Saturday, June 25, 2011

John Corapi - Judas Priest?

Innocent or guilty, I have formed an opinion of this matter burning up keyboards on the Catholic blogosphere.
Father Corapi, until recently a living saint, has apparently taken the money and run so to speak.
There were allegations of sexual amusement (with women) and drug addiction.
I saw him a few times on EWTN, haven’t watched it in years, with his aggressive defense of the RC catechism and all things RC. I was not impressed.
His speech seemed to be impeded by badly fitting dentures as he seemed to spit a lot when making a point. 
Quite popular with devout middle aged catholic babes.  There is a great wailing and gnashing of teeth since his departure from the official catholic airwaves on the very huge rosary, middle aged catholic babe blog circuit. 
In a sense, he has gone over to the other side.  His Santa Cruz Media seems to be in his for-profit name and not in name of his religious order or any greedy diocese.   Get the deed.  Keep the deed.  Screw everybody else. Catholic rock stars don’t need a conscience.
Screw the ecclesiastic courts set up to investigate abuse.  Set up shop in God’s country, Montana, praise the lord and pass the ammunition – and keep the profits on DVDs, pamphlets, inspirational books etc.  And let’s not forget the lecture circuit.  Great deal.
And now a second planned career to out church corruption.  Caiaphas lives!
The Catholic church has gone to hell – surely and truly gone to hell.
Jimmy Swaggert move over.