Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monsignor William Lynn – Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Six Million Dollar Man

This is one of those I was looking for something else and found this instead kind of thing.

I was looking for the possible digital archives of the defunct Catholic Standard and Times for reference to articles of Msgr. Hawks of Saint Joan of Arc Parish in Harrowgate Philadelphia, its doors recently locked under the new Denver bean counter regime of Charles Chaput.

I also found the beginnings of a story about the Standard and Times announced shutting down, getting the axe for budgetary reasons and that 40 employees would lose their Jobs. As far as I can see about 25 full time employees got the sack. 

Being a tax free religious institution, the Archdiocese, employer at the Standard and Times is not liable to pay unemployment compensation to the 25 canned employees. There were also 20 freelance employees who more or less I would assume were self-employed contractors.

Through the transition, the old General Manager of the Standard is Matthew Gambino who probably handed out the pink slips and a holy card to departing fellow employees when the Standard was more or less put on line under the Catholic Philly site label.

Have seen a few headlines of Matthew Gambino who now is the Philly Archdiocese equivalent of one man with a computer a la Bill Donohue over at the Catholic League who being the PR man and gatekeeper to the Archdiocese of NYC.

And not to forget Gambino's many many articles at National Catholic Reporter and Catholic News Service.

Here is a sample of Matthew Gambino’s writing style and bedside manner that no doubt was one reason for the demise of the Catholic Standard and Times in Philly.

A candidate for the Knight of Saint Gregory for his writing skills or merely keeping the secrets of the Devil’s Tower at 222 N 17 th Street, in his corner office, one or several floors below the Cardinal’s Penthouse Executive Suite on the top 13 th floor?

Well to get to the point, apparently the Archdiocese does expose or disclose what it calls a financial disclosure statement that admits to spending close to six million dollars on the Child Abuse Trial of Monsignor William Lynn in the following article.

The supplemental report indicates $534,000 was spent investigating the fraudulent actions of former archdiocesan CEO Anita Guzzardi, convicted in 2012 and currently serving a two-to-seven year sentence; $4.6 million spent on an investigation related to scores of archdiocesan priests placed on administrative leave from their duties as a result of the second Philadelphia Grand Jury on clergy sexual abuse; and $6.7 million spent on the criminal trial of a priest, and an independent legal and financial review of archdiocesan operations.

Of course, none of this keeps any of the inner city churches of Harrowgate or Frankford in Philly open. Those closings were not financial as they were more due to attendance and probably more so than that to the fact of the lack of priests to go around. 



Jesus Never Asked A Leper For A Co-Pay Bumper Sticker - John Fugelsang - Affordable Care Act (for People)

Quote of the Day on Affordable Care Act For People – “Jesus Never Asked A Leper For A Co-Pay.” ~~ John Fugelsang

Ed Schultz: The Christian faith is very clear, feed the poor, and heal the sick. Is it really Christ-like to take healthcare away from Americans that should have healthcare that could save their lives? …

Chaplain Klingenschmitt: Obamacare takes healthcare away from, a half a billion dollars was taken away from old people, from Medicare to fund basically a slew of people who refuse to get jobs. …

John Fugelsang: You know Jesus never asked a leper for copay. And in Matthew 10:7-8 commands his followers to heal the sick. Now every option of healthcare on the exchange allows for a woman to choose a provider that will only allow abortion in cases of rape or incest. Where the chaplain is being disingenuous is that the only time that this will ever pay for an abortion is in the case of rape or incest or if you believe as the chaplain does that contraception is the same as abortion. So I’d like to ask the chaplain if I could, Jesus never at any point in the gospels condemns abortion even though people were terminating pregnancies at the time. He does however come out quite frequently against killing the sinner through the death penalty. So have you sir ever once protested your tax dollars being taken to fund state sanctioned killing. …

Chaplain Klingenschmitt: Jesus said in Mark 15 that if anyone disobeys or dishonors his mother or father he should be put to death. Jesus said in Luke 17.

John Fugelsang: No sir. He did not say that. He is quoting Leviticus. He is throwing that back in the face of the Pharisees. Some of us know that story sir.