Friday, April 27, 2018

23 and Me using Customer DNA Base to Find Criminals and ? Rare Organ Parts Too?

If you can catch old rapists and murderers is good to a certain extent but at what point does DNA collection "Ancestor Search" companies stop in selling your "Data" regarding DNA, Blood Type and available body parts should you become a "victim" of a "random act of violence" ?

Oh the potential and PROFITS of the SUPER CORPORATE $TATE!  Hay-men.

Just cause I is paranoid does not mean that they do not already have me listed on tonight's MENU!

Yeah Right.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sean Hannity a Slum Lord in Georgia with Help of HUD Loans from his Crony "Secretary" You can call him "Ben" Carson

Amazing living on the misery of others. Buying up foreclosed housing in the recent meltdown. Oh the sacred untouchable holy dogma of capitalism!

No wonder Ben Carson can afford $31k dining tables ("conference table") that most secretaries of government departments take with them when the government condemns the property as used and only one secret bid only of 10 dollars to bid on the condemned table and Ben and his whole family can dine on KFC in style in this retirement from government "service" and looting the treasury.

Scooping up low income housing apartment complexes with the help of HUD loans apparently to the rich these days and buying luxury condos in New York. 90 million the current estimate of Hannity's treasure trove built on the rents of the poor on section 8 just like Fred Trump, father of idiot son Donald.

And getting free Real Estate legal advice from President Trump's mob lawyer Michael Cohen too.


Ain't American great! Again?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Santorum Learning Curve of the Pure (not holy) Solid (37%) White American Evangelicals on How to Spec Write TV Comedy

Some right wing righters (writers) are coming up with the Conspiracy Porn theory that the whole Steele Dossier was a contrived trap by Hillary to draw the sanctified married of an ex-hooker FLOTUS to a nazi/kkk pimp born POTUS into intrigue to pull apart that sacred bond with the myth of pee tapes made in Russia, affecting that happy Chrschan marriage.

And every pure (not holy) solid (37%) white A-merican evangelical knows that a marriage is supposed to be a perfect union of a white male, his testosterone fed fantasies, his penis and his female breeding partner. Oh the good old days of breeding humans in the South mostly of enslaved peoples of color.

Somehow now that Alex Jones is being sued for his Conspiracy Porn and defammation of children and parents of the Sandy Hook NRA sanctioned Massacre in a school in New England, other bastards have to step forward and add more shit to the far right GOP conspiracy outhouse against truth and normalcy. 

And somehow with the perfect Ward and June Cleaver - Leave it to Beaver - perfect white suburban family fantasy ( Porn? ) always end up somehow tying body function into the Conspiracy Myth porn as proof of the porn etc. Urine is what the President feared in a private conversation with that career FBI criminal careerist James Comey. So James and Hillary invented the pee tapes now. This is the focus not of treason but body functions, the free use of, scares the shit out of anybody steeped in old time "religion". The Flotus was in fear of her husband acting in coordination of Putin's Super Russian Whores and or Hookers? How can the left challenge the holiness of the right? Of this union blessed in heaven by gawd?

X-Sen. Santorum is afoot on the airwaves lately in dyed hair and cheap eye plastic surgery upholding the myths of perfect purity and absolute perfection of the one true faith and of course the honorary true faith politically in bed tent revival crowd aka white evangelicals. 

Some myths are enforced forever with a mommy and daddy theme are not fighting(?) facade of domestic violence and lies about fidelity and corruption and is the general sense of the new far right Chrschan religion and their conspiracy of might, a fist in wifey's face, that makes their right? 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Donald Trump Suffers from Brian Williams Memory Disease?

Donald Trump Suffers from Brian Williams Memory Disease?

David Frum on MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell in panel discussion about the Previous show, the Rachel Maddow Show's interview with former and defrocked FBI Director James Comey - Frum mentioned how in the latest reading of the "Comey Memos" dragged out of the filing cabinet but the evil Republicans - How Trump's "conversation with Vladimir Putin" about "Russian hookers beings the best without a doubt in the world." likely did not happen in real time.

That Trump likely saw a Putin Press Conference in Russia where the remarks were made and they somehow worked their way into the POTUS's brain as a conversation he himself had with Putin.

Which is possible. But it sounds like the thing Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News did by absorbing the news he read on TV and falesly interpreting those events as if he actually took part in them. 

I wonder what the Brian Williams fantasy memory disease might be called by shrinks and what if any medication might be needed to wake delusional people like Trump into basic reality. 

May Day Liberation of the United States Coming ?

Members of Congress seeking to lock up Obama's Justice Department in some black hole prison on or after May 1. Going after Rod Rosenstein's scalp first in plan to stop Mueller's investigation of Trump's treason. This list of targets, inmates, ultimately includes L.Lynch and H.Clinton. A coup by any other name in the age of Moron Trump Twitterers. 

Congressional Treason:

Ron Desantis 6th Florida

Andy Biggs 5th Arizona

Dave Brat 7th Virginia

Jeff Duncan 3rd South Carolina

Matt Gaetz 1st Florida

Paul A Gosar D.D.S. 4th Arizona

Andy Harris 1st Maryland

Jody Hice 10th Georgia

Todd Rokita 4th Indiana

Claudia Tenney 22nd New York

Ted S. Yoho DVM 3rd Florida

(Can't dentists and vets get real jobs these days btw)

Keep your friends close folks, and the your traitor Congresspeople even closer comrades.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

NYC Perfect Flawless Design Commission Remove Statue of historic "Non-Woke" Doctor James Marion Sims

Of all the tens of thousands of womens lives saved and or affected by the non PC medical practices of pioneer Doctor James Marion Sims are of little matter. A powerful white male is relegated to the trash heap of history. Doctor Sims no different than most Medicaid doctors using poor welfare patients as guinea pigs for the Pharmas and Medical Surgery Industrial Complex?

The Commission voted in perfect PC unanimous chic fashion.

The city tore a statue of controversial 19th century gynecologist J. Marion Sims from its perch in Central Park Tuesday — less than a day after it was deemed unfit to remain in the iconic space.
The Public Design Commission on Monday voted unanimously to relocate the statue to Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery because Sims — once hailed as the father of modern gynecology — had experimented on enslaved women.
The Parks Department wasted no time Tuesday, wrapping the statue in a blue blanket and putting it on a flatbed truck as it removed the statue from its spot near E. 103rd St., where it has stood for more than 120 years.

The De Blasio Commission voted in perfect PC unanimous chic fashion. 

Signe Nielsen
Landscape Architect
Philip E. Aarons
Vice President
Lay Member
Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos
The New York Public Library
James Stewart Polshek
Ethel Scheffer
Mayor's Representative
Paula Scher
Lay Member
Ann G. Tenenbaum
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Hank Willis Thomas

Faith Rose, Executive Director
Keri Butler, Director of Art & Conservation
Grace Han, Director of Capital Projects
Tom Campbell, Capital Projects Manager
Julianna Monjeau, Manager of Archives & Special Collections
Aly DesRochers, Manager of Public Programs
Toby Allan Schust, Designer
Stephanie Berrios, Intern

Gay Your Pain Away in UK - Pharma Pregabalin Wolkhardt Used For GAD General Anxiety Disorder?

“I was with a girlfriend I had been with for around six months. I had never been interested in men. When I was younger I was a little bit curious but…"
Scott added: “I’m very happy. I want to keep on taking it because it makes me feel happy about my sexuality. It’s made me feel very open. It’s liberating.
“Pregabalin is also used to control paranoia and anxiety. It’s made me so open and not bothered what people think or say.
What now? What next? Whatever.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Of Race and or Lack of Grace in the Age of Money

I had to glean through dozens of internet articles to locate the Starbucks where two blacks were arrested for hanging around and not ordering, two "real estate agents" waiting for a business colleague in Philly. Gleaning to get perspective on the location where the Starbucks at 18th and Locust Streets is indeed located.

The lack of an exact address meant to me that Starbucks' PR statement did not want to identify the location. But seeing the location in one of the most expensive rent neighborhoods in Center City Philly is less than a block from Rittenhouse Square where the rich in Philly have congregated and lived since the Civil War. Rittenhouse Square in terms of living space is Gramacy Park, Sutton Place and Fort Knox all rolled up into one.

All well and good. But it is a small cubbyhole fast coffee franchise and the corporate office is trying to diffuse a socially graceless situation in which "no ticky no shirty" to offered to everyone who enters to purchase not much better than average "Joe" but at Tiffany jewelry store prices.

Racism secondary to Cashism here I think.

Nothing to see here except the daily Social Media Tempest in a Coffee Cup.

Please move on.

Friday, April 13, 2018

M83 - Outro - Versailles

M83 - Outro - Versailles


I'm the king of my own land,
Facing tempests of dust, I'll fight until the end.
Creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me!
Now and forever, I'm you king!


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Doorman Dino Sajudin, Trump Tower Doorman, Sheds Light on Trump Bastards Running Around NYC Still Without a Name

"...and then the traitor, deadbeat, wife beater, serial adulterer and rapist ordered 4 Big Macs and Large Fries (just like Elvis) and he washed it all down with a Diet Coke. 

...and America lived happily ever after." ~~ FOX NEWS

Lasting American Legacy - Jayer-Gilles 2004 Echezeaux Grand Cru Wine - $350 a Bottle Wine Gourmet Paul Ryan Wants to Destroy Medicare and Lower Taxes for the Rich

$350 a Bottle Wine Gourmet Paul Ryan Wants to Destroy Medicare and Lower Taxes for the Rich

Jayer-Gilles 2004 Echezeaux Grand Cru Wine - $350 

For a man who likes his $350 a bottle  French 

Wine while he discusses the abolishment of 

Medicare with Lobbyists, on a salary of 

$170,000 a year, the poor man can only afford 

485 bottles of vino a year.  What this country 

needs to do his lower his taxes so Elitist, Out 

of Touch, Easy (on the rich) Paul can drink

more wine. Yeah!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Witchhunt on Trump Consigliere Lawyer Michael Cohen

The president and his confidential possible criminal activity and serial adultery is under attack by his own Justice Department and FBI and American Law in the worst Witch Hunt since Salem in 1690.

Raids on the Consigliere lawyer took part in NYC under the local Federal Attorney as the FBI kicked in Cohen's hotel door (jack booted thugs?), his temporary home, office and under redecoration apartment for papers related to bank fraud and election campaign money fraud.

Oh the Horror. Oh the Horror dear OINKER POTUS. LOL

Avoid That Man - Trump

"...Ambition naturally enters into the hearts of all-of the priest as well as of the man of the world-and unusually happy is he who has the strength and courage to fling it aside, to fling aside all desire of advancement, save of advancement in the knowledge and love of God. But how miserable is he who lives only to gratify his temporal ambition !  For him who lives only for the world the world has no charity. And if a man does fling God out of his heart, if he sacrifices the principles of honor and right to his worldly ambition, should he not be the first to be feared, the last to be trusted? If you find that a man rejects honor and truth and faith, I say to you as a priest and a citizen, 'Avoid that man.' If you meet him in the street and he salutes you, bow you head and pass him by. 

~~Father Thomas Ducey, St. Leo's Church, NYC  - 17 January 1884

Monday, April 9, 2018

"3/5 Christian" Hannity Preaches Gangster Religion of UnCivility Masking Chaos and Hate.

Bugger but Hannity's "3/5 Christianity" = (leaving out the 2/5 hard part of Jesus' teaching about Love and Compassion/Empathy) - his display of loyalty to defend the POTUS' Tart Wife is a wonder to behold.

Hannity's bullying rhetoric reminds me of a Nazi standard of communication. I dread involving that "N" word except when it is plain that the word is  needed to describe a deplorable man earning his living in a deplorable fashion and abusing the public forum without civility. 

His boss Rupert Murdoch is just another selfish, thoughtless 3/5 Christian or worse and is the Original Deplorable imported to this country after he could not take over the UK with his miscommunication empire. 

Perfect match when a simple fellow like Jimmy Kimmel (like David and a slingshot) has to defend a quick little joke about an abominable and inexcusable Zsa Zsa accent in the wetback immigrant who has to talk that way in order to make her evil husband, slave master, hard in bed. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Nobody Tougher on Russia than Trump, Not Even Hitler, on SNL

Nobody tougher on Russia than Trump, not even Heetler in sketch on SNL last night with Alec Baldwin. Not his funniest Trump skit btw.

And Hannity on FOX NEWS is trying to start a Respect the Whore in the White House Melania Campaign. Jimmy Kimmel, never a funny, funny guy but a good small one liner as host on his late night show on ABC made a casual after dinner host kinda remark that got an audience chuckle about the First Lady's accent reading at the annual White House lawn Easter Egg hunt to innocent young children, (an ideal role model for children btw, especially little girls desired greatly by her Green Card Hustler, I mean Husband), her thick Zsa Zsa accent that she cannot afford to lose with coaching along with the one or two million dollars of plastic surgery keeping his aging body propped up after she helped to literally clone Dolly, I mean Donald Trump. Wink. Nod.

Melania's former Soviet Satellite Communist Party Dad and Mom are living here in the USA BTW on her dime or it's illegally obtained Green Card and Hannity is the one who never showed Hillary respect as FLOTUS. So he can dildo himself into a Santorum with his Kimmel attacks.



Saturday, April 7, 2018

Russian Immigrants are Nasty People -

Russian Immigrants are Nasty People -

Here in NYC when you go into a doctor's or a dentist's office, you get the nastiest Russian Immigrants who do not say "Hello" or "How Can I Help You?"? You usually are lucky if you get a grunt or a belch to acknowledge you presence announcing your presence for an appointment with doctor "x".

More like Boot Camp Drill Sergeants telling you how your shit stinks and theirs does not. The Mexicans have picked up on a few American Courtesies but the Russians, their mob mostly connections who came in originally under a religious label as "persecuted" got visas to first settle in Brooklyn - now the fuking pigs are all over the place and think their Commie Shit does not stink.

Now that Putin is our uncouth leader (at ease and comfort with Napoleon the Pig Trump), they refuse to speak English even in Grocery Stores they own. They cater only to their own you are NOT WELCOME and are ignored if you try to shop there etc.

Something wrong here Comrade Trump!


National Security Advisor John Bolton Shilling For Fake Russian NRA Membership Drive.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Gov Kate Brown of Oregon will not call up National Guard for Trump's War on the god Neptune

Governor Kate Brown - one of those penisless female things, says that she will refuse to call up the troops with real jobs and real lives to reinforce the fantasies and senile droolings of an emperor in imitation of Emperor Caligula who could not organize amidst his own chaos an invasion of ancient Britain, who used his troops to collect sea shells along the English Channel as proof to be sent back to the Senate of his victory over the mighty then god of Neptune.

I do not think there are any sea shells along the Rio Grande. Perhaps the national guard from the Southern Red States like Arkansas that comply to ignorance, and they always do, and such can gather stones and snake skins and send them to Speaker Ryan or Senate Majority Lead McConnell.

All hail the great leader, the tax cheating, sodomizing, serial adulterer and hero of the white trailer trash of the white dole class MAGA base.


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Trump Chases Phantom Menace on the Border - Calls up National Guard

I hear the drug cartels in Mexico want to diversify with the legalization of pot etc.

I see that the POTUS sending the National Guard who normally are called up only in natural disaster emergencies or desegregation situations.

Honest men and women called up in time of peace can now be used to facilitate package delivery, packaging across the border handled by the military, stuff Amazon will not touch, and containing products in desperate need in the White House?

The last ton or two of the stuff used up since Inauguration Day not in four years but in record time of our American Viceroy appointed by Czar Vladimir of all the Russias (including the United States).


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Historic Beginnings of American Culture War – Philadelphia – 1970s

I had a nightmare last night.  I dreamt that State Senator Martin P. Mullen had come back from hell to inflict more inhumane legislation on not only the people of Pennsylvania but the whole planet. 

I don’t know how the culture war in America took shape in various other parts of the country, but like New Hampshire where the shot heard round the world that supposedly started our American Revolution, the culture war in America has no better historic model than Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in the 1970s.

I drift back forty years to the point where I, as an eighteen year old, decided that I did not want to hear anymore boiler plate sermons about Satan from the local priest in Philadelphia and I never set foot in that church again. 

All around me was a world where the War in Vietnam was wrapped in a flag.  That fucking war was so important to all the middle aged losers who hated their lives and had served so faithfully and or really had no choice but serve in World War Two.  

The basic cultural war in the minds of Philadelphians then, if you were young, was if your draft number would come up and you would have to serve, fight in a war that made absolutely no logical sense.  

On another level, there was the creeping fear that blacks would try to cross the invisible border, south on Lehigh Avenue, and try to invade your beautiful turn of the century row house paradise, built for factory workers.  

Oh there were factories in the neighborhood, and they employed blacks, but in retrospect I can remember all the blacks lined up at the 5 bus stop after work waiting to get back to wherever it was that they lived outside our perfect white lower middle class bubble existence.  In retrospect, the image of Apartheid comes to mind and is superimposed on those distant scenes. 

I have seen or heard comments from people who lived there at the same time.  The thing that destroyed Philly, they usually say, was “Section 8” housing, which is of course code talk for racism and welfare. 

In a way, the inability of people to recognize and love your neighbor is what destroyed that old Currier & Ives idealized brain image of the slums where I grew up in Kensington - Harrowgate in Philly. 

Where was I? Oh yes, the war, the blacks and yeah Vatican II.  Well Vatican II did not change anything in a neighborhood of mixed Irish and I-talian catholics.  Oh there were protestants out there.  We saw their churches dotting the landscape.  Never saw who entered those houses of worship on Sundays.  Didn’t care.  The predominant local culture was of Irish Catholic factory workers and Irish Catholic churches and schools. 

In a way, my parents were intelligent, and liberal.  They got into the ideal that blacks should have equal rights.  But somewhere along the timeline, people like my parents got scared about what they saw on the tube with black militant groups, war protestors and the rapid decline of a normal society into chaos around 1968.  They never told me directly but my so called liberal parents voted for George Wallace in 1968,  I figured that out later along the timeline. 

I guess I stayed there, going along my own liberal timeline, and did not realize how secular I was and in relation to terms of also being a Catholic from birth.  Did not feel the difference until they shot Martin Luther King. 

I can remember to this day, the priest Father Locke, freshly minted from the seminary, stumbling for words, almost apologetically, from the pulpit that next Sunday, stating something to the effect that he did not know if it would be proper but would not forbid personal prayers for a Protestant (after all, only Catholics go to heaven- your prayers are probably wasted on him), for the slain civil rights leader.  Huh?

It was there that I got the clue that maybe Catholics were not really Christians like people like MLK who called themselves Christian.  Christian was not a word I heard often in the first eighteen years of a Catholic life.  I heard the word but in conjunction with other words like Christian Doctrine etc.

(An aside - Reminds me of my own Irish Catholic joke I told to a former boss in the 1980s, also Irish Catholic – “I was twenty-one before I realized that Protestant and bastard were two separate words.” – My boss howled in laughter.) 

Oh yeah, getting back to Vatican II, I wrote some thoughts on that in my earliest blogs here, but let me get to the point and back to my nightmare about the late great Martin Mullen of the Pennsylvania State Legislature. 

Pennsylvania on a map may look like an east coast type of place.  But like the famous political advisor said and is quoted.  “Pennsylvania isPhiladelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between.”  I have already shared a few thoughts above on my cosmopolitan cultural upbringing in Philly. There was that other thing, the sex thing and the RC church confusion about birth control. 

Paul VI brought out his Zero Tolerance document on birth control.  Like all life in general, most of us just stumbled into ways of dealing with our own individual sexuality.  (No user manual necessary.)

The cultural war in Philly and Pennsy had a pie-eyed, drunk on his own arrogance and self importance, fanatic in the form of Martin Mullen who suddenly was on the black and white TV screen, the chosen mouthpiece of John Cardinal Krol and his decision to bring Pennsylvaniaunder the recent Catholic Sharia Law (Humanae Vitae) on human sexuality. 

PENNSYLVANIA: Bitter Abortion Battle
Mullen, backed by equally conservative John Cardinal Krol and his Pennsylvania Catholic Conference, decided that the state, with its 35% Catholic population, was natural terrain to make a stand against the trend to more liberal laws on public morality. The battle was joined over the issue of abortion. To counter a liberal abortion bill, the conservatives proposed a bill of their own that outlawed abortion altogether except when a panel of three physicians certified that the mother's life was endangered. It made no allowance for victims of rape, incest or mental illness. Supporting the conservative bill, the Catholic Conference ran a long and costly campaign that included weekly pictures of truncated fetuses and aborted embryos on Page One of the Cathotic Standard &Times, the official organ of the archdiocese of Philadelphia. Last June the campaign paid off: the liberal bill was easily defeated, and the conservative bill was adopted by both houses and sent to Shapp for his signature. Mullen warned the Governor that if he attempted to stop the bill through veto or pocket veto he would run against him in the Democratic primary next year.  
While Shapp mulled over what to do, the protest and counterprotest boiled on. In an unusual turn, Patricia Arney, 32, a divorcee who is a district Democratic committeewoman, revealed to the Philadelphia Inquirer that State Senator Henry J. Cianfrani, 49, one of the conservative bill's strongest supporters, had paid for her abortion in 1970 while they were having an affair, and produced a receipt for his check to prove it. He did not deny their relationship, but said that he had given her the money to visit her family inToledo and did not know that there had been an abortion. Though the disclosure caused yowls of protest on the floor of the state senate, letters to the Inquirer ran 10 to 1 in favor of Arney's blow against hypocrites.  
Last week Shapp, calling the bill "unsound, unenforceable and totally unfair," vetoed it. Mullen failed to muster the three-fourths majority necessary to override the veto, leaving the state functionally without an abortion law of any kind, since lower courts have declared the present statute unconstitutionally vague and appeals are pending. With that, Mullen sounded the charge for his race against Shapp next spring, which could be among the bitterest elections in Pennsylvania's history: he called the Governor's veto the result of a "paganistic, atheistic philosophy."
In reality, few states had laws to deal with archaic or non-existent laws to deal with modern technology and recent developments in birth control.

Somewhere along the timeline, the culture war on birth control became the culture war on abortion.  The discussion regarding sexuality was not about choice in the form of birth control methods to prevent pregnancy, it became all about abortion and the strategy and the rhetoric of Krol’s hand puppet to the media in the 1970s has not changed much to this day IMHO.

My leaving my local church, not the People of God, when I was eighteen was also in reaction to archconservative mean spirited types shouting at you on the TV like Martin Mullen as Krol’s in front of the curtain media voice .  It was also the loss of the sermons on Satan, a chance to nod off, that got dropped on Sundays and propaganda spiels from the pulpit that you had to pick up the mimeographed letter to your state legislature in the church lobby, copy it in your own handwriting, and mail it to show that you were in favor of the most current Martin Mullen anti-sexuality law pending in Harrisburg.  Model – Modus Operandi – set for the American future landscape.  Pity.

I have read many a Catholic blog lately and the ones that aren’t praising, drooling on,  the guys in red are the ones that wonder why priests these days don’t bother to deliver a decent homily.  Considering what I know, the truth is that the thought police might hear something like love or tolerance being advocated and send off a letter to the bishop to complain about dogmatic incorrectness that would get back to the priest and rather than get slapped down, why bother to preach anymore. 

After all, isn’t it all just about the ritual and the consecrated bread? (And the collection plate?)

The American culture wars are far from over.  The best, I fear, is yet to come. 


Monday, April 2, 2018

When was Boris Epshteyn Born ? - Where is his Real Russian Birth Certificate ?

John Oliver, the Brit comedian in his latest LAST WEEK TONIGHT did a montage of puppet newscasters, dozens and dozens, repeat the same worded commie propaganda against our American Journalists. These puppets all under Sinclair Broadcasters and under control of the new Roger Ailes of lies and bullshit, 

Boris Epshteyn

Is it that easy to just walk in and take over truth Vladimir Putin?

And during the broadcast John Oliver stated his doubts that Boris (Epstein) Epshteyn is 35 years of age as stated on his resume. Without further delineating his idea.

We have to take his word that he is 35. It said so on his Russian Passport and on his Russian Birth Certificate before his Jewish Russian Mob parents moved into and blended into Brooklyn once apon a time in American dream fairy land. And before Boris was Trump's interpreter on his great Russian Pee Pee Tour in 2013.

Epshteyn went to Georgetown University btw etc. The perfect place for fascists to blend in, in America. A Roman Catholic University. 

ETC. Where is his birth certificate all you MAGA birthers ETC.


Trump And His Kremlin Ordered Birtherism - Collateral Damage from the 2011 Russian Election

Hillary and her Regime Change cajones going full force against Vladimir Putin on a 2011 timeline went against a recruited @Penn in 1967 stooge Donald Trump who had to put on the elections clown makeup in a revenge plan against Hillary's Neo-Con closeted agenda by Putin. Birtherism sounds and feels too much to me like a standard operating procedure by the KGB in the falsification of documents for spies kind of thing. 

His, the Russian Stooge Trump, was in hot water in 2011. His Trump SOHO Hotel and Condo building started off in 2007 planning board with iffy bubble finance money from Iceland's Bubble Banks laundering money for the Russkies. Of course when the world wide 2008 meltdown happened, the  Iceland money disappeared and was replaced with Turkish conduited from Russia and the Russian Mob crowd. 

Turkey to Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn with the Tevfik Arif / Felix Slater Bayrock group building in the junky old warehouse district the downtown Manhattan now trendy SOHO (South of Houston Street) Trump Tower.

It wasn't Jersey or Florida or Panama or Uzbekistan and Donny could not walk away from the mess in his own backyard, where the present crime rich evidence audit trail for Mueller lies. There is gold in dem streets of lower old dock area Manhattan. And one way or another, Mueller or the NYS attorney general can get Trump on his finances and taxes and money laundering. 

Somewhere in the middle of denying knowledge of who he was dealing with in Bayrock in 2011 testimony and a later in the year Nov 11 cash settlement of returning 90% of all condo deposits in SOHO for falsities in sales, fraud in writing etc., Donald in March 2011 goes on TV and goes with the Birther thing on orders no doubt from Putin playing political chess with Clinton and Obama long distance. Long term KGB plans always succeed eventually. 

And Putin sweating out the 2011 Russian elections and blaming Hillary for knowing too much of how he stole that election, he set in motion his Penn Man puppet's trip to the Oval Office - set Putin's plan for revenge in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022 in motion.