Tuesday, June 5, 2012

News Corp follows Vatican Business Model?

The Wall Street Journal in opinion is questioning why the liberal media is ignoring all the medieval Catholic institutions suing Obamacare and focusing on the Vatican’s mafia brand business model in the present Vatileaks scandal.

ABC made the Angels & Demons comparison three times in its coverage, with correspondent Jeffrey Kofman declaring on Sunday's Good Morning America: "All of this talk of conspiracy and palace intrigues sound much like a Dan Brown novel....There are similar scenes in his book 'Angels and Demons.' But this is very real....Years ago, Vatican conspirators used to poison their enemies. Today, it's a little more subtle. They leak to the media."
All three networks used highly charged language to portray the Church as some sort of criminal enterprise. On Friday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Jim Maceda wrapped up his report by ominously asserting: "...the alleged leaks by the man closest to the Pope may have lifted another veil on the secretive and perhaps illegal activity inside the Vatican itself."
In a report for Saturday's ABC World News, Kofman described how the leaks,"include searing allegations of corruption and cronyism at the Vatican Bank, a bizarre plot to kill the Pope allegedly by a cardinal hoping to succeed him, and a nasty power struggle between Vatican reformers and those who want nothing to change."


Pope to Visit Philly in 2015 - Who Pays the Bill?


The Pope will make a pilgrimage to Philly, the USA Pedo Priest Capital after of course Boston.

The Pope will be 88.

Benedict's trip to Britain in 2010 cost the taxpayers the equivalent of $20 million dollars in security in a country where there is no separation of Church and State.

The justification for paying for these pope visits in the past here has been that the Pope is the Head of State of 120 Acres in the middle of the City of Rome Italy.

I hope the good Catholics in Philly dig real deep in their pockets to pay for their mafia king's visit in 2015 and not do the deadbeat thing and stick the security cost to U.S. taxpayers again.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Trinitas Medical Hospital – A Deletion - A Word of Explanation

I deleted a story regarding something quoted on several other blogs regarding a lawsuit against Trinitas Medical Center in Elizabeth NJ and the denial of HIV medications to an HIV patient in the recent past because of religious liberty, of Catholic bias, bigotry against this person’s lifestyle in a Catholic hospital.

Some facts and or names and or circumstances did not fit, and the story may yet prove to be true, but rather than be part of a chain of falsehood on the Internet, I deleted the article.

Which brings me to the mention of the poisoned atmosphere of public discourse in the virtual American Town Square, in which such a cruel sounding story against a gay man and his denial of his human rights, let alone his civil rights, in a Catholic hospital in America sounds totally plausible.

A lot of this vitriol regarding the inhumane treatment of human beings started I believe with the ambitious cunt of a bishop in Phoenix Thomas Olmsted and his decision to excommunicate a nun, an admistrator at St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital in Phoenix for making the hard but human decision to save the life of a pregnant mother over that of her unborn child.

That with the men who run the dioceses of the Catholic Church in America, it seems to be who can best and most demonize, and dehumanize minorities such as women or gays, in order to score points and gain promotions in the American Hierarchy.

That hopefully Thomas Olmsted is in Phoenix, that climatic hell on earth, for rest of his working life as a bishop and will go no further up the feeding chain of command in the hierarchy.

Other bishops, like Timothy Dolan, Charles Chaput, William Lori have done their bit to demonize and dehumanize minorities like women and gays and have done very well for themselves by their ambitious “unchristian” acts, lies and corruption.  Their sins against humanity are part of the public record.

I, in this blog, will not stand by in silence and let a fascist party or a fascist religion whittle down my humanity or the humanity of females or my homosexual brothers and sisters in Christ. I will not stand by when they make the Gays put on pink triangles to identify them before they ship them off to some concentration camp in Afghanistan etc. It has been done before. It can happen again, and here in America too.

I will on occasion write the incorrect observation of things in the Global and American Town Square.  I will delete what I think is false or blatantly without proof, common sense or logic. I will not be PC.

I stand by the humanistic words of Jesus as a guide in my life and I will fight all bullies and pigs in power, political and religious, who obstruct my own or my neighbor’s right to the dignity of life given to us by our Creator. 


Cardinal Bertone – Looting the Vatican Bank – Institute for Religious Works

Bertone - Benedict's Secretary of Embezzlement?

Nothing quite like taking money intended for charity and church causes and “investing” it in your crony friend’s shady business.

Next, Bertone allegedly ordered the head of the Vatican bank to bid for Milan's bankrupt San Raffaele hospital, founded by Don Luigi Verze, a confidant of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi who enjoyed close ties to the Italian secret services. Wiretaps reveal he may have been linked to an alleged arson attack on a business rival.

By the time the Vatican bank chief, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, checked the hospital's books, the senior accountant had killed himself, debts of €1.5bn were reported and a fraud inquiry was under way. Fearing what he would uncover, the Vatican banker refused to invest.

Lost in the news last week of the butler's arrest was the announcement that Gotti Tedeschi had been ousted by the board of the Vatican bank, a move seen by many as Bertone's revenge for his disobedience. Ironically, before he defied Bertone, Gotti Tedeschi had been among the cardinal's key appointments, one of many that reportedly rankled the Vatican's career staff of bureaucrats and diplomats.


Dumb U.S. Congress Needs to Graduate from High School

Members of Congress speak at a 10th-grade level - down almost a full grade since 2005 - raising the question of whether they are embracing a more effective communication strategy or dumbing down their messages, a new report says.

The findings published by the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan government transparency group in Washington, found that California representatives use more complex words - speaking at about the 12th-grade level.

The foundation analyzed floor speeches as reported in the Congressional Record, using the Flesch-Kincaid scale, which rates speeches based on the complexity, length and difficulty of words and sentences. Congress speaks at roughly the same level as the typical American, who speaks between the ninth- and 10th-grade levels.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/06/01/MNTQ1OPAQ7.DTL#ixzz1wrGS1VlF


Cardinal Dolan’s Throne – Big Enough for his Fat Evil Ass? – Bishop’s Bonus for Pedophiles

Cardinal Timothy Dolan's Throne in St. Patrick's Cathedral NYC

“What does it profit a man (or a bishop) if he gain the whole world and lose his immortal soul”

We lowly peasants are so lucky in our lifetime to see the death of democracy in America and the rise from the ashes of the royal priestly order of the Roman Pagan Church.

Above is the royal throne of Cardinal Dolan in New York City.  You can join the tourists anytime and do a walkthrough of St. Patrick’s Cathedral even with the ongoing Mass ritual thing on stage.  You’ll have to wait in between performances to get near and take pictures of His Eminence’s throne.

From the similar throne in Milwaukee, below, Timothy darling dispensed Church bribe bonuses to child raping pedophiles for their good work in their church as an offer to leave.  Presuming their guilt as abusers of children, Archbishop Dolan never once thought to call the cops.  His has a higher calling to the Pope, the Vatican Bank and his own corrupt ambitions to become pope.

The pedophile priests were also offered pensions and health care that included a Viagra medication benefit.  Wink. Nod.  Great job boys! (Timmy smiley face.)

The idea and revulsion of a throne in America, Cardinal Dolan's Throne in particular, was brought up in another blog Slacktivist written by a Baptist who backed down in a future blog and apologized for being anti-Catholic.  

Being against evil Catholic clerics, or the obscene anti-humanist Pagan symbols of their office - is no sin.  Sorry the power and prestige of men walking around in $30,000 Cardinal outfits can brow beat down morality among so many milk toast Protestants. 

“The mediocre I vomit them out.”

Archbishop Dolan's Throne in St John the Evangelist Cathedral Milwaukee
from whence were distributed the Bishop's Bonus to Pedophiles
"The road to HELL is lined with the skulls of Roman Catholic Bishops." Wink. Nod. 

Poor Richard's Museum Philadelphia - Franklin Institute

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cardinal Raymond Burke, Pius XIII, already telling Inept Benedict XVI He is Wrong

Cardinal Ray "Fabulous" Burke - unofficial Vatican Fasionista 

In the ongoing War on Laity, Nuns and Butlers, the next American (CIA) Pope is telling Benedict XVI via his stooge Secretary of State Bertone what is and what is not kosher in Catholic doctrine.

The third document is a letter to Bertone from Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, an American who is head of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura — in essence, the Vatican's chief justice. It is marked "highly confidential" and registers Burke's dismay that Benedict had approved the liturgy of a controversial lay group known as the NeoCatechumenal Way, which its critics contend violates the prescribed protocol for the Catholic Mass. "I believe that approval of such liturgical innovations ... does not seem consistent with the liturgical teachings of the Pope," Burke wrote.


Nanny State NYC - Listen to Your Plutocrat or Else!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Next Papal Election - Fix is in? - Cardinal Bertone


Among the mishaps on Bertone's watch, the new archbishop of Warsaw had to quit in 2007 one hour before his installation because he had spied for the communist-era police. This was known in Poland but the pope was long kept in the dark.

In 2009, Catholics, Jews and German politicians rounded on Benedict after he rehabilitated four rebel bishops, including one who was a notorious Holocaust denier. The shocked pope had to admit Curia officials had not done a quick search on him on the Internet, where his extreme-right views were on full display.

According to leakers quoted anonymously in the Italian media, the trigger for the campaign was the last consistory in February where an unusually high number of Italians and Curia officials were made cardinals who will vote for the next pope.

Bertone is not the frontrunner to succeed Benedict - Milan Cardinal Angelo Scola is often mentioned as the best-placed - but the way he has strongly promoted his allies has led to suspicions he wants to play a role when the voting takes place.

"The most delicate power balances in the Vatican are obviously at stake," La Stampa wrote.

Ronald Reagan Birth Certificate - Invalid

I know the Ronald Wilson Reagan is supposed to give conservatives a hard on by the mere mention of his god-like name.  But give me a break.  

They have this invalid Birth Certificate of RWR on a wall at his Presidential Museum in California.  Just look at it.  Handwritten on a blank State of Illinois form no doubt stolen and fenced to the
Let's be honest folks. You cannot get a driver’s license or a first time Passport using a faked document like the above.

Which leads to the next question.  Where was Ronald Reagan really born? South Africa?


Friday, June 1, 2012

Catholic Charities – an Oxymoron?

I believe the Prince Bishop Dolan the other day was on the Martin Bashir news hour on MSNBC and threatened to close shop on his NYC Charity racket if the black man in the White House did not give into his imperial demands for privilege and entitlement and the right to deny female employees chemical/medications also known as contraception.

As I understand it, taxpayer money is used for some social services and or charities and administered by Dolan’s charity racket that gets to skim off a percentage of the cash as profit - fees.

In a way, I do not know how all this got started, the church in the secular social services “charity” distribution stuff.

Everything in NYC seems to have to function and operate along the mob business model with the alpha organization getting a cut before distribution to the general population whether it be food, petrol, education or even charity.

It is a strange thing. I seem to remember forty years back in Philly when I was still more or less Catholic (less) and I read about the local annual Catholic Charities Appeal that was exclusively a charity by Catholics only and for Catholics.  I remember reading at the time that the majority of the monies collected were going for construction of nursing homes. The question arose as to why.  

The answer dictum ex cathedra via Cardinal Krol was that the nursing homes were needed to house the parents of priests and nuns. The premise being that the Charity had to take care of these elderly people or else the priests and nuns would have to exit their jobs and do so privately. And since it was post Vatican II, there was a mass exodus to the doors already of the clergy and religious. Made perfect Catholic sense at the time.

That charity these days to Catholics as a base is paid for by secular tax dollars and beyond that “charity” goes to non-Catholics? Who designed this fucked up Rube Goldberg charity system/racket?  George Bush?

Fast forward forty years.  I think I have read that the Prince Bishop Dolan’s bailiwick and the mob’s Catholic bailiwick in Brooklyn are self-insured in the healthcare thingy – cutting out corporate healthcare insurance middle men.  Strange that Prince Bishop Dolan wants the Prez to drop a standard that his employees might demand under self-insurance.

This whole social services thing, administered with add ons to the Catholic Charities business model and organization, mixes a small few percentage points of Catholic money with a majority percentage of secular taxpayer money and it is still called Catholic Charities.  Why is that?

Catholic Charities – an Oxymoron? 


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lunatics in Indiana Prosecute Attempted Suicide Victim for Death of Fetus – Bei Bei Shuai - Heartland (Heartless) Justice

美国华人女子自杀未成 却被控告谋杀腹中胎儿

Bei Bei Shuai took rat poison when her boyfriend left her, leading to the death of their unborn child. Now she's facing life in prison.

When her baby Angel died in her arms at 1.30am on 3 January 2011, Bei Bei Shuai was so distraught she was instantly transferred to the mental health wing of the Methodist hospital in Indianapolis. Grief stricken and under heavy sedation, she was unaware that within half an hour of her baby's death a detective from the city's homicide branch had arrived at the maternity ward and had begun asking questions.

While Shuai was embarking on a journey into bereavement that continues to this day, the Indianapolis authorities were also setting out, albeit along a very different path. On 14 March last year Shuai was arrested and taken into custody in the high-security Marion County prison, where she was held for the next 435 days, charged with murdering her foetus and attempted feticide. If convicted of the murder count she faces a sentence of 45 years to life.


Stalin Show Trial for Pope’s Butler Likely – Medieval Justice

Crows vs. Doves - Vatileaks

(The Italian Press has labeled the Leakers in the Vatileaks Scandal as Crows. To others who seek justice and transparency, the leakers are labeled as Doves.)

(Reuters) - The Vatican's justice system harks back to medieval times and is unlikely to provide the pope's butler with fair treatment after his arrest for leaking confidential documents, according to a French lawyer involved in a previous case in the Holy See. Luc Brossollet is not involved in the so-called "Vatileaks" case shaking the papacy but he said his personal experience suggested the Vatican's judiciary is under the thumb of the Holy See and allows scant regard for the rights of defendants.

Brossollet was lawyer for the mother of Cedric Tornay, a young soldier in the Swiss Guard, the Pope's personal protection unit, who was found dead in May 1998 in a Vatican apartment alongside the bodies of the corp's commander and his wife.

"The Vatican does not have a modern, democratic judicial system that guarantees the defendant's rights. We are back to the Middle Ages. Even the Inquisition had some rules, but they don't have any. They just do as they wish," Brossollet told Reuters by telephone from Paris.
"The Vatican promotes the respect of human rights anywhere in the world, but it does not adhere to the same principles in its own courtyard," he said. "I think that poor butler is being detained arbitrarily."…
"I doubt that the butler's defense lawyer will ever have access to the full documents in the case," Brossollet said, adding that Tornay's mother still had not been able to obtain access to her son's judicial files after 14 years.

Brossollet said that throughout the Swiss Guard case, he and his co-defender Jacques Verges - whose clients have included a Nazi war criminal and a Khmer Rouge leader - were refused permission to argue their case before Vatican officials.

Only a handful of lawyers are allowed to work in the Vatican, and those who are not on that list must win special approval to do so.

"There is no independence, no separation of powers, and the judiciary will never go against the wishes of the Holy See. It's the archaic, unaccountable system of a sovereign prince," Brossollet said.

Deadbeat Cardinal Dolan Hid Assets with the Dead in Cemetery Trust

This is all old stuff and perhaps sour grapes and probably a federal crime if you could find a prosecutor with the balls, using R.I.C.O. laws, to challenge the creative bookkeeping of Timmy Dolan to hide assets with the dead in order to cheat child abuse victims out of just compensation for their suffering and ordeal of having been victims of the RCC's delusional (not of Jesus) Celibacy Sexual Mask practice.

Marek was referring to the Beneficial Interest in Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust, a pivotal issue in the proceedings.

NCR provided a copy of the hearing transcript to Jack Ruhl, a professor of accountancy at Western Michigan University who has done extensive research on diocesan financial statements. Ruhl is also a 1978 graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Wheeling, Ill., and was a licensed funeral director in Michigan for several years before earning his doctorate in accountancy at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Referring to the transcript, Ruhl told NCR: “When Marek says, ‘We don’t own the trust’, I would ask: Then why does the trust appear as an asset on the archdiocesan balance sheet? The definition of an asset is something that provides future economic benefit. When the archdiocese classified the [cemetery] trust account on their balance sheet as an asset, they acknowledged that the trust provides future benefit. The things we laypeople call assets -- our homes, cars, investment funds -- means that we own them, and to say otherwise in this case is misleading.”

On the 2007 archdiocesan balance sheet, Ruhl explained, the asset account with the largest balance, at $59.9 million, has a specific title: “Assets designated for future care of cemeteries and mausoleums, primarily cash and investments.”

In contrast, the 2007 balance sheet shows an asset account called “Beneficial Interest in Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust” with a zero balance.

“In other words, they zeroed out one account and transferred most of the funds to a new account,” Ruhl explained. “From an accounting standpoint, all Dolan did was rename the assets. It was a shell game.”


The End Days of the Anti-Semite Pope Benedict the German

You people remind me of the good old days of my youth.

The Vatican has long been said by those who know it to be a nest of vipers. But, recently, the poison has been laid bare for everyone to see as leak after an embarrassing leak has revealed an institution at war with itself.

Already this year we've read about documents warning of a death threat against the Pope, widespread nepotism and corruption, exiled whistleblowers, gay smear campaigns and embarrassing revelations about the Vatican's tax affairs….
Another Vatican watcher, Robert Mickens of The Tablet, has a simpler take the Holy See's woes: "It's arrogance. The people in charge still think the Vatican is above ordinary laws."
Observers also point to the Vatican's decision to censure nuns in the US for daring to "disagree with or challenge positions taken by the bishops" on key social issues.
"All these things are symptoms of a bigger problem. The structure of the Vatican - which is an absolute monarchy - is no longer suitable for the modern world," says Mickens….
The Pope's overtures to the extremist and anti-Semitic Society of Saint Pius X's, with which he shares a love of traditional Catholic Mass, is thought to have angered many Church figures….

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why Catholicism Does Not Matter – The Growing Vatican Meltdown

The embarrassing end of Christianity also known as Catholicism is melting down around its potentate idol king in the city of Rome.

The struggle for power in the waning months of Benedict the German’s administration revolves about scurrying around the hallways and ferreting away blackmail documents about the closeted sexuality of a celibate clergy army. Celibate means “not married”.  It does not mean “chaste” and or “honest”.

The attempt by Joe the Pope to rig the next papal election and give it to his official stooge for decades Secretary of State Bertone is in
question.  A moot point?

One recent rumor coming out of damage control central, Cardinal Bertone’s office, is the banning of all mobile cell phones in the Magic Kingdom and their ability to photograph documents and record conversations and sex sessions among the “celibate” clergy of the Vatican.  

Who needs the Swiss Guards to protect dirty little sex trafficking secrets anymore?  Quite impossible anyway in the age of Internet.

Blackmail and promotions among closeted Vatican clergy is in great question in this modern technical age, like at no other time in the history.

Marriage equality however will empty the Catholic Church of it closeted gay clergy in the next decade.  The truth will set you free and Catholic free as well.

That is why Catholicism Does Not Matter. 

It is based on an obsolete labor force much the same as the antebellum South’s economy was based on the obsolete and inefficient labor force of slaves. 

Christianity will evolve back along the path that Jesus envisioned and will no longer stray along any roads falsely leading to Rome.

Time Marches On!


George Henry Story – American Artist – 1835-1922

Young Woman Reading – circa 1880

George Henry Story also painted the Lincoln Portrait presently in the Oval Office, White House, Washington D.C..


Cardinal Dolan – Salad Days in Milwaukee – Paying off Pedophiles

Watch your back!

Fat Timmy Dolan’s Simony-ious rise to power in the American RC hierarchy started in his days of greasing the palms of perverts in Milwaukee and cooking the books to cheat victims of the much loved and tolerated RC clergy practice of pedophilia.

Victim/survivors of childhood sexual violence by clergy of the Milwaukee archdiocese, including leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAPnetwork.org/SNAPwisconsin.com) will release and discuss newly uncovered minutes from a March 2003 Milwaukee Archdiocese Finance council meeting where former Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Milwaukee auxiliary Bishop Richard Sklba discuss using church funds to:

–pay off known priest pedophiles and child molesters $20,000 each to quietly leave the priesthood,

–set up a “restorative justice” program to prevent victims from receiving compensation for injuries comparable to cases being filed against the archdiocese of Milwaukee in California, and

–move millions of dollars from the archdiocese into a newly invented “trust” to prevent compensating victims, the first of several such “trusts” to be set up before the archdiocese declared bankruptcy in 2011.

Victims will also be emailing a letter Wednesday to current Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki demanding:

–full financial disclosure of all payouts and “laicization” bonuses to sex offender clerics,

–which charitable funds were used to pay-off clergy sex offenders, and

–the release of the “Dolan Papers”, including all minutes of the monthly Archdiocese Finance Council chaired by Dolan and auxiliary Bishop Richard Sklba.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

McGuckin, Bishop of Toowoomba – Assessment on Facebook – St Marys in Exile Brisbane

Where the bloody hell is Toowoomba?

Monsignor Robert McGuckin has been appointed Bishop of Toowoomba, the ACBC said in a media statement last night. Until now, Monsignor McGuckin has been serving as Vicar General of the Diocese of Parramatta.

Since his ordination in 1973 he has served in several parishes of the Archdiocese of Sydney and, from its inception in 1986, of the Diocese of Parramatta, Bishop Anthony Fisher said in a statement.

Monsignor McGuckin said in a statement: "I’m honoured and humbled to be appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as Bishop of Toowoomba.

"I would hope to build upon the good work of my predecessors and look forward to working with the clergy, religious and everyone in the diocese," he said. "I ask for your prayers as together we strive to fulfill the mission entrusted us in building up the Kingdom of God.”

In May 2011, Pope Benedict removed his predecessor, Bishop William Morris, from his post in Toowoomba.

(Morris was removed on investigation of and recommendation of such to Rome by Archbishop Charles Chaput, then of Denver Colorado, presently of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.)

What can be read into this?
by Brian Coyne , LINDEN, NSW, Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 11:59 (10 hours, 15 minutes ago) @ Jane
I don't know the man but in the six or seven years I've been in the Parramatta Diocese in a position as an editor you tend to pick up the stories. I've also been getting some feedback since the announcement. The general assessment would seem to be "at least it's not a right wing nutter" which it could easily have been. As I wrote last night this is a pretty "safe" appointment. Bob McGuckin is reputed to be quite orthodox but in a very "safe, company man" sort of way. It certainly is not to be interpreted as any form of apology to the people of the Toowoomba Diocese for what was done to Bill Morris — no "by your leave"s there let alone "mea culpas" or "mea maxima culpas". The jury still seems to be out as to whether it is an attempt to rein in the Queensland Bishops and Church. Were there no suitable Queensland candidates worthy of elevation? Does it confirm the rumours circulating for ages that the Nuncio and those charged with responsibility for finding candidates are finding considerable reluctance on the part of the many to take on the responsibilities of a bishop, particularly in these large rural and outback dioceses? Toowoomba borders the Wilcannia-Forbes diocese and shares many similar challenges. The appointment appears to have the hallmarks of a leadership trying to "circle the wagons" in a deeply demoralised Church rather than an appointment that might be interpreted as one coming from a confident institutional leadership seeking to go out and embrace humanity and continue the "building of the kingdom". There seems little confidence that an appointment like this indicates the institutional leadership are anywhere remotely close to yet addressing the challenges facing Catholicism across Australia. Bob McGuckin is reported to be a fishing buddy of the Bishop of Broken Bay and the betting is that the consecrators will be Archbishop Coleridge (ex Canberra-Goulburn/Melbourne recently installed as Archbishop of Brisbane and Queensland Metropolitan), David Walker (Broken Bay) and Anthony Fisher (Parramatta) with the Archbishop the Principal Consecrator. As a couple of wags said "not a Queenland Bishop within Cooee". The positive vibe that's being drawn from the appointment is that it seems to indicate that Pell continues to be essentially sidelined as the dictator of all the episcopal appointments across this nation. His voice is listened to along with all the other bishops but he no longer has the sort of exclusive power he had for a few short years under JPII to be virtually dictating all appointments in this nation.

Brian Coyne




Cardinal Bertone’s Cleaning Lady Arrested

On the search for all leaks and moles in the Vatican among the evil Laity, it is rumored that Cardinal Bertone’s own cleaning lady has been arrested by Vatican Police for stealing sensitive documents from the wastebasket next to the Cardinal’s loo in his private Vatican apartment. 

Some questions from the press inquired as to where were the nuns assigned to the Cardinal Bertone’s apartment and offices as cleaning ladies, their highest possible function in the Church. The cleaning lady arrested was only a temp it was explained.
The nuns it is reported are on a religious retreat in Las Vegas Nevada at the Church of Sacred Pole Dance Monastery and Spa.

More to follow. 


Vatican Bank (Institute for Religious Works) - God and the Mafia’s Private Bank

Institute for Religious Works - Vatican Bank

A US court described it as “murky” [1] and the last President of the Vatican Bank admits that it offers secret accounts to many who “have had problems with the law”. There are no cheque books. Everything is done by transfer, by cash or in gold bullion, so as to be untraceable. This is perfect for money-laundering. And, as if the nine-metre thick walls of its tower in the Vatican did not offer enough privacy, “God’s bank” appears to have quietly established itself in the offshore financial centre of the Cayman Islands. [3]

As the bank of an independent state, the Vatican Bank escapes scrutiny from Italy. In addition, it has an impenetrable organisation, with three separate boards of directors. And it boasts another curious feature: it is said to be “never audited”, hence funds deposited there may simply vanish without a trace. [4] The Vatican Bank even maintains that it adopts the remarkable practice of destroying all of its records every ten years. [5]



Monday, May 28, 2012

Donald Trump - Toxic Credence

Toxic Credence = Orwellian Political Speak 

(i.e. Fox News, RNC talking points etc.)

The Donald has never met a man or woman he would not could not  cheat. 

His new proposed network show = Bankrupt This!

When the rubes dry up in New York City, time to find a new market of rubes to buy overpriced, substandard Donald Product whatever it happens to be at the moment.  Not unlike the substandard apartment buildings and Bridge that his father built. 

Donald on Mitt.  Bring them Mormon rubes on. It's an untapped market.  


Cardinals Struggle for Benedict’s Empty Seat – Senility – Sede Vacante?

The one person who could testify as to Benedict’s present mental health, his personal butler Paolo Gabriele, is incommunicado and his family in Vatican housing sit under a sword of Damocles.

All this while power struggles among many factions of Cardinals and Archbishops and looting of the Vatican Bank is taking place under the nose of the Media.

One wonders how long Benedict’s reign is to last without a loyal faithful servant like Paolo Gabriele at the side of the Pontiff to take care of his private interests, taste his food etc.

Vatican leakers say cardinals among plotters in scandal

The worst crisis in Pope Benedict's pontificate deepened on Monday when Italian media said at least one cardinal was among those suspected of leaking sensitive documents as part of a power struggle at the top of the Church.

The scandal exploded last week when within a few days the pope's butler was arrested for leaking documents, the head of the Vatican's own bank was abruptly dismissed and a book was published alleging conspiracies among the cardinals or "princes of the Church".

Newspapers, quoting insiders who had themselves leaked documents, said the arrested butler was merely a scapegoat doing the bidding of more powerful figures in the scandal, which has been dubbed "Vatileaks".


Vatican Struggle for Power Amidst Benedict’s Growing Senility

The Bogias - Pope Alexander VI, his mistresses and bastard children

Life imitates Art.  The Borgias (Alexander VI) against the Della Roveres (Julius II) are two camps fighting for power in the current Showtime Historic Drama (Soap Opera).  It is hard to identify which groups or how many exist in the present struggle vying for power and the power to sign checks as Benedict XVI’s reign wanes into extreme old age and senility. 

The microcosm of America with siblings struggling to get hold of mom or dad’s unearned equity before the parent croaks is being mirrored on the macrocosm of the world stage and the struggle for power and wealth within the present leaderless Vatican.

The scandal exploded last week when within a few days the pope's butler was arrested for leaking documents, the head of the Vatican's own bank was abruptly dismissed and a book was published alleging conspiracies among the cardinals or "princes of the Church".

Newspapers, quoting insiders who had themselves leaked documents, said the arrested butler was merely a scapegoat doing the bidding of more powerful figures in the scandal, which has been dubbed "Vatileaks".

Documents passed to Italian journalists accuse Vatican insiders of cronyism and corruption in contracts with Italian companies. La Stampa daily quoted one of the alleged leakers as saying the goal was to help the pope root out corruption.

On Saturday, Paolo Gabriele, 46, Pope Benedict's personal butler, was formally charged with stealing confidential papal documents. But leakers quoted by La Stampa, La Repubblica and other media said the leaking plot went much wider.

"There are leakers among the cardinals but the Secretariat of State could not say that, so they arrested the servant, Paolo, who was only delivering letters on behalf of others," La Repubblica quoted one alleged whistleblower as saying.

The Secretariat of State is run by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the pope's powerful right-hand man, and the scandal appears to involve a power struggle between his allies and enemies, reminiscent of Renaissance conspiracies in the Vatican.

Vatican’s War on the Laity – Scapegoating (Discounting) Humanity

Cries for justice to an unhearing pope.

In the cover up of the growing Vatican banking scandal, the part time consultant, President of the IOR, the Vatican Bank, has been fired because he was not transparent enough to his PR mission statement of transparency.  Poor dear.  Ettore Gotti Tedeschi is not a consecrated clergy type and is fallible and conveniently expendable.  Another lay person bites the dust.

And then there is butler who somehow is the mole that is leaking documents showing the pope and his very poor choice of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as his Secretary of State.  Tarcisio is a self-taught expert on child rape and blames the homosexuals for the prevailing pedophilia sacred tradition in holy mother church.

The butler, Paolo Gabriele, is a lay person, fallible and conveniently expendable.

I began to notice this scapegoating of the Laity lately with the American bishops war on Girls Scouts.

I also noticed it when Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia took great pride in insisting that a female treasurer at 222 N. 17 Street HQ in Philly be made a public scapegoat for embezzlement and writing checks to cover her gambling debts in Atlantic City.  If a priest had been guilty of embezzlement, it would have never been mentioned in public.  After all with the Monsignor Lynn child abuse trial currently going on in Philly, a priest can rape a child, children and never be reprimanded.

Anita Guzzardi, former Philly Archdiocese CFO, is a lay person, fallible and conveniently expendable.

Which brings us to the curious tale of a growing discomfort in the mob of Rome regarding the fate of Emanuela Orlandi, a fifteen year old girl who disappeared in 1983 and whose disappearance is the subject of some rather strange speculation.  Emanuela was the daughter of a Vatican employee who lived within the Vatican Walls and who disappeared on the way to her music lesson outside those walls.

The current meme regarding Emanuela Orlandi is I think a reaction to the citizens without rights living within the Vatican and the callous "we don’t give a shit" about disappeared lay people and or their children by the Vatican police, and their sloppy standard operating police work carrying out the plots and criminal cover ups of the gossipy old queens running the Vatican bureaucracy.

No transparency in faith, banking, police investigation in Vatican City is possible.  Scapegoating Humanity (Laity) welcome.

There is growing resentment of many regarding the blatant corruption of the Vatican absolute monarchy and its war on humanity and or the Laity.

The plot thickens. 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Transparency – Carl A. Anderson – Vatican Bank IOR Scandal – Knights of Columbus

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson of the Knights of Columbus (rumored to be the Catholic Masons), banker to mere popes, has spoken so eloquently on the current Vatican Bank scandal.
(Certainly no bloviating ignoramus like Donald Trump or any other sleazebag GOP operative types.)

Carl Anderson measures his words carefully, following years of dealings with the Vatican and prior to that, following his time spent working at the White House with Ronald Reagan. Of the four board members of the IOR, who on Thursday chose to oust their president Ettore Gotti Tedeschi with a no-confidence vote, Anderson, an American with placid manners, was the one who had to break to the volatile economist that his “progressively erratic personal behaviour” was not longer tolerated. Anderson could not even show Gotti Tedeschi the door, because the former president stormed out from the IOR building while his colleagues of IOR governing council were still deliberating  whether to dismiss him.  Thus the reasons for his dismissal, including the “odd behaviour” were written down in a harsh memorandum drafted by Anderson, listing Gotti Tedeschi’s many “failures”…. 
Anderson put the charge into context. He is one of the most famous personalities in the American Catholic world. As Supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, he is the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the world’s largest Catholic family fraternal service organization, which has more than 1.8 million members and which in the US is a true financial power in the life-insurance field, in 2010 the insurance companies of the Knights earned 7 billion dollars in life-insurance policies.

The Black Tower, K of C HQ, New Haven Connecticut


Friday, May 25, 2012

Pope’s Butler - Vatileaks - Paolo Gabriele - another Vatican Cedric Tornay Scapegoat?

Growing corruption scandal in the Vatican Bank and all they can come up with is “the butler did it”, leaking info to the media.

Sounds like another Swiss Guard cover up – the Abu Ghraib defense, a bone thrown to the media blaming the low man on the totem pole of responsibility for crimes.

Vatican police have arrested Pope Benedict XVI's personal butler following an investigation into the leaking of sensitive church documents.

The butler, identified as Paolo Gabriele, 40, was held by gendarmes after a special commission of three top senior cardinals had been appointed by the Pope to identify the source of the leaks which have caused severe embarrassment….

The Pope was said to be “shocked and saddened” at the constant leaks and it led to him appointing the three cardinal commission and who worked with the Vatican gendarmes which lead to the arrest.

Sources said that sensitive Vatican documents had been recovered from father of three Gabriele’s home inside the Vatican, but some have questioned if Mr Gabriele was perhaps being made a scapegoat.

Paolo Rodari, an expert on Vatican affairs, said: “I know Gabriele. He is a nice guy but I don’t think he would be behind this. I think he may have been imprudent and taken the odd document home but he is not the main person.”

“If you ask me he has been made a scapegoat just to satisfy the media. The documents found at his house were from the Pope’s personal correspondence but a lot of the leaked documents have come from the Secretary of State’s office and he would not have had access to those.”

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