Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Catholic University Prostitutes Itself To Koch Brothers Funding – Defended by Uber-Catholic (Young Republicans) Cardinal Newman Society

Well the well heeled and or the well funded (From Where?) Newman Society, spys snitches on campus group, exposes the hypocrisy of Signatories on a Protest Letter regarding accepted tax free Tea Party Koch Brother Donations at the Catholic University of America – that these signatories work at other Catholic Universities that have already prostituted their moral ethnics by taking Koch Brother blood money – those institutions snitch named as the University of San Francisco, Notre Dame and Villanova etc.

The original protest letter expressed concern “that by accepting such a donation you send a confusing message to Catholic students and other faithful Catholics that the Koch brothers’ antigovernment, Tea Party ideology has the blessing of a university sanctioned by Catholic bishops.” –

CUA’s statement also points out that among the 50 signatories to the Faith in Public Life letter are 15 who are affiliated with other colleges and universities that have received financial support from the Koch Foundation, including the University of San Francisco, the University of Notre Dame, and Villanova University, among others.

“So widespread and, on balance, non-controversial has been the Foundation’s support for higher education that we wonder whether the 15 signatories realized, before they endorsed the letter, that their institutions are ‘guilty’ of the same association they chastise The Catholic University of America for,” reads the statement. “And if they were aware of this, we wonder why they apply a different standard to The Catholic University of America than they do to their own institutions.”

Merry White Trash Tea Party Kenzo Christmas – Philly USA LOL

Santa Claus as GOP Tea Party Pundit in What Passes For Christ in Christmas Christianity Love and Tolerance in the USA and or Philly these Days. LOL