Friday, May 31, 2013

Father Derek Lappe’s 13 Critical Failsafe Signs Pointing to the Gayness in Your Boy or Girl Child – Secrets of “Step on a Crack Break Your Mother’s Back” New Catholic Science Revealed – Boys Scouts of America

I gagged when I read the Medieval Creationist type suedo-science of one Father Derek Lappe’s attempt to get his Domestic Prelate’s Hat (Monsignor) by ass-kissing the local bishop (Sartain) when he unveiled why his parish would withdraw from sponsoring the manly man he-man only Boy Scouts of America.

The good church fathers over at the Catholic Church are quite content and indeed comfortable using children to advance their secret sexual agenda in the public town square.  

Whether raping children directly or just taking a “Catholic” “Moral Stand” against gays aka known as boys who are gay and have the common sense God gave them at birth to know that they are gay and want to join the archaic obsolete fascist institution of the Boy Scouts of America as an example.

Also please note, the Catholic clerics only use the coded Catholic word “Homosexual” invented by the Victorians to promote cutting edge Victorian qualitative science of 150 years ago. 

“Gay” is of course a term of the (yuk) Laity. “Homosexual” is Latin (or Greek) and therefore copyrighted by the RCC. lol

Father Derek Lappe, a young lad priest in need of an older prelate with maturity and experience and wisdom to guide him in Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish in Bremerton is left to his own devices, all alone, quite lonely, in his mismanaged parish in Washington State.

Father Lappe’s RC revealed 13 sure signs of probable unchecked monitored Gayness in your man child and or (yuk) – your worthless  girl child:

1 - Alienation from the father in early childhood

2 - Mother was overprotective (boys)

3 - Mother emotionally unavailable (girls)

4 - Mother was needy and demanding (boys)

5 - Parents failed to encourage same-sex identification (typo? Shouldn’t that be discourage?)

6 - Lack of rough and tumble play (boys) (get your doctor to prescribe those steroids boys)

7 - Failure to identify with same/sex peers (?)

8 - Dislike of team sports (boys) (Jockstraps Rule!)

9 - Lack of hand/eye coordination and resultant teasing by peers (boys) (likes dolls, not violent video games?)

10 - Sexual abuse or rape (by the laity of course) 

11 - Social phobia or extreme shyness

12 - Parental loss through death or divorce

13 - Separation from parent during critical developmental stages

Dear Catholic Parents - Have you inspected, check-listed your "child" lately?


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