Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Papal Foundation – The Pope’s Slush Fund

While something important and moral was going in the secular court system of Philadelphia this week, the pope’s bagman, Bishop Bransfield was in Rome doing the grand tour with all the rich little old ladies who gave so generously to the pope’s private slushfund/charity this year. No doubt some real charity gets done with some of these funds but one has to wonder why money cannot be directly contributed to Vatican Charities and why the Pope needs funds out of the mainstream accounting system of the Vatican. Sounds a little bit like Nixon and his secret stash of cash for the sake of politics to me.

The official story is something like the pope presents a wish list of all the charities he wants to fund and the American Bishops gather around and vie for favor with the pontiff to get rich catholics to donate money to this fund.  The so-called Peter’s Pence fund collected once a year at mass for the upkeep of the Vatican is for the ordinary catholics in the pews, the people that don’t really count because they don’t have the swag to impress the big boys in the hierarchy.

Peter’s Pence was organized by the crazy pope Pius IX after he locked himself up in the Vatican and lost his income form slave run territories in Italy. One or two old papal palaces in Rome itself but he withdrew from the new secular government of Italy now centered in the capital city of Rome.  Pius found the most secure part of the Vatican in the highest place in the Vatican, the treasury way up in the sky. How Feng Shui. To this day, the papal apartment shares floor space with that old treasury that houses golden tiaras, chalices and jewels centuries old.  No doubt a pope in need to escape the Vatican wants some bling to take along to find digs in a safer place in case of emergencies, angry crowds etc.

The Papal Foundation was founded by Caridinal Krol of Philadelphia, the Polish American from Chicago whose own ambitions to become pope ended when he realized that a Karol Wohtyja of Poland was a better politician and no doubt backed by the CIA in terms of being a pawn to win the so-called cold war. John Paul I was no doubt in the way to that CIA gameplan?  Just speculation on that point.

The Papal Foundation do doubt funded many dissident groups in Poland and contributed to the downfall of the Iron Curtain.  All well and good.  But now that Benedict the German is pope, the same fund is used for “charity” same as wink nod, JPII used it for “charity”.

In a way, Cardinal Krol and his corrupt regime operating out of the office building that he built at 222 N.!7th Street behind the Cathedral in Philadelphia needed influence in Rome, in corners of the Vatican when his mismanagement of the Child Abuse situation in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia got out of control as evidenced decades later by civil authorities having to try and take control of the criminal enterprise of child abuse and cover up at “222”.

So, the more you give to the Pope and his crony charities, if they are real, the more influence you have in the Vatican to cover up crimes against children? How do you spell Marcial Maciel?

"Follow the money."