Monday, February 23, 2009

New Mick RC Archbishop in NYC - Tim Dolan

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I am counting backwards. Not holding my breath.

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Archbishop Timothy Dolan is being named as a replacement for the finally retiring Edward Cardinal Egan in the big apple.

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It will perhaps be a breath of fresh air. Perhaps the paint on the walls of the Cathedral rectory has finally dried after nine long years and just as the good Cardinal Egan receives a well deserved retirement.

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A young fellow I once worked with was a musician on the side. I guess he once got invited to an RC marriage ceremony as part of his gig. He made the remark that he would rather watch paint dry on a wall than ever go to one of those again. Perhaps not a nice comment. But definitely an honest one.

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Egan's entrance to New York had to do with his recruiting middle aged men to the priesthood to replenish a diminishing supply. Of course with organizations like SSPX with about 350 priests in the world, it is easy to recruit third world priests to take a high paying US salary of a few hundred a week in a US parish and send the money back home to their starving relatives. (The issue of celibacy gets buried deeper and deeper within a spider's web of PR, BS, piss and corruption.)

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I did not like how Egan seemed to be walking down the central aisle of St Patrick's to claim his red prince's hat even before O'Connor's body got pushed out the door.

O'Connor was stiff as a board but he had a certain common touch. I almost tripped over him once as I existed a bus on Madison Avenue. I did not recognize him at first in his cassock and brown leather fedora. He seemed to be alone. No bodyguards. Egan on the other hand had an air about him that you would need an appointment to just look at his magnificence.

I am perhaps not being fair with the new guy. Have seen too, too much wet paint on the RC walls since Vatican II that still is not dry.

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No doubt Archbishop Dolan will get his red hat and be promoted to Cardinal of what John Paul II called the "archdiocese of the world's capital". Lately with the financial meltdown, NYC is more like a collapsed tower of Babel than anything else.

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There are many articles in the papers today about this new appointment. I will not list them. I think I am not the one to give a balanced assessment of a man I never heard of 24 hours ago. The best overall report is the NYT's one - boilerplate - obituary in the drawer quality - ready to pull and print at a moment's notice.

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For some reason only Micks get to be the chief honcho in St. Pat's. I read that Dolan speaks Espanol. Good.

Other than that his predecessor in the post of archbishop of Milwaukee got caught doing something nasty that cost some sort of $450,000 settlement with the person who got the nasty done to them. But that has nothing to do with Tim. He raises a lot of money. That seems to be his number one ace in the hole that got him the job. That and downsizing everything in sight in the Milwaukee Archdiocese to settle lawsuits.

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Counting backward. I have to wonder what is wrong with Timothy Dolan? Benedict XVI, an aged politician and bureaucrat seems in a hurry, a mortal hurry to pack the court like FDR or I should say the Church Hierarchy with as many weird choices for bishops as anybody desperately out of luck in Vegas - for his vision of a Medieval Revivalist RC church.




Who knows? Maybe the Vatican might let a sane one slip through the cracks once and a while. Stranger things could happen. Miracles?

Welcome to NYC Father Tim, the media capital of the planet. There are no secrets here.

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