Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pope Francis Hints at IT (E.T.)??? --- Contact! --- In the Near Future with E.T.s from Other Planets?

Second time in five years, the Vatican has alluded to extraterrestrial life and of course its mission to convert those "uncivilized" space aliens.

Ronald Reagan publicly alluded to Extraterrestrials twice, once in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

The bottom line is that they are probably there.

They will decide when they want to contact us. (Not the other way around.)

In all likelihood the universe is quite diverse and the technology to transverse the universe rather cheap once you get it. Not unlike the internal combustion engine in a Model “T” Ford automobile of yesteryear?

I would say that that kind of technology is possibly something like one to two hundred years in our future. That contact before that technology develops within the natural envelope of our various local civilizations and our new evolving global culture would be dangerous for all parties concerned.  

That our reaching the basic mechanics of interstellar travel will probably mark the point on the timeline where contact with “them” would have the least cultural shock for both sides or the many sides involved in the equation.

In the mean time, lets add some heat to those cold bath baptismal pools? LOL