Sunday, September 23, 2012

“Catholicism” the Movie - Independent Film - and the Attention Deficit Mindset of the New Evangelism??? - Father Robert Barron

Against a backdrop of art, architecture and past history, Father Robert Barron, a protégé of Chicago Cardinal George has compiled a bootlegged style schlock imitation piece of Sir Kenneth Clarke’s Civilisation series but on "religion" - what religion I was unable to decipher. 

"Catholicism" is a series of segments of art film, travelogue and incoherent religion lectures that ramble all over creation’s time line and imagination.

BUT - Where is the real Roman Catholicism Father Barron?

I ran into two episodes of Robert Barron’s “Catholicism” on PBS on one of those raising cash on a rainy Sunday afternoon deals and offering a full five DVD set of ten episodes for a $250 tax deductible contribution to the local PBS station.

Media expert Barron’s independent, independent film which has no traceable roots in IMDb (Internet Movie Data base) that I can compare the credentials of people using terms and titles like Director or Cinematographer to see if Cardinal George and or his cronies got their three million dollars worth in this vanguard media vehicle of “the New Evangelism” and or “Getting the old MoJo Nostalgia Thing going for the pre-Vatican II Medieval Church”. 

Father Robert Barron is a polished articulate wordsmith but a third rate theologian as any PC theologian in the RCC is these days. Though he wears glasses and a wristwatch, I guess the appearance of intelligibility is allowed on occasion with permission in its certified authorized theologians mixing with the little people through the firewall of the media. Is allowable to a certain extent in the desperate marketing and sale of this “New Evangelism” thing? 

Walks like a duck.  Sounds like a Duck. It must be the New Evangelism thingy. Frozen concentrated grape juice in a frozen concentrated orange juice container I fear.  What’s the difference? Catholicism – one size fits all. Right?  One fruit juice is as good as another. Whatever. Enough on tangents.

Three million bucks does not go very far these days even in terms of a non-union made film.

I will say that most of what I have seen could have been shot with stock footage and much of it with scenes of happy heterosexual couples holding hands in the streets and parks and all the running happy children in these parks added to strike a “I want that too” chord in the viewer – the illusion of temporary happiness at least.

Viewing these two propaganda pieces on PBS I wanted to learn something I did not already know about Catholicism. Many of the PBS series I have seen illustrating topics such as Baseball, the Civil War or even Judaism have been informative and thought provoking.

Not once in these two episodes do I once hear what the Roman Catholic Church is all about or what it believes in.

I did watch these two episodes:

“Amazed and Afraid: The Revelation of God Become Man”

“That Than Which Nothing Greater Can Be Thought: The Ineffable Mystery of God”

The first episode is a pile of 10, 15, 30 second sound bites against a backdrop of the all the art of churches, the Sistine Chapel ceiling paint job etc. And while it is sometimes exquisite to encounter a sixteenth century Spanish cathedral alter piece covered in icons and gold, one like me after one too many shots of such decadence and with a Protestant conscience, I  am reminded of all the slave labor and ruined lives of millions of enslaved peasants and Indians in South and Central America that went into the creation of this “art”.

It is here where the sound bites and the 90 second and two minute polished homilies struck me of the whole disjointed mess of this propaganda film. That beyond art, the RCC is idolatry and love of the idol – the thing – its own thing.  That an ignorant illiterate serf in medieval Europe may have learned his bible stories from the stained glass of the Cathedrals.

I thought I recognized the style of Barron’s polished 90 second and two minute focused homilies which remind me of the finishing punch line statements after many long agonizing boring religion classes I remember in catholic high school.  I also feel for his seminary students mucho.

But looking at and listening to Father Barron blather on with so many rambling, disjointed, bunch of little phrases, thoughts, opinions, against the backdrop of medieval art, happy couples in parks etc. that I am reminded of the possibility of some drunken monk in some medieval theology class in a cathedral pointing to a stained glass picture of Noah’s flood and then telling the story of Adam and Eve. Some serfs may have gone to their graves confused on the finer subtle points of that theology lesson etc.

The second episode mentioned continues the rambling sound bites against the backdrop of stock footage. The drunken medieval monk acting gig in the cathedral medieval theology class gets more polished and starts into an alphabet soup of disconnected ideas without any spellable words produced in the consumer’s spoon.  

But defining or understanding God is a really big subject and I have heard better explanations of the vastness and mystery of God from Muslims on video tape and filtered through a coarse sieve of translation.

One very disturbing scene in this second episode has Father Barron doing his theology schtick against the backdrop of Auschwitz and rambling about how evil can be done in life etc. How can God let that happen?

He even concedes that the idea that God letting evil happen for a greater good is a tad bit too much for human understanding.

He slips into a story about the old testament story of Job and rambles on a bit. Jumps to a Seurat pointism painting in a museum. And finally ends on a cute story of the American Philosopher William James and his dumb dog who cannot read.

Then he slips back to the Auschwitz scene without an answer to the mystery of God letting the Shoah happen.

No apology for what so many Catholics in the Nazi Party did to the Jews.  I guess by episode eight or nine Father Barron will be explaining why God’s intentions at Auschwitz were so obtuse and why it is perfectly clear why the Jew hating(?), Jew/humanity ignoring Pius XII must be made a modern saint according to the new, modern, retro-Medieval “New Evangelism”

Being the hack seminary teacher and dog trainer that Barron appears to be and in grand favor of his mentor and patron Cardinal George of Chicago, I think that no intelligent person has anything to fear from this waste of three million dollars that disappeared off the ledgers somewhere. No threat I think to any higher order of primates here at least.

This new untried Attention Deficit, all over the map non-map, approach to the heart of Christianity that the RCC has become, much like a millstone tied around the rest of Christianity’s legitimate attempt to follow the simple teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, is sad.

No doubt like Fox News which attributes its high ratings to being the only channel playing in most nursing homes in America, the canned Catholicism DVD treasury will appeal to the long term only memories of the inmates there who hopefully still have control over their estates before they part this earth and leave their wealth to the “New Evangelism” of the Roman Pagan Catholic Church.

No hidden Picasso here. Perhaps though just another encounter with a resurrected Elvis painted on velvet kind of decorative art thingy.

Sir Kenneth – rest in peace. Your reputation on art history remains safely intact.


Have a good day.



Friday, September 21, 2012

Joe Biden's Penis is How Big Jill?


Vortex - St. Paul’s Chapel Columbia University - NYC

One of the unusual architectural gems of New York City is Saint Paul’s Chapel on the urban campus of Columbia University, 116 Street and Broadway. This chapel not to be mistaken with the pre-revolutionary St. Paul’s Chapel and graveyard on Broadway downtown across from the World Trade Center.

Unexpected to some is the optical illusion one must get used to, of stepping into what appears to be a small church building and then finding oneself within the surprising cathedral like space inside. A spiritual Vortex?

*   *   *

First Mormon Presidential Candidate - Prophet Joseph Smith -1844 - Resume Building Mitt Romney

General Joseph Smith - Mormon / (Bain Style) Religionist Candidate for President 1844

It was suggested the other day in a discussion on the Martin Bashir show on MSNBC that Mitt Romney’s only reason for running for president was not any concern for the United States but rather as a Resume building exercise.
That Mitt Romney wants the Job POTUS only on his Resume.


No doubt to show his fellow Mormon Cultists that he is better than the founding fraud of that religion tax break scam, Joseph Smith who ran for President in 1844 before his untimely but predictable death.

Mitt wants to get a good seat in Mormon Heaven next to or better yet ahead of old Bain style religionist Joe Smith.

The most important plank in Joseph’s platform concerned the powers of the president. Joseph wanted to give the chief magistrate “full power to send an army to suppress mobs … [without requiring] the governor of a state to make the demand.” 

Eliminating slavery was another important part of his platform….  Instead of simply calling for the abolition of slavery, Joseph Smith’s platform would have Congress “pay every man a reasonable price for his slaves out of the surplus revenue arising from the sale of public lands, and from the deduction of pay from members of Congress.” 

The platform also proposed changes to Congress. Joseph wanted to reduce congressional pay from eight dollars to two dollars per day. He wanted to have only two members of the House of Representatives for every one million people. 

In addition, Joseph favored extensive prison reform, forming a national bank, and annexing Oregon and Texas.  He favored extending the United States “from the east to the west sea,” but only if Native Americans gave their consent. 

On February 24, the Prophet had 1,500 copies of the pamphlet printed. Copies were mailed to the president of the United States and his cabinet, the justices of the Supreme Court, senators, representatives, editors of principal newspapers, postmasters, and other prominent citizens.

*   *   *

47% View themselves as Victims of Vulture Capitalists – Lunch with Locusts and Vampires?

When capitalists like Mitt Romney and Bain Capital sweep into town and turn viable factories and local businesses into lunch for locusts on pension funds, benefits, employee incentives and are they left at the side of the road like a raped hooker unpaid by their rapist johns – Mitt Romney and Bain Capital -

Maybe, just  maybe their self-esteem goes down the drain when they are unemployed in a one factory town where they have lived all their lives, where they next lose their homes and watch their families disintegrate as a result of economic chaos after Bain leaves town.

Maybe when Mitt and Bain have shipped their jobs to China to the slave labor under the Communist whip, they feel like they have heen Victimized. Maybe they see themselves as victims.

Victims maybe temporarily for a while before they get over the feeling of being a whipped dog, a dog tied to the roofs of the cars of Vulture Capitalists, maybe the next round belongs to the American workers and not the pricks in $1,000 Armani business suits.

Or maybe Mitt is 100% right as victimizer and exploiter of the working poor in America, maybe the strange parasitic vampire kristianity practiced by the polygamist inbred Mormon cult leaves them worthy to be thrown out in the trash when the vampires cannot get another drop of blood out of their victims and Ann needs a new Cadillac as proof of her husband’s “love”.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why the 47% Do Not Count as Human Beings to the 1%

The 47% have no disposable income.

The 47% are not suitable marketing targets.

The 47% have no shame in not being a potential marketing tier.

The 47% do not count.

The 47% are disposable.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monsanto GMO*- MON810 Maize (Corn) Banned in France

No Monsanto Products Wanted Here

The shit they, the corporations, feed the 47% on Food Stamps in the United States is now banned in France and in effect all EU Europe as well.

The poor in America, a large part of the hated by the elites 47%, without easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, eat corn chips, corn flakes, fast food fried in CORN OIL and drink sodas full of a processed industrial waste product aka High Fructose CORN Syrup. Maize = Corn. 

Who would have thought when Charles de Gaulle told NATO and the United States to fuck off in the sixties, he might one day by his actions in creating an independent French Mindset, that he would be considered the indirect salvation of a greater future Europe in protecting the food supply from foreign domination, experimentation and contaminaton. 

In another massive victory against Monsanto and the spread of genetically modified crops, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayraul has announced that the nation will be maintaining a key ban on the only remaining GMO currently allowed in Europe.

Known as Monsanto’s GMO maize crops, or MON810 maize, the original ban was brought forth back in March following the French court’s previous annulment on a November ban.

Thanks to activism by French citizens and serious political outcry, Monsanto is now effectively blocked from Europe’s gigantic marketplace.

This is even more true when you consider the fact that France is the largest grower of crops in all of Europe, making it an agricultural behemoth of sorts. With this move by such a large and influential nation, it will surely lead to similar legislation to pop up and succeed throughout the rest of the globe. Of course like with most other decisions regarding Monsanto, even Reuters admits (see first link) that France was under large amounts of pressure to ‘soften’ its stance on GMOs.

This is due to the fact that Monsanto has significant pull when it comes to government around the globe, with the United States in particular being the ‘launch pad’ for the biotechnology movement. We now know thanks to WikiLeaks, in fact, that United States ambassadors have actually threatened nations opposed to Monsanto’s GMO maize crops, going as far as to threaten them with ‘military-style trade wars’. When considering that this is but one leak, it is very concerning.

(Reuters) - Rats fed a lifetime diet of Monsanto's genetically modified corn or exposed to its top-selling weedkiller Roundup suffered tumours and multiple organ damage, according to a French study published on Wednesday.

Although the lead researcher's past record as a critic of the industry may make other experts wary of drawing hasty conclusions, the finding will stoke controversy about the safety of GM crops.

In an unusual move, the research group did not allow reporters to seek outside comment on their paper before its publication in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Chemical Toxicology and presentation at a news conference in London.

GM=Genetically Modified and or Genetically Mutated
GMO=Genetically Modified Organism and or Genetically Mutated Organism

Teamsters in History - Delaware Avenue - Philadelphia - 1899

Pennsylvania R.R. Ferries Building - Phila to Camden NJ - Delaware Ave - 1899

With two Harvard educated candidates for Prez, some of us have forgotten who and what built this nation.

I have two grandfathers listed on census forms with an occupation listed as “teamster”.

One grandfather, son of a Civil War veteran, considering the date of the census was driving a team of horses, the origin of the word “teamster”.

The other grandfather probably drove an old Ford Truck in his day.

Both hauled freight, a general term for any and all goods.

Delaware Avenue Waterfront - Philadelphia - 1899

Temple University Libraries, Urban Archives

*    *    *

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nude Kate, Duchess of Windsor and all the other Young Naked Brit Royals

Naked Harry, shirtless Wills and now topless Kate, duchess of the Mountbatten-Windsor family.

Who is behind this latest unveiling of the Royal Family?

Rupert Murdoch’s revenge on the Brits?

How easy it is to get photographed and published especially when the media pay for nude and topless pics of the young royals.

A new generation of inbred royals all running around naked at Windsor castle on the Brit’s taxpayer’s dime.

But the Brits likes their royals.  That is what the old lady in Buck House is paying in millions of pounds in Public Relations fees to prove that the House of Windsor is the perfect Mannequin Family for the tourists.

Curtsey this and Bow that. QEII’s ancestors were nothing but a bunch of lying, murdering, thieving, raping, buggering criminals.  What a family!

I prefer the Addams family in case America ever goes royal again.


*   *   *

Queen Bee Ann Romney Has Already Ordered New Curtains For The White House

First Lady to Bee Ann Romney has already ordered curtains for the Yellow Oval Room in the private quarters and Wall Paper for the Presidential Bedroom.

Ann Romney was dismayed to hear the horror tale of Laura Bush about how long it was – months – years to refurnish the private living quarters at the White House. To remove the semen stained wallpaper in Bill Clinton’s bedroom etc. … Oh, the horror!

Ann Romney contacted the George W. Bush Presidential Library and has already received the dimension particulars of curtain measurements and rolls of wallpaper required, to as it was told to me – “to get that musty non-Mormon Democratic smell out of the White House” asap after the First Mormon Family takes possession of the premises on January 20, 2013.

You go girl!


Hey Mitt Romney, the 47% pay plenty of Regressive taxes to support your Rich Man’s “Business” Deductions

I am a Corporation - therefore I am a People

The 47% play plenty of taxes, Mr. My Lunch is Deductible Corporation Mitt Romney.

About the only tax that the working and non-working poor pay in New York City that is not deductible on your Phantom Rich Man’s Income Tax Returns – the Cigarette Tax and you don’t smoke you cheap bastard. 

NYC/NYS Retail Sales Tax – 8.75% (4% NYS - 4.75% NYC)

Gasoline Taxes NYC - 17% various city, state, federal, excise taxes

Property Taxes, Varies

Social Security Tax, - 4.2 %

Medicare Tax, - 1.45%

Cable TV Tax/Telephone Subscriber Tax, - 13.4% of base price
(Taxes and fees imposed on cable TV and telephone subscribers are, on average, twice as high as taxes on other retail goods, 13.40 versus 6.61 percent.)

Cigarette Tax NYS/NYC - $5.85 per pack

Alcohol (beer) - $.14 per gallon plus sales tax

Alcohol (wine) - $.30 per gallon plus sales tax

Alcohol (liquor) - $1.70 per liter plus sales tax

Etcetera Taxes …..


I hate the entitled poor 47% Mitt Romney Donor Appeal Spiel

No problem on the vision thingy with Mitt. 

He has no vision. 

Just cash, cash, cash, and more cash. 

Once a Bain man - always a Bain man. 


Mitt’s Racist - Elitist - Coded - “Entitled” Talk

"My 15 home property taxes are a bitch!" - Mitt Romney

Yes Massa Mitt, you comments on the Lack of Enthusiasm for people to be your or your rich donors’sexual fantasy - to be your victims - Well, the Antebellum South is dead y’all.

The poor may not pay taxes. But you and your mean spirited crowd don't pay any taxes either - so why is the pot full of cash calling the kettle full of water BLACK?

Off the Books "Unentitled" Jane does Don't tax me "Entitled" Ann's hair

Yes Massa Mitt, it’s true.  Many of us do not want to share your recycled vision of everybody beneath you and your mean spirited republicanism, your mean phony crony Mormon Charity, your rich donor gluttony for more, more, more.

Us minimum wage Negroes are apparently immune from Massas Mitt and Paul’s invitation to rejoin the nineteenth century southern plantation and northern factory slave system.

Feck U Jack (Mormon)!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's Jack off (Republican) Dreams.

*   *   *

Monday, September 17, 2012

Occupy Wall Street’s Moral Victory – Defining the Dividing Line of Humanity - the 1% vs the 99% - Birth of Our Global Town Square

I have been reading a lot in the press lately about what ever happened to the Occupy movement.  Quite frankly, it can not go forward on a physical plane until millions rise up and overwhelm the blue shirts and the mercenary armies of the present evil Empire of America.

Occupy’s defining moment was in not seeking a leader but rather a consensus, something that was once the cornerstone, foundation stone of the American Town Square, now in limbo.

The idea of consensus and group solidarity is a reflection of the virtual world now enveloping both our individual and group culture.

Occupy Wall Street in New York City, Liberty / Zuccotti  Park defined the reality of money and capital and its dividing line in the sand between the haves and the have nots.  That imaginary dividing line, that non-verbal definition of reality got put into words.  If you are not part of the 1% then you are part of the rest of us the 99%.

Not a class struggle but a rallying call to make the future better if we know the deal and can push back on the media whore PR and bullshit sent our way to belittle and rob us of the dignity of our humanity born of a divine spark within, the temporary staging area and potential of an eternal soul.

The global town square and the definitions of that global town square defining the consensus of the future united global culture, 

- the stone the Wall Street Fat Cat Bankers have rejected, becomes the cornerstone of the future. 

A body without a soul is not a person (1%) - it is just a corporation. 

 A Park without People (99%) is Not a Park mister Zuccotti (1%)

The global town square and the definitions of the foundation materials of that global town square, defining the consensus of the future united global culture 

- the stone the Wall Street Fat Cat Bankers have rejected, becomes the cornerstone - of the future.

pax populus

*   *   *