Thursday, August 22, 2013

Right Wing Archbishop Chaput Continues His Hatchet Job Gutting Assets of Philly Archdiocese to pay for fiscal Mismanagement of the last 40 years of his Predecessors Spending Tens of Millions on Culture War Politics

"Right Wing" Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput

"Our difficult financial situation must be addressed and the actions that we need to take may  be painful ones," Archbishop Charles J. Chaput said in a news release.

“Our”? “We”? Spokesman for the Right Wing of the American RC church has some financials to deal with after spouting out too much anger against Pope Francis in Rio de Janeiro that gets accurately reported in the American Catholic press. He did the same thing in Spain back in 2011

(Off on my prediction by six months I think about Chaput becoming the great embarrassment of the American RC church, per above link.)

Charles gets a little heady being in Catholic Fascist countries like Spain or projecting oneself into Brazil where nine year old girls can get raped by their fathers and then be refused an abortion and at the same time also blamed for forcing dad to rape her. 

Leasing Cemeteries and getting rid of the Nursing Homes originally built to house the aging parents of nuns and clergy, no need to worry about that now for all those imported priests from Africa and Asia.

Archbishop Charles Chaput has signed off on expert advice of the accounting firm KGMP to cook the books and sell and lease off assets to pay for all the lawyers bills in the ongoing Child Abuse secret Sub-Business (sub-culture) of the Philly Archdiocese (wink,nod).

How do you lease a cemetery? And who gets use of the Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund? That’s a question for experts on cemeteries like Cardinal Dolan in New York I would think.  

Then you fire the 180 people working in the Catholic cemeteries there now and then maybe the leasing company will offer to hire some of them back for half the wages and no healthcare benefits or pension plan?  

No wonder Chaput hates Pope Francis and his public statements so far about humanity and in contrast to the past thirty years of right wing bishops being installed by the bankers at the Vatican. Whatever.

In an aggressive move to help remedy its deep financial woes, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia said Tuesday that it had put its six nursing homes up for sale. 
 The archdiocese also said it would attempt to lease out 11 cemeteries and two parcels that could be used as cemeteries. 
 In addition, the archdiocese said it would try to outsource the management of the cemeteries, a move that could cut costs and increase revenue. 
 "Our difficult financial situation must be addressed and the actions that we need to take may be painful ones," Archbishop Charles J. Chaput said in a news release. 
 "I understand this fact fully, but it is of critical importance that we rebuild our financial foundation so that we can continue our collective good works." 
 The archdiocese last month reported a $39.2 million loss for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012. Excluding millions in unusual expenses, the archdiocese's cash outlays in fiscal 2012 still exceeded revenue by $17.4 million.
 In addition to annual operating shortfalls, the archdiocese has huge long-term gaps in its balance sheet, totaling about $350 million, for pensions, self-insurance reserves, and money owed to a trust-and-loan fund for parishes.

Why not lease out the cathedral to Burlington Coat Factory while you are at it?

Doing a great job “Hatchet Charlie”.  The Red Hat is in the pipeline but only I think after Pope Francis catches John Paul the First Disease? (wink, nod) lol


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