Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Canadian Bishop Lahey Due in Court Tomorrow

It becomes difficult at times to write this blog. I am not a judge or jury for any man or woman. This is merely to inform.

Bishop's porn charges ignites shock, anger in N.L. (Newfoundland)
Lahey was charged on Sept. 25 after a search of his computer at Ottawa International Airport more than two weeks ago. He was released at the time, but his laptop computer was seized and police said a forensic examination revealed child pornography.

Lahey resigned from his position with the church in Nova Scotia on Saturday.

These latest allegations are another setback for the Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland and Labrador, an institution that's been trying to restore people's faith after years of scandal…

"It will stir up in people, again, all of the history that has gone on in the past, of the abuse. That's what I fear may happen," said Currie in St. John's on Wednesday.

The charges prompt memories of the now notorious Mount Cashel orphanage of St. John's.

The orphanage opened in 1875 to care for orphaned and needy boys. It closed in 1990 after charges were brought against brothers for sexually abusing or beating boys who lived in the orphanage in the 1960s and 1970s.

In 2003, 81 victims of abuse at the former Mount Cashel orphanage were awarded nearly $16 million in compensation for physical and sexual abuse from the Christian Brothers who administered the facility.

The orphanage building was demolished years ago…
Raymond Lahey
On August 7, 2009, Bishop Lahey announced that the Diocese of Antigonish had reached a $15 million settlement in a class action lawsuit filed by victims of sexual abuse by diocese priests dating to 1950. Bishop Lahey formally apologized to victims and families in what is believed to be an unprecedented admission of guilt by the Roman Catholic Church. The settlement was approved by the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia on September 10, 2009…

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation broke the news at 3:00pm ADT on September 30, 2009 that an arrest warrant had been issued for Bishop Lahey. Lahey flew to Ottawa on October 1, 2009 and personally surrendered to the Ottawa Police Service, accompanied by his legal team. He was released on bail conditions with a court date set for November 4, 2009.