Saturday, December 10, 2011

The One, the Only, Best Scrooge of all Time - 1951 - British

Alistair Sim as "Scrooge"

The One, the Only, Best Scrooge of all Time:

Black and White preferred, but it is colorized in some versions.

The best film A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens of all time -   1951 with Alistair Sim as Scrooge.


Pygmalion - Starship - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"


It’s all About Me! NEWT GINGRICH! – The man who stole civility from America in the Nineties and to this day

It's all about ME!

Plastic Phony- mean Spirited Republicanism is back. Thank Satan!

The man has to be the center of attention!

Any remark he makes has to be the most witty-ist in a room filled with other plastic mean spirited Republicans.  

Applause! Applause! Fawn! Fawn! Fawn!

Any third rate scholar's remark – polite B16 applause and respect.  (A wave to the little people)

All those millions of phony, angry, starving, cheated out of their humanity by Israel – “Invented People” Palestinians...

You tell them, those brown skinned assholes, Newt!

Applause! How so so witty you really are - Newt!


A great Conservative of the Ages has risen among us. 

Bow your unworthy heads.

What a pile of “human” shit!  (Newt and the GOP)


Show us the Bling! – Newt and Callista - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Tiffany's

A lady shot herself and her two kids to death the other day in Laredo Texas at the food stamp office – she did not qualify to feed her family in these hard economic times. 

(Anybody care to drop a prayer on these poor lost souls in America?  And many more like them.)

On to more cheerful, uplifting, spiritual things.

Newt and Callista – Show us the Bling!

More Circus if no bread etc. Whatever.

Newt stated that his account at Tiffany’s has no interest.  What a sweetheart deal!

Also, we all know the story of the Diamond Necklace that started the French Revolution in 1789.  If not:

Callista: Newt, the people have no bread.

Newt: Its not my problem.  I’m rich.  I shop interest free at Tiffany's.