Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What the Hell Happened in Paterno-ville Pennsylvania?

Sandusky painted out of the picture - left - street mural - PSU

It is hard not have an opinion about what went wrong in Paterno-ville Pennsylvania and or the Penn State campus, State College, Pa..

It may have been coincidence but Joe signed over his rights to his house, value 560k, over to his wife alone, last summer for $1.  No estate or tax advantages but an indication of things to come?  How long has the sword, ready to fall, been dangling over his head? How long has the truth been hidden in Happy Valley?
He went so quietly like he knew it was coming, whatever it was.  We have an idea of what it is.  That he somehow had knowledge or complicity in the Sandusky thing whatever that thing is, besides the child obsession thing, was it blackmail, money laundering funneled through his scam, his charity? Or something else? Time may reveal the answers.  Time may continue to hide the truth.

What did Joe Paterno sell his soul for?  Did he have to sell it? His skills and some luck put him on top of the mountain called success for decades. One has to wonder what demons the man held within himself and his sacred persona.  Only he can answer that. He seemed like a humble enough guy.  The house he has lived in for over forty years is quite modest though IMO way overpriced. 

Ran into an article by Reuters about how the Penn State Brand is now tarnished and pretty much every corporate sponsor except Nike has abandoned the U.S.S. Nittany Lion.

Everything in America is a commodity it would seem, a Brand.

They are removing Joe Paterno’s statue outside Beaver Stadium over Thanksgiving.

Joe’s Brand is no more.  Time marches on.

Juan Gabriel - Porque Me Haces Llorar - Why do you make me cry?