Wednesday, November 28, 2012

McCain Graham Ayotte Hate Campaign Against Susan Rice Continues

Gang of Three White Front Ayotte McCain Graham

Gang of Three, White Front Senators McCain, Graham and female (beard?) Cover Senator Ayotte continue in their trumped up campaign against UN Ambassador Susan Rice regarding the GOP Benghazi Red Herring.


Staten Island, New York's Magical Borough, Overrun with Wild Turkeys, Unicorns and Zebras


Thank You Stephen Fry for a Refreshing Look at the United States.

I am half way through an interesting six episodes of British actor Stephen Fry traveling in a London Cab in a sort of a Brit Version of the old CBS “On the Road” news series with Charles Kurult.

In a typically low budget BBC, but very creative POV series of life in the fifty states, this non-New York, non-Hollywood, look at the vastness and absolute infinite possibilities of American Reality is a welcome entertainment vehicle to me.

I am quite jealous of the Brits and their upper crust going for intelligent conversation and perception well beyond the ruling class in America that counts success in how much money and blow they can accumulate in a lifetime with their “C” Ivy League degrees.

It is so hard in America to find people like Fry with I/Qs above 120 to have decent polite conversations with etc.

I do not want to use the cliché “diverse” to describe America. It is something quite something else up close and personal as seen in this series.


Papal Clack Sen. Kelly Ayotte Now Part of John McCain Posse / Vigilantes Roaming Halls of Congress Looking For Race Victims

The “Hack Squad” of papal clack Sen Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire walked her designated female two steps behind as famous couple John McCain and Lindsey Graham (Arsenic and Old Lace) roamed the halls of Congress yesterday looking for a fresh race victim in the form of Ambassador Susan Rice.

Sen. Ayotte who thinks that Jews are unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court is no doubt reading off the talking point lists from both the RNC and the Vatican Propaganda Bureau in the hopes that someday soon a seventh Catholic Supreme Court seat be given to an obedient Catholic pre-approved by the Pig Shit Irish in charge of the USCCB under Abp. Timmy Dolan on direct orders from his monarch Benedict XVI.

Be ready in the future to hear more from this Catholic Religious Mouthpiece on the Far Right as victims like Susan Rice get chewed up and spit out in President Obama’s so-called second lame duck administration by the whites in charge on Capitol Hill.

Have a nice race free day.