Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ted Cruz – The Chad Counting Lawyer Behind Bush’s “Victory” in 2000

"As Goeglein recounts, in 1999 while working as a Bush for President campaign aide, Ted Cruz helped broker a deal with one of the top architects of the religious right - Paul Weyrich - who Cruz appears to at the time been a personal friend of. The deal Cruz brokered enabled the Bush campaign to lock down the Christian conservative vote and so edge out other contenders for the nomination, including Senator John McCain.

"The fact that Ted Cruz, then only 29 years old, helped swing the 2000 election, because he was a personal friend to Paul Weyrich - a titan of the new right and religious right who helped create much of the early infrastructure that powers the current conservative movement - including the Moral Majority, the Heritage Foundation, and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is astonishing. Cruz also served on the elite team of lawyers fighting the legal battle that revolved around the disputed Florida vote recount in the 2000 election."

Devil’s Dictionary (Revised) – Ambrose Bierce – Definition of White Trash Science

White Trash Science:

The ability in homeschoolin or public schoolin in any red state (or Pennsylvania) to achieve just the right level of understanding in chemistry and alchemy to make passable Meth, prove that Darwin was an A-rab, know by devine instinct and the good book that Jesus's pet dinosaur "Spike" was housebroken enough to enter any church or see Global Warming as an ideal excuse on a hot day in July as the right time to steal a cold 30 pack at the local 7/11.