Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two Old Old White Guys Do Lunch – Benedict and Francis - some notes.

I was reading many nanny media meme accounts how these two old, old Catholic CEO dudes having lunch together was a first in history.

Of course I was born before the Great Dumb of America begun with Ronald Reagan and the real life version to me sometimes of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Brain Snatchers? – The Media / MSM?

I remember reading a library book by Malachi Martin close to twenty five years ago and I cannot find or remember the title. But in that book there was touching scene depicted with the mind of this ex or retired Jesuit who was a very conservative Catholic dude.  

In that book, he depicted two popes, one official (the first to resign) and one un-official bishop of Rome, also known as the first "anti-pope" and their meeting on the road to hell so to speak in Roman lead mines where they had more or less been condemned, to die working themselves to death and as the result of some current religious pogrom from some Roman Emperor.

The popes after lives of bitchy ambitions, embrace in forgiveness of their enemy pope and die pure in the grace of the moment.  A touching story.
Malachi in that book also managed to paint a scene of Constantine, waiting for the last minute for baptism of all his horrible sins including the murder of a son and a wife etc. That forgiveness is given in a sacramental and all the evil of Constantine’s life is forgiven though not really erased in the tally of things, the equations of life things etc.

I am not that good with names. And then quoting all these Latin names in history, of popes Pontian and Hippolytus, I think crowds the landscape with a bit of fog in understanding and or perspective of that moment in history, especially to a typical modern American audience.  Duh.

But there, I read that many times quoted cliché of Benedict having a lunch date with Francis and a First in History false media meme.  Whatever.

Speaking of Latin names and Latinos. I saw this horrible ABC article, link below, about how all the Latinos are insulted that a pope of European descent claims the right to the title of “Latino”. 

The Black Flag Ops article really is I think a demand from the white right GOP to divorce Francis from those brown people claiming some equality to the rights of the white race, making the pope out to be “Latino”. 

If you think I am exaggerating, just look at the past four years and the GOP’s efforts to destroy the economy of the United States for the mere sake of trying to discredit a man in the White House of African descent. Whatever again.

There is also a link below that got past the editors at The Telegraph in the UK of an interview with a Cardinal Bergoglio before the conclave, the link on the article has disappeared but the black hearted “Journalist” is polluting the information lanes of the internet with unsubstantiated quotes from a full transcript of the interview. How does that work? Lost the link? But found the full transcript? Dan Brown are you out there?

Which leaves my delayed rage to the end of this piece so to speak, to say that when I look at Benedict and Francis embracing above, I am glad I am no longer a Catholic. 

Because if these two are the best the RC church can do for moral leaders after two thousand years, the institution has definitely jumped the shark!

Whatever (in case anybody is listening) a third time.