Friday, December 30, 2011

Doctor Nicola Riley of Utah – Victim of the American Politics of Vagina and Christian Sharia

Doctor Nicola Riley of Utah

In America, Doctors who operate within the law or have to use loopholes in laws to perform female medical procedures such as abortion will continue to be harassed and even killed by Christian Sharia fanatics who stalk and lobby for some pure state of religious excellence.

I shall not comment on some of the aspects of this case, but I do know Doctor Nicola Riley personally.  I have known her since she was a young teen and can remember when she went off to West Point in those days when females at the Point were a novel thing.

I don’t know anything about her legal problems in the military but she left prison to start a new life and entered Medical School in Utah.  Her services to the elderly and the poor were needed there until such services got commoditized on some big corporate spreadsheet thing in Utah.

She had been working with the elderly and Medicaid crowd as I understand it, before that human level of care got turned into a business racket by perhaps religious institutions looking to the future on spreadsheet graph sheets and seeing only the piles of money to be made in giving aging Boomers minimum care at maximum government rates in shitty nursing homes, now seemingly the standard in Utah.

That I hear it is getting near close to impossible to find a major nursing home enterprise in Utah that is headed by minorities, or non-Mormons, male or female. They have all been shown the door.  When such care and profits from it were marginal, services from out-of-staters, minorities and non-Mormons were needed.  That has all changed in free market deregulated capitalistic Utah.

That young green inexperienced female Mormon doctors from the U of U are brought in to sign off on anything the accountants recommend in these for profit only nursing facilities.  Ethics is out the door not unlike what I witnessed in Wall Street where green kids out of college were told how to steal the national treasury etc. – the public be damned.

These young green rubber stamps now head these money making business enterprises and are now in charge of the elderly there.  If I had a choice between a nursing home in America or suicide, I would gladly choose suicide rather than rot for years in my own urine and feces and depend on care from minimum wage, low or no benefits attendants and illegals at pre-morgue care nursing homes, Utah style.

Getting back to the politics of Vagina and male right-wing politicians wanting a show trial in Maryland to prove once and for all that all women have no rights in the use of their body or a free choice in medical care regarding female medical procedures – I am now reading my bible to find a passage in that noble book to prove that prostate care or surgery is a sin against the Almighty and that all Catholic and Christian Sharia law should equally condemn it with birth control and abortion.

This culture war in America on the human Vagina is getting ridiculous.

No doubt Doctor Riley, squeezed out of the Utah medical work previously available to non-whites and non-Mormons, had to supplement her income in Maryland or New Jersey to pay her student loans to become a doctor. No doubt that is how she came to become a doctor that performed abortions.  And no doubt, as a human being, she is capable of making a mistake in her desired profession.

I know Nicola’s family that has its roots in good, wholesome, working class, middle class Harlem and a Roman Catholic Church that used to care about people and not the bottom line of spreadsheets.

I wish her well and no doubt after being stalked and harassed by the Right Wing Lobbying Industrial “Morality” Complex, she will emerge, vindicated, stronger and run for office and become the first female minority senator or governor of that great state of Utah. Much reform is needed there regarding the human condition.

You are in my prayers Nicola. And don’t let the hate bastards get you down!

Via con Dios!


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