Monday, October 19, 2015

Christer Grifter Rev. Rafael “Tom Ripley” Cruz Being Distanced From By Thesbian “Son” Senator “Ted” Cruz’s Campaign.

The tale of he said, she said, he-she said of the so-called Rev. Rafael Cruz, alledged NF (natural father) of Actor and Joker Texas Senator Ted Cruz, unfolds as Trump Truth(s) floods the stable of the GOP party.

He is a Dominionist, devoted to a movement that finds in Genesis a mandate that “men of faith” seize control of public institutions and govern by biblical principle. He fluidly quotes long passages of the Bible when he preaches at big-box churches or addresses large Republican audiences….

Until it folded in 2014, Purifying Fire was a Costa Mesa, Calif., ministry owned by Suzanne Hinn, the divorced (then remarried) wife of faith healer Benny Hinn. A spokesman for the Cruz presidential campaign said Rev. Cruz has never been associated with the Hinns, but “used the Purifying Fire name for a while then he dropped it.”

“Pastor at a church in Dallas” isn’t exactly right either, although according to the campaign: “You don’t have to have a church to be a pastor.”…

Kingdom Translation Services Inc. has been registered with the Texas Secretary of State since 2012, with a billing address in an apartment complex in a Dallas suburb. It has no working website or listed phone number. “It is Rev. Cruz’s one-man translation service,” according to the campaign.


Thespian Senator Ted Cruz Outed As Unelectable But Passable Entertainment To Some.

I see this clown Donny Deutsch on some advertisements on Cable TV for a reality and or “comedy” show on USA and look him up having seen him forever on Morning Joe adding some opinion or that and assuming he is just another sycophant Morning Joe toady.

Apparently he has credentials on Mad Ave and or show biz and outed fellow Thesbian Senator Ted Cruz in the article below, revealing Ted's great desire to do Sarah Palin in Drag in some seedy Greenwich Village basement club. STDs free.

Go Donny. Good luck in your terrible new Show. Break a leg!

Early Monday morning, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) announced that he is running for president in 2016.

Later that same morning, frequent "Morning Joe" guest Donny Deutsch explained why he's not worried about the Republican senator winning the election.

"He is Sarah Palin," Deutsch said. "He is theater. He is completely unelectable."

"Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski objected, but Deutsch pressed on, arguing that he would even bet that come November, Cruz would no longer be in the picture.

“He’s good theater. That's why he is Sarah Palin. And that's who Sarah Palin was. And we love the show," he went on.