Friday, October 19, 2012

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Was Sir Jimmy Savile Molested by a RC Priest when he was boy? - Catholic League’s obsession with “Secular Buggery” and the NYT

Sir Jimmy Savile

Three articles already by Catholic Media Troll Bill Donohue wanting to transport the current BBC scandal about looking the other way regarding famous media icon Jimmy Savile and his pedophilia and trying to make it stick to the New York Times because somebody once said some nice PR things about him in his NYT obit?

Truth is that Jimmy Savile probably learned his pedophilia habits from his local catholic priest and or priests as a child in the UK? Child of devout Roman Catholics...

What is all the fuss and bother about Bill?

Bill Donohue at Catholic League making Big Corporate Decisions

The NYT covered up Cardinal Spellman’s Gay old times with Broadway Chorus Boys for decades.  Who or what is the implied sexual innuendo / blackmail(?) presently all about with the Catholic League trying to indict the New York Times?

BTW, I cannot seem to find a Cardinal Spellman's New York Times Obit, NYT - the holy grail of American Obits, on the Internet? Hmm.

Franny "I never met a chorus boy I didn't like" Spellman

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