Saturday, July 14, 2012

Joe Paterno’s Monument Statue to Buggery and Half-Assed Penn State Trusteeship to Remain Forever – Business as Usual

Stick it to the Public!
Penn State Board of Trustees

Business as Usual at the Penn State Board of Trustees meeting in Scranton.
The poor dears, the Board of Trustees don’t want to be pushed into tearing down Joe Paterno In Hell’s Monument to the Football Cult and the Football gods at Penn State.
Same kind of decision making that left Jerry Sandusky “Humanely” do his thing for decades.
Besides, the Fcuking statute cost good money and the fat cat donors are ready for football, football, football come Autumn.  Screw the Public!
If anything, secret plans are under way to replace obsolete Beaver Stadium with a new 150,000 capacity Penn State Joe Paterno Memorial Football Stadium.  Governor Tom Corbett thinks he can find money in the Pennsylvania State Budget for important things like a new Stadium. It will create jobs, a no-bid construction project awarded by the state out of the Governor’s office that is.
Tom left cart blanche with his fellow crony trustee buddies meeting in Scranton about the new Stadium proposal. Absentee trustees like Tom Corbett trust his crony buddies on the board to do the right thing for themselves and hisself as well.  History shows that.
The Trustees secretly kind of like Joe’s Bronze finger sticking to the public similar to the way they have done the books all these successful years at Football and oh yeah, there is that education thing to be considered at Penn State too.

They also want to avoid making a rash decision in the heat of the moment. There has been considerable debate in the media about whether the statue should be taken down.
"You can't let people stampede you into making a rash decision," said one trustee, according to the ESPN report. "The statue represents the good that Joe did. It doesn't represent the bad that he did."
In board meetings in Scranton, Pa., held Thursday and Friday, some trustees believe the statue would have to be taken down at some point, but they decided that it would stand for the coming weeks and months.


Paterno and Sandusky – Penn State Corporate Pimps!

Pimps - Penn State

What are they all crying about?

Joe Paterno got a $5.5 Million dollar Platinum Parachute retirement deal. And he and his family get twenty five years of free rides on the Penn State Company Jet and twenty five years use of a private box at Beaver Stadium.

Penn State – I thought that was a state supported university – Private Jet – to ride in donors on their way in to get a taste of Jerry’s kids in the Private Boxes for big donors? Don't need that Jet no more I think. (Pimpmobile?)

Something really wrong here. Am I the only crazy one here or does anybody else smell many dead corpses rotting away under the floor boards and behind the walls in the Halls of Penn State???

Joe Paterno’s statue is still standing outside Beaver Stadium.  Why hasn’t it been scraped in a Junk Yard? If they leave his monument there any longer, maybe they should dress it up, only thing missing on that statue is a Zoot Suit - appropriate attire for a pimp.

Joe and Jerry had a lot of good years pimping for the Education Industrial Complex and College Football.

Jerry is going to Jail. Joe is in Hell. He sold his soul to the company he worked for. Not so unusual these days. 

End of Story.  Get over it!

Please put another dozen of the corporate pimps running Penn State as part of Joe Paterno’s Pimp Run Tenure in jail for a start. 

It ain’t cool to be a Joe or Jerry groupie anymore. 

Party is over.  It, the child trafficking thing, has likely moved on to the other Big College Football Campuses?
Let’s get on with some decency and morality and reality in America before it is too late for America to get on with some decency morality or reality.


Have a nice day.