a poor boy like Bishop Etienne and the promissory note of sorts he had to in theory sign to get promoted from parish priest in Indianapolis to Bishop of Cheyenne. In other words look the other way and or sign off on all diocese deposits held in the Vatican Bank? For the greater good of Holy Mother Church and more importantly future promotions?


There also seems to be emerging from my POV a certain ratline, of musical chairs of certain dioceses (no money down franchises?) in the United State where poor boys from the heartland can rise all the way to red hat in a matter of years through these farmland sci-fi vortexes. Cash and not spirituality count in the new global spreadsheet reality. So true.

Also, the call for religious freedom from the church ladies of the RC church in America want to protect universities, hospitals and charities from Obama’s godless call to contraception. Again whatever.

Speaking of abused Charities, I am reminded of Bishop Zubik of Pittsburgh coming from Green Bay to make way for Bishop Ricken to move out and make room in Cheyenne for Father Bishop Etienne.

Bishop Etienne’s primary consecrator as bishop was none other than the magical mystical Vatican multi-tasker Chuck Chaput of Philly and secondary consecrator Bishop Ricken whose own personal bishop’s primary consecrator was none other than the late “great” JPII.

Surprisingly, Bishop Etienne’s Wikipedia bio conveniently does not have an audit trail mention of his episcopal lineage. An oversight?