Sunday, July 17, 2011

Milly Dowler – Selling Inhumanity for Greed

Is it really less than two weeks since a human interest story on a dead girl Milly Dowler caught traction and in less than a week, the NOTW (News of the World) was closed, and the PM (Prime Minister) and wanna be PM were feigning surprise and anger and were kicking friend/lover Rupert so rudely out of bed? Political whores for sure.

If you step back on a historic timeline, this Murdoch empire gotcha glitch is more like an explosion, something like collateral damage of the implosion already occurring within the family business.

No doubt they already had plans to close the NOTW, and in one more cynical move shut it down as some sort of empty gesture of outrage against the hacking thing.

Fox News here, owned by Murdoch, has pretty much hidden the biggest story about inhumanity on the planet these past two weeks.  Ignorance is not necessarily bliss. 

I see close to ten thousand tweets and 22 thousand facebook shares on that one article.  Outrage spread quickly but you still had to have the one damning piece of evidence of inhumanity for the sake of greed in the form of that one Guardian article.

Now with the head of the Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal resigning and likely to be arrested too along with Rebekah Brooks, it seems as if the bureaucrats cannot move fast enough or get a big enough chunk of bloody meat from the carcass of Rupert’s media empire. 

Says something about the real stability of our so called capitalist system.  (The soviet system was merely the first one to totally collapse.)

Scotland Yard has got to redeem its reputation fast.  The FBI will go fishing and 3-6 months down the road more indictments in the US.  Truth to be found or merely more circuses for the starving masses.

Have to wonder why this spread so quickly, and I have to wonder if the economy and the cost of everything including cable TV and the modern day Byzantine kabuki style Murdoch journalism is something that sells well  with the bankers and the accountants but not really with the public in general.

“Let em eat cake” doesn’t sell well anymore this round of history.