Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marcus Bachmann – Christofascism vs. the Barbarians

There’s a lot of anger and hate floating around the Internet these days regarding Michelle Bachmann’s light in the loafers husband Dr. Marcus Bachmann, the deprogrammer for gays, with a mail order PhD. in Chist?ian counc?ling.
God only knows what hell those 23 foster kids went through living in the Bachmann Chris?ian home for thirty dollars a day each, tax free, over the years. Were they there merely as a meal ticket for the Bachmanns or were they there to experiment the new world order on? 
It is because the Bachmann’s, in the case with the foster kids, had to send them to public school and not to home schooling like the Bachmann’s five natural Christian programmed children,  that is what got future Representative Bachmann all steamed up about the mainstream science and evolution thingies.  About those things in particular being taught in the public schools is what started her present career in politics with the sole purpose to shut down public education.  
It is their Jesus’ way or the Highway!
It is the least common denominator factor thingy in the ongoing dumbing down of America thing.
This is what I do not like but it is human nature.  Cher, on her twatter, sends out an insulting message about Marcus and the whole world, especially the MSM, sits back and reports on the bitch bitch rants of the gay community towards a supposedly Vatican like professional closeted fraud such as Doctor Marcus. 
In a way, the Barbarians that Doc Marcus calls homosexuals, Barbarians that must be taught and disciplined, is in a way code talk for the new Christofascism.  It is "the way" of the extreme right wing of the Republican party that has hyjacked that party.  Making people act against their instincts and or their own best interests is what fascism is all about.
Pro-life is code for the abortion issue and not code for the need for social networks to follow the teaching of Jesus regarding the personal obligation to love your neighbor.
And the name of Jesus itself is code talk, not for the God of traditional Trinity delusion.
Their Jesus is God.  Yahweh is Jewish and suspect and the Holy Spirit is any spiel to talk god bullshit and empty the sheep’s pockets.  Jesus is God Incorporated and Tax Free for every huckster or used car salesman who can start a store front meal ticket church.  Halleluiah!
In fact, for Opus Dei candidates like Rick Santorum or other Christofascists like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, it is all about appearances no matter how dysfunctional and hell like their domestic family situation is for their children.  Appearance and hypocrisy are all that matter in Tea Partyville.
In a way the Fascism in the name of Christ is nothing new in the last century.  In a way the very pagan Arian pseudoscience of Creationism, or even the theology of Marx as a Christ substitute, has all been tried and tested in Europe in the nineteen thirties prior to fifty million human beings being wasted in WWII in an experiment to see how far insanity can fly, walk, talk or stick to the wall  in any political forum.
Worked before for the crazies.  Let’s do it again.
History repeats itself.
God (the real God) save us all!