Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rest in Peace - George Stanley McGovern - 1922-2012

I shook George McGovern’s hand the day before the election in 1972.  It would be the first time I voted.

It was a strong hand shake from a great American.

A man, who dared to defy the corporations and their corporate genocide war for profit in Vietnam,
and who challenged the corporate stooges in the White House.

A distinguished veteran of WW-II, a pilot in the Army Air Corp. 

Rest in Peace – George Stanley McGovern.


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Governor Al Smith Drag Party at the Waldorf 2012 – Jumping the Shark - a Sacred Tradition

New York Governor Al Smith - 1873-1944

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Best Food in Staten Island – “Blue” Restaurant – Snug Harbor

"Blue" Restaurant - North Shore - Staten Island

Just had lunch the other day at “Blue” on the North Shore opposite the Snug Harbor Museum campus.

Snug Harbor

The old R.H.Tugs Restaurant jumped the shark in the nineties but ownership hung on to celebrate a twenty fifth year anniversary I guess for the sake of nostalgia and shabby chic?

This new restaurant with a basic Mediterranean cuisine actually surprised me along with a major interior architectural redo of the old basic structure. The Bar area is now doubled in size and more of a lounge complete with a few lounge chairs.  The restaurant is refreshingly bright with almost floor to ceiling picture windows facing the river and giving you a breathtaking, up front in your face, view of that major hidden forgotten asset in Staten Island, and that is of its long forgotten water front. 

The interior of the restaurant area is refreshingly simple. The walls are painted a Mediterranean color with Gothic Revival woodwork accents to match, compliment the hidden architectural gem of Snug Harbor across the street. This interior background tells you that so much thought and preparation went into this place. That forethought and care is also found in its fantastically fresh, tasty and excellent food.

What I sampled was from the Lunch Menu BTW. The pasta entre with clams and shrimp was the best I have eaten in a restaurant anywhere.  Seafood, fresh, fresh, fresh (you can taste the sea). I also had a taste of my companions’ dishes. The Angus burger, exceptionally excellent. And a lunch time special pastrami sandwich which was a quality, light tasting, not standard heavy, meat sliced and served with a real sense of style and excellence across the board of a creative eclectic menu.

They have an impressive wine list. Lunch for three with two appetizers, crab fritters - yum, three entrees, two cocktails, and one desert, a key lime pie to die for, and coffees all around for desert was for present day standards reasonable and under one bill.  You pay for quality and believe me quality is far and some distance between in that forgotten (gem) of a borough. That quality is found here in Snug Harbor at "Blue".

1115 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island NY 10310


Chubby Chaser Michael Sean Winters - National Catholic Reporter

"The best thing about the Detroit Tigers is that they have some players who are downright chubby. In this neo-pagan, health-worshipping, fitness-crazed culture, I love watching Prince Fielder carry his substantial self to the plate and then boom a homerun." - Michael Sean Winters, October 19, NCR National Catholic Reporter

Friday, October 19, 2012

Michael Sean Winters - Quote of the Day - Oct 19 - Chubby Baseball Player Prince Fielder

Was Sir Jimmy Savile Molested by a RC Priest when he was boy? - Catholic League’s obsession with “Secular Buggery” and the NYT

Sir Jimmy Savile

Three articles already by Catholic Media Troll Bill Donohue wanting to transport the current BBC scandal about looking the other way regarding famous media icon Jimmy Savile and his pedophilia and trying to make it stick to the New York Times because somebody once said some nice PR things about him in his NYT obit?

Truth is that Jimmy Savile probably learned his pedophilia habits from his local catholic priest and or priests as a child in the UK? Child of devout Roman Catholics...

What is all the fuss and bother about Bill?

Bill Donohue at Catholic League making Big Corporate Decisions

The NYT covered up Cardinal Spellman’s Gay old times with Broadway Chorus Boys for decades.  Who or what is the implied sexual innuendo / blackmail(?) presently all about with the Catholic League trying to indict the New York Times?

BTW, I cannot seem to find a Cardinal Spellman's New York Times Obit, NYT - the holy grail of American Obits, on the Internet? Hmm.

Franny "I never met a chorus boy I didn't like" Spellman

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vagina Binda - Romney Meme -

Binding Women - A Mormon Concept?

Qualified Women, with resumes, might exist?

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Trolling for Dollars – Ann Coulter and other Media Whores / Skanks / Trolls / Catholic-Judenrats

Fly Me to the Moon on your broom Ann Coulter – Ten Bucks?

I do not understand how a woman in her fifties still is walking around in blithe sixteen year old style blonde long, long hair. I do not understand why a woman who looks like the first whore I did it with is still so popular after all these years. She was older than me but not that old like Ann Coulter Bela Lugosi formaldehyde preserved old. Perhaps anorexia is the true secret key to eternal life on this planet?

When I see her on Bill Maher, I understand from the corporate world how blowjobs and supplying cocaine to the rich and powerful in the front office can get a skank promoted and in a corner office without any real work to do. But then, does she have an automatic groupie following that puts Bill Maher’s ratings up five points, is that why she is on his HBO Media Troll Show so much? Payola?

Do all the media trolls, formerly media whores; do they all have the same agent at the William Morris Agency? Like who books the dog acts on once legitimate theatre talk entertainment Sunday news shows these days? Vladimir Putin?

This annoying switch in my brain that is so visible is faulty and the “Matrix” like masters of the universe are not like totally controlling me when I see the likes of Liz Cheney or Ann Coulter or even Keith Olbermann booked on the George Stephanopoulos’ political dog and pony show on Sunday Morning – This Week.  They gave the Arab girl from CNN a few weeks to turn around the ratings and then they pulled the old Jay Leno on the female Conan when they 86’d Christiane Amanpour.

“See! (Mira!) Quality does not work. What works is circus!” as Roger Ailes subtlety e-mails his Fox News staff twenty times a day with.

I know I stopped watching George Stephanopoulos or taking him seriously about anything when I read that the poor dear only gets $40,000 monthly living allowance to rent a crumby apartment in New York City when they sent him to the morning show to jazz, jizz it up Bill Clinton style.

What really turned my bile green, not with envy but pure old fashioned moral disgust, was the picture and the follow-up research that he was BFF with Catholic Media “Centrist” Catholic-Judenrat Sean Michael Winters or is it Michael Sean Winters who is official USCCB apologist for institutional endemic sodomy/pedophila and the new far right fascist turn in the American Uber-Catholic Church. 

Sieg Heil!


Cute as a Bug and Expensive Media Troll Yes-Man George Stephanopoulos
W/his BFF (wink,nod) Catholic-media-Judenrat Sean Michael Winters

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Michael Sean Winters - Quote of the Day - October 17 - So Grateful the American RC Bishops USCCB will not Deign to address grubby little Christian Human Rights Issues involving Israel

Charles Krauthammer Debates Candy Crowley on Fox News and Naturally Loses - (Dipso-Facto)

First Up: Charles, your opening statement.

Second: Miss, it is Miss right, Crowley? Do you care to or dare to respond to Charle’s brilliant unprejudiced, fair and unbalanced opening statement. 

Matt Lauer, Today - Paul Ryan - November 17 - Wisconsin Vs. Ohio State? - Blah Blah Blah - Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin!

Fritz Kreisler and my Red Wool Scarf

Fritz Kreisler - Time Magazine - February 2, 1928

A keepsake from my late aunt came to light in cleaning out an old closet today. Alas the old Christian Dior winter coat (from my long gone glory days in banking, bought at Barney's NY with part of a real Christmas bonus) had succumbed to moth holes and is a loss but there in the pocket was tucked away an old plain red wool scarf – no holes thank God.

My aunt had been an employee to the late Mrs. Fritz Kreisler as cook, part-time housekeeper and companion in the Kreisler New York apartment.

After Fritz Kreisler died, Aunt Mary brought us a bag of some men’s toiletries, cologne bottle wrapped in a cork label (la dee da) etc. and this old red scarf that Mrs. Kreisler said that my aunt could dispose of, and that the violin virtuoso had once used in life. I guess I took the scarf out of that bag of hand me downs and it has somehow stuck to me through the years.

Today I found it again.  Today I finally looked up Kreisler’s bio on Wikipedia for the first time.  I have memories of the fact that my parent’s generation took for granted live radio performances of this violin player in the golden days of radio.  His name was a household item in the day of live connected human entertainment. 

No canned music on the media back then. Some thought the idea of playing a record of a virtuoso in live prime time radio as something obscene. There is a remark to that effect somewhere in the movie “The King’s Speech” whereby the establishment thought a recorded voice of the King giving a canned speech would somehow be considered fraudulent. Well, the times do change. Whatever.

It is no wonder why Hitler and his vision of the future failed. With a diaspora of Jews like Einstein and Freud and not pure Aryan Christianized artists like Kreisler, it reminds me of the present already failed vision of the German pope who now wants to caste out all intellectuals, feminists and gays from the RC church in the next to fail European vision thingy. Oh well.  

Enjoy the art.  Forget the politics.

Round Two Debates - Alpha Mormon Romney Versus President Barack Obama