Saturday, March 9, 2013

Is the System Corrupt Enough to Make Tim Dolan of NYC the next Pope?

Tim Dolan was giving depositions just as he was borrowing a billionaire’s jet to hop the Atlantic and take Rome by Media Storm. But not to worry. The cemetery deal was about burying cash and not bodies – ha ha.

Then again I can remember Governor Fife Syminton III of Arizona running for Governor not to be governor but solely to avoid prosecution in the Savings and Loan fraund scandal in Phoenix and let’s not forget Governor George W. Bush of Texas about to be indicted in the Enron Fraud thing. Seeking and holding a higher office can keep the dogs of justice at bay sometimes. 

Now would be a good time for Tim to move on to bigger and better things.

God knows that Benedict was not Rock Star material.

And if the modern papacy is to be of the John Paul II model, the Rock Star PR Media fantasia thing, then Tim Dolan is the next pope coming from the PR, BS Media Capital of the Planet, New York City.

Seems like yesterday I had never heard of Tim Dolan from Milwaukee and he shows up unannounced to become the instant favorite son of Gotham City. Wow. Instant local media celebrity. Don't bother to check to see how dirty his laundry coming from Milwaukee is - his drawers etc. - (nasty business - the truth)

The nostalgia just overwhelms me with the thought of losing Tim to Rome and the Big House Time Show.

Yeah right.


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