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Mohammed Lee (Li)* - John (Q.) Public of the New Global Culture - Two Most Popular Names on the Planet

Mahammed Lee (Li) = John Q Public, Global Culture

*Mohammed Lee(Li) - Two Most Common Names on the Planet – Source: Sheldon/Big Bang Theory TV Show


God is Not Happy! - Pedophile Protector/Enabler Benedict XVI Retires - Escapes Justice along with other Crook Plutocrat CEO Wall Street Bankers Brokers

Vangelis - Blade Runner


Ratzinger’s Emerging Shadow Government / Kitchen Cabinet Running the Future Vatican?

The Next Pope?  Pope Jester I?

I have to think that the announcement that Pope Benedict, “Cardinal Ratzinger’s” decision to stick around the Vatican in a Convent is a poor decision and or says too many negative things to me.


After he leaves office on February 28, he will go first to the papal summer residence south of Rome and then to a cloistered convent inside the Vatican walls, exchanging the splendor of his 16th century Apostolic Palace for a sober modern residence. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/12/us-pope-resigns-idUSBRE91A0BH20130212

While I know that an 85 year old man’s capacity to annoy his successor on minor points of occasional gossip is to be expected.

That he needs the protection of the Vatican as in an armed Mafioso type bunker, in a convent, says so much of the reality sitting outside the Vatican Gates for Crimes Against Humanity charges floating around the legal ether in various political realms in Europe and or North and South America.

While I can see maybe a half dozen close friends and or confidants and with ranks of Archbishop and or Cardinal knocking on the Convent door for a few ten minute sessions of “What would you do in a situation like this?” type of friendly chit chat, I have to wonder if Benedict’s chosen successor will be a full and or partially stringed marionette dancing to the John Paul II’s and Benedict XVI’s regimes agenda hampered in modern times (Modernism is truly a Bitch!) by public scrutiny and modern social technical communication intercourse.

In other words, is Benedict really retiring or is he merely moving the RCC control center out of public view.

And the next pope will be a fully functioning Disneyland minimum wage costumed employee greeting the tourists in the street while the real power of the Vatican and its international banking and business empire disappears from view?

And or is revenge, payback German style being plotted as part of Benedict’s immediate pre-retirement and post-retirement plans?


The Last Pope and Cultural Christians

Lightning Strike on St. Peter's in Rome - February 11, 2013 - Date of Benedict's Resignation

I starting writing my blog almost five years ago in reaction not to Benedict XVI's visit to my city, New York City, but to the insulting to me media spin of men in collars in the media calling people like me, Cultural Catholics and or get this "Recovering Catholics" - evidence of experts talking out of their arses and pretending to know what they talk about. 

I wanted people like me to feel comfortable with a label Cultural Christian and not feel inferior to the we have a name and a label for everybody and everything crowd which is usually a negative name and or label, with the know it all scholar types like Ratzy in the Vatican.

Joe the Pope as I have lovingly named the present Roman Pontiff in more than one article of that blog had resigned. A non-traditional thing in an institution blue in the face upholding and compulsively obsessed with all things traditional and so-called sacred.

Well it just came to me as I no longer have a whipping boy in Joe that who or what am I going to write about now. Well, in all honesty my blogging has been an education. With Pharisee types parading around the Vatican in fabulous lace things like Ray Burke, it becomes evident that the parade and the show only masks the past glory and the lost present respect that the Vatican gets and deserves now that it is little more than a money launderer for every crank right wing group in existence.

In a way the St Malachy prophesy that these are the last popes in a list revised and extended once I think in the 14th century is a rare glimpse into the humanity of it all, the institution that at this point in time, the Vatican is little different than any other corporate headquarters marketing and franchising cheap chicken sandwiches to the masses.

The facade of the Vatican is just that - a facade.

Perception is everything and many more by the millions now know and recognize the deception. The church now I think is just the people of God no matter how long the museum in Rome continues to stand awaiting tourists with their tourist dollars.

Standard Vatican Fare - "Good Eats"


Monday, February 11, 2013

Drink Almond Smash - 237 N Front Street Philadelphia - 1919


Queen to Abdicate March 1 ? – Inspired by Benedict XVI’s Resignation

Inspired by Benedict XVI, Liz’s title after abdication / resignation will be simply Mrs. Phil the Greek.

Enjoy your retirement Babe!


Equinoxe - Jean Michel Jarre


Joseph Ratzinger in Retirement

He stayed long enough to tie up many loose ends from his work with his predecessor. Paper Shredder #23's warranty just expired.

That and the thing with the butler. His mental capacity is in question. Who can you trust to run things in your blackout periods? No one.

With a Papal Passport in retirement, he is untouchable. No doubt he wants to spend his final days in a monastery in Germany or be in the same old age home as his brother.

The bottom line for all to consider including himself - he is only human.



Benedict XVI to Resign - February 28

Live on BBC - Pope to Resign February 28

Few details at the moment.

"The reasons behind the head of the Catholic Church's surprise resignation have yet to emerge.

"Resignations from the papacy are not unknown, but this is the first in the modern era, which has been marked by pontiffs dying while in office.

"At 78, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was one of the oldest new popes in history when elected.

"He took the helm as one of the fiercest storms the Catholic Church has faced in decades - the scandal of child sex abuse by priests - was breaking."...

Thomas More in Hell – From a Strictly Protestant POV

“There is only one Thomas More: A man of tender nobility, subtle intellect, and forceful conviction, all rooted in profound fidelity to the larger commonwealth of Christendom outside and above Tudor England.”~~ Abp. Charles Chaput

Actually, there are two Thomas Mores, the other one was a bloody henchman for Henry VIII who gladly sought out, judged, tortured and burned Lutherans and Heretics. A Man for all Catholic Inquisitor Seasons, not real or humanist Seasons.

Dying for one’s personal fickle and often changeable con$cience of conveneince is perhaps more a sign of mental illness than a reason for “sainthood”.

Image above of Thomas More in his present digs from a Protestant POV – in Hell!


Justice Scalia With His Martyr's (Thomas More) Hat

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Joe Arpaio’s Vigilantes Get Training and Photo Op-ed with Has Been Snow Bird Actor Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal - Vigilante Trainer

Has been third rate actor Steven Seagal, who got immunity in 2003 to testify against members of the Brooklyn and Staten Island Mob regarding mob questionable funding of some of his early films, seems suitable material to do a NRA modern equivalent exercise of the Nuclear Age’s “Duck and Cover” to be taught in our modern day schools on Joe Arpaio’s Turf in the rich suburb of Phoenix, Fountain Hills Arizona.

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Arizona (Reuters) - Action film star Steven Seagal, who racks up big body counts in his on-screen battles with bad guys, took on a new role on Saturday, training posse volunteers for controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in how to use guns to protect schools in shooting incidents.

Arpaio, who styles himself as "America's Toughest Sheriff," enlisted Seagal to train his Maricopa County posse members at a school in Fountain Hills, a (a very rich) suburb northeast of Phoenix, with children used as stand-ins for scared students.

Seagal, a burly martial arts expert turned actor, guided 48 volunteers through various aspects of responding to a shooting, including room-to-room searches, and critiqued their work.
"I am here to try to teach the posse firearms and martial arts to try to help them learn how to respond quicker and help protect our children," Seagal said.

…About a dozen people protested the event.   
"No gun should ever be in a school," said protester Cynthia Wharton, a Fountain Hills resident.   
Arpaio's 3,450-strong posse of unpaid men and women has for years helped the sheriff target drunken drivers and illegal immigrants, and chase down fathers who are behind on child support.   
Last year, Arpaio sent posse members to Hawaii to investigate the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate at the request of local Tea Party activists, a key Arpaio constituency.   
A sometime resident of the Phoenix Valley and member of Arpaio's posse, Seagal, 60, starred in big-budget films in the 1980s and early 1990s… 

Joe Arpaio and Company - Phoenix

Queen Mary the Great of England – A Queen for all Seasons – Religious Liberty – 1555 – “Bloody Mary”

Mary I of England - A Queen for All Religious Liberty Seasons

Saint Thomas More, patron saint of Statesmen was a pussy. On his best day of defending Catholicism, he only burned a handful of Lutherans and or heretics for his King, Henry VIII.

Thomas More is the Martyr most quoted as the prime example of Catholics to emulate in the present Great Self Delusional, Self Fulfilling Prophecy Paranoia laden Religious Liberty Campaign to protect whatever from the reality of the existing dominant global secular non-christian culture.

“The time for easy Christianity is over. In fact, it never really existed. We’re blessed to be rid of the illusion. We need to be more zealous in our faith, not more discreet; clearer in our convictions, not muddier; and more Catholic, not less.” (Archbishop Charles Chaput, p.53 of Render Unto Caesar)


Mary (the Great of England)(Henry VIII’s Daughter) had always rejected the break with Rome instituted by her father and the establishment of Protestantism by Edward VI. She and her husband wanted England to reconcile with Rome. Philip persuaded Parliament to repeal the Protestant religious laws passed by Mary's father, thus returning the English church to Roman jurisdiction. 

Reaching an agreement took many months, and Mary and Pope Julius III had to make a major concession: the monastery lands confiscated under Henry were not returned to the church but remained in the hands of the new landowners, who were very influential. By the end of 1554, the pope had approved the deal, and the Heresy Acts were revived. 

Under the Heresy Acts, numerous Protestants were executed in the Marian Persecutions. Many rich Protestants, including John Foxe, chose exile, and around 800 left the country. The first executions occurred over a period of five days in early February 1555: John Rogers on 4 February, Laurence Saunders on 8 February, and Rowland Taylor and John Hooper on 9 February. 

The imprisoned Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer was forced to watch Bishops Ridley and Latimer being burned at the stake.

Cranmer recanted, repudiated Protestant theology, and rejoined the Catholic faith. Under the normal process of the law, he should have been absolved as a repentant. Mary, however, refused to reprieve him. On the day of his burning, he dramatically withdrew his recantation. 

All told 283 were executed, most by burning. The burnings proved so unpopular, that even Alfonso de Castro, one of Philip's own ecclesiastical staff, condemned them, and Philip's adviser, Simon Renard, warned him that such "cruel enforcement" could "cause a revolt". 

Mary persevered with the policy, which continued until her death and exacerbated anti-Catholic and anti-Spanish feeling among the English people. The victims of the persecutions became lauded as martyrs.

Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer – Not Catholic Enough for Queen Mary 


Friday, February 8, 2013

Cardinal Burke, Vatican Mob Boss, Pisses on Savita Halappanavar’s Grave and her Right to Life in Irish Press

Savita Halappanavar - Murdered in Ireland by Irish / Catholic Sharia Law

"The tragic death of Savita Halappanavar has triggered a frenzy amongst abortion activists in a similar way to which deception and lies were used in the case of Norma Jean McCorvey's pregnancy in 1973. What lessons can the Irish government learn from the McCorvey case to prevent the Savita Case becoming Ireland's Roe vs Wade?"

"The death of Savita Halappanavar is indeed tragic. It is, however, contrary to right reason to hold that an innocent and defenceless human life can be justifiably destroyed in order to save the life of the mother. 

"The Irish people, and especially the Irish government, should be very alert to the kind of argumentation which will be used by the secular media and by secular ideologues, in general, claiming that the destruction of the new human life in her womb could have saved the life of Savita Halappanavar and, therefore, would have been justified. Such an argument is absurd in itself. 

"Even though, if the reports are correct, Savita Halappanavar requested an abortion, her request would not have made it right for the law to permit such an act which is always and everywhere wrong."


Cardinal Burke - Senior Vatican Mob Figure


Cathedral Grounds in Philadelphia Haunted? – Built on Ancient Potter’s Field and Execution Site

222 N 17th Street (foreground right) - Rear of Cathedral (background left) Google Maps

I can remember in the seventh grade going downtown after school with some classmates to pick up some boxes of plastic icons of the Virgin Mary down at the Archdiocesan offices behind the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia and returning uptown to make delivery to the local convent of these items before returning home. 

I can remember those buildings, townhouses behind the Cathedral that had many various departments crammed and housed in Victorian building space.

I can remember when they tore those buildings down and in a weekend or was it a week it seemed, they put the prefabricated tinker toy like steel girders snapped into place of the “Archdiocesan Office Building” out of some kit do doubt sent from overseas. 

Then the prefab sheathing of windows and faux stone filler went up. The resulting 13 story office building would provide plenty of office space for decades to come in this new Chancery.

No doubt with Cardinal Krol’s campaign for the papacy and Cardinal Bevilacqua's grand child abuse cover up schemes with future bishops Cistone and Cullen and Rigali's follow up with want a be bishop Msgr. Bill Lynn one must take one’s breath, think of Cardinal Rigali’s using the address as a mere mail drop for his real full time digs in Rome next to the Swiss Guard’s Barracks (wink, nod), one might give pause to the thought how isolated and lonely it is at the top of the Philadelphia Catholic Hierarchy in the 13th floor penthouse suite of the Archbishop’s office.

In that corner office overlooking the copper dome of Sts. Peter and Paul’s, the Parisian style grand public buildings of Logan Square and the magnificent Greek style temple of the Philadelphia Museum of Art beyond, one might wonder if one was at least on the slopes of Parnassus is not on mighty Mt. Olympus itself. 

Indeed even the five star Four Seasons Hotel could only be built here on Logan Circle as the premiere gateway to the cultural heart of the city.

Of course it was not always like this. There was a time when the Cathedral was first planned for and built, Logan Square was quite isolated and not a desirable or fashionable part of the W.A.S.P. culture city further to the east. Logan Square was the ideal out of the way place to build a Papist temple without upsetting the Protestant elites of Philadelphia.

That and Logan Square was the potters field, one of several in the city and adjacent to the gallows once there. That like all things official and or unofficial in the past, the potter’s field, a burial place for the poor, the low lifes, prostitutes, criminals and executed prisoners, the boundaries of a designated city square haphazardly overflowed its boundaries onto the future cathedral site. 

The nearby legitimate Quaker burial grounds would also have had an overflow of graves for the poor who brought their dead and those in the middle of the night that just dumped dead bodies in the general vicinity of the whole general area of death.

That the present chancery of 222 N. 17th Street might have been part of a stockade off Logan Square to house the convicted about to die on the gallows as a staging area to send them off to their fates and a place to hold or store executed bodies after until a means of burying them could be organized or arranged.

Sounds a bit odd but I am reminded of the scene in the movie The Sixth Sense where the psychic child who can supposedly talk to and see the dead sees a place of execution that history does not record but the child witnesses the dead dangling from the gallows that held even children, those whose only crime might have been the capital crime of stealing bread to survive back then in the past.

So it is rumored that before they built the present day fashionable bits of upscale downtown Philadelphia, in the past, the dark past, the underside function of a city dealing with death used to be practiced and had a place here and around Logan Square (now Logan Circle).

It is little wonder that some say the building at 222 N. 17th Street, the Chancery is haunted with death and evil from the past and passing all the way, reinforced, to the present day there.

1895 Map (PhilaGeoHistory)


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Half-Assed Cardinal George’s Half-Assed call to Martyrdom for Brit Catholics while Cardinal George Smugly Sleeps Well in His Own Bed At Night, no Conscience Required.

Cardinal George Chicago - Martyrdom is Good for Everybody Else Other Than Me

The British Uber-Catholic Blogosphere went ape shit the other day when Parliament under conservative Prime Minister Cameron confirmed the right thing, the human thing to do, to confirm the civil right of all citizens in Britain the right to civil marriage. 

The law which passed is on the road to adjustments, tweaking, and a final vote in the House of Lords exempts religious groups, gives them the right to abstain from being forced by law to administer the marriage ceremony for the state.

In BRITAIN it was the conservatives that pushed for marriage equality for some strange reason. I do, as an aside, wonder if there is a some new world order committee that tells the guy in charge in every country – “this is how it goes Jack and or Dave and or Barry etc…” (aside over)

Well the period in which the organized resistance to marriage equality was a lot like their prep time for elections like for only a few weeks. So the opposition and not necessarily the political right only had days and weeks to organize opposition letter writing, blog explaining campaign against the human rights thing of marriage equality.

Now that Cameron has betrayed his upfront promise for his government not to get involved in marriage equality, the religious right is seething in anger and looking for scapegoats etc. for their defeat in Parliament.

All well and good the way they do things in Britannia. Since that recent vote in Parliament, I have not found one single right wing Brit religious blog that has not quoted half of Cardinal George of Chicago’s so called “Call to Martyrdom" in the British Isles. It spread like wildfire. Almost like off the same mimeograph machine.

The quote is:

“I am (correctly) quoted as saying that I expected to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”

A call to martyrdom of Brit Catholics?

The source of the quote which is rarely quoted in the British Catholic Blogosphere is the link below along with the full two sentence quotation by the holy loquacious bishop of Chicago, whom many think is Benedict XVI’s logical successor as head of the Vatican Mafia Crime Family.

“I am (correctly) quoted as saying that I expected to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”--“His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the Church has done so often in human history.”

All well and good that Cardinal George’s successor be flung into prison but I think it not on matters of faith as much as for fiscal mismanagement (stealing) and the child abuse scandal cover-up as now documented in the infamous Ratzinger Pedophile Archives in the Vatican, which I think is Cardinal Ratzinger’s ultimate legacy to humanity in terms of documenting the Holocaust of Innocence (of Children) orchestrated by the pervs presently running the Church of Rome.

My spec choice for the man in prison in Cardinal George’s rightful place as the next Cardinal of Chicago is Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville Kentucky, that state represented at present in the Senate by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (grandma) and tea bagger tea party superstar Rand Paul. Geez.

I do not suppose that Cardinal George knows or cares that far right Brit Catholics are about to act like lemmings and jump off the cliff of martyrdom and or enroll in Afghani style Martyr classes in the greater London region. Will he make an effort to rescind his popular half quoted position, while jihad forms in his absence of clarity? I somehow doubt it.

On top of this now defeat of the far right Catholics in Britain is their blogosphere, they are now quoting the great church father of law Cardinal Burke as author of revenge and denying sacraments to all Catholics in Parliament who voted with the Cameron team on marriage equality. Oy Vey!

What a strange backward Déjà vu Britain is now after our recent elections where we did not vote for Obama as much as make every effort possible to vote against the Church Party – the GOP – who would scrap our social safety net to finance lazy crony moron business men who don’t know how to run businesses or create jobs. 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Ancient Fading World of my Youth

Classic Wooden Monopoly Playing Pieces 

They are changing things again in the modern world and since this is an American Diary of sorts in a global culture, here goes.

They are changing the metal playing pieces in the Monopoly Game which I think is a universal game with local settings and name places in the game, in various versions of this game in the major countries of the world where it is marketed.

I can tell that it has been at least forty years since I played monopoly. I can only remember the wooden playing pieces pictured above.

Big press releases, they are doing away with the “iron” and replacing it with a kitty cat. Wow. Big deal!


And they are stopping Saturday mail delivery on Saturdays starting August 1 to save 2 billion dollars. Wow. Big deal!

I can remember when they stopped painting the mail boxes red and blue to save half a million dollars.  Wow. Big deal!

And they phased out letter boxes, small and to the point and on almost every other street corner in America.


And Canada just stopped making pennies, something the U.S. seems to be incapable of doing. Wow. Big deal!



Monday, February 4, 2013

Ed Koch Micromanaging His Final Resting Place


Protect the Pope Insists on Roman Catholic State Funeral At Westminster Abby with The Pope no less Officiating for Paedophile King Richard III’s Bones

Richard III

Fresh from a Religious Liberty Victory browbeating the Pret A Manger sandwich chain into withdrawing a secular product “Virgin Mary” crisps/chips at great expense, mad with power church militant Catholic Deacon Nick Donnelly is insisting that recently discovered bones of the evil King Richard III be turned over to Roman Catholic pomp and circumstance in Protestant Britain.

Although Richard probably received RC rites and or services at his internment at the monastery where he was buried, the Catholic Right Wing want to shove everybody in Britain’s nose in Popery to satisfy their inferiority complex of living in Church of England territory.

The bones are going to be interred in 2014 at the local Leicester Cathedral of St. Martin COE.

A lot of controversy about Richard’s ascension to the throne, through a crooked RC theologian claiming a flaw in Edward IV’s marriage contract, thus bastardizing the legitimate twelve year old heir to the throne Edward V (Edward IV's oldest son).

Richard captures Edward V and puts him in the Tower of London as his protector and then conveniently discovers that he Richard is in fact the only legitimate king thanks to the corruption of the local RC establishment, a corruption dealt with under Henry VIII later on in Brit history.

Then Richard throws Edward’s ten year old younger brother in the Tower with Edward and the two possible heirs to Richard’s throne disappear mysteriously, said to be murdered.

Sounds like a spec movie script from modern RC archives. Two underage boys and their claims being discounted by corrupt clergy covering up grabs for power and grabs for little boys asses etc. LOL

Richard of course eventually gets his in the end and now five hundred years later the RC wants to make him a saint even though the two lost boys in question got fucked figuratively and or literally in the process.


Good luck with your campaign for Sainthood for Richard III Deacon Donnelly.



Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is Father Schüller of Austria the New Martin Luther Facing Down the Obscene Corruption of John Paul II’s and Benedict XVI’s Vatican?

                    Fr. Helmut Schüller

The leader of a dissident movement of Austrian priests has been stripped of the title “Monsignor” by the Vatican. 

Father Helmut Schüller, the head of the Austrian Priests’ Initiative and a former vicar general of the Vienna archdiocese, no longer holds the honorary title of “Chaplain of his Holiness,” the Vatican announced on November 29. The action comes more than a year after the Austrian Priests’ Initiative launched a “Call to Disobedience,” encouraging clergymen to defy Church teachings on issues including homosexuality, intercommunion, and the ordination of women. More than 400 Austrian priests have expressed support for the dissident movement.

Fr Schüller, the leader of Austrian priests and deacons openly defying the authority of the Church and dissenting from her teachings, has announced the formation of a pan-Germanic group of dissenting clergy that will soon incorporate disobedient clergy from the Anglo-saxon countries, including Ireland, Australia and the USA by the autumn. 

The Austrian Priests Intiative, with their Declaration of Disobedience, have joined with disloyal groups of clergy in Germany and Switzerland, forming a group of 1,500 priests and deacons who are breaking their promises of obedience made at their ordination. 

There was a meeting of representatives of the disobedient priests and deacons in Munich between the 24-26 January 2013, that issued the following statement: 

‘We stand for honest awareness of the situations in which people find themselves in their lives and for the credibility of church practice. That is why we openly specify what we do, even if it contradicts present church rules. … 

We are against absolutist structures in our Church and advocate civil rights and transparency.