Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mormon Ken Bennett – Arizona – Refusal to Rebaptise Obama / African Ancestors aka Arizona Ballot Issues

Mormon "Ju-Ju" Protection Charm

Mormon Ken "Broom Stick" Bennett’s refusal to rebaptise Barack Obama’s African ancestors in the one true Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Lunatics seems to be at the very heart of the whole birther movement.

Without a birth certificate, no baptism for the African ancestors of Barack Hussein Obama to get into heaven.  Which means no valid ancestors cheering the Prez on from Mormon Paradise.  Less Mormon approved karma and less political mojo to defeat the white race candidate of Mitt Romeny (bow your head)  in the general election.

And of course there are those Mormons willing to rebaptise Obama and his African Ancestors in the one true church, but they seem to be a definite minority.

To think that all this birther, birth certificate nonsense is nothing more than black magic mixed with dogma in the basements of secret temples all across America.  A Mormon magic thing - the Birther movement?