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Templar Treasure Still Hidden in Jerusalem?

Everybody likes a treasure hunt.  These days cash is hard to find.  And what’s more valuable than worthless paper money? GOLD!

You saw the headlines this past July.

MUMBAI, India — A court-ordered search of vaults beneath a south Indian temple has unearthed gold, jewels and statues worth an estimated $22 billion, government officials said Monday.

Watching the History Channel recently it came to me in a vision (of greed) where the lost Templar Treasure of the defunct order of the Knights Templar might be – it is I think right out in the open so to speak like with that Temple in India.

The Treasuries of the Knights Templar
Lost:1307- Current Est. Value: $ Many Billions
Gold and silver ingots, coinage, jewels, jewelry, gold & silver plate, land deeds, religious relics, weapons, documents and records, Middle Eastern trophies and artifacts, valuable curiosities and royal regalia held as securities.
(Location Unknown)

Right out in the open?  Or more importantly, like a good magician, one illusion covers another.  One myth hides another myth or the truth of the myth.

If you saw a keyhole, would you not assume that the keyhole is a clue as to something locked away and in need only of a key to unlock?

What I find annoying about the whole Dan Brown cottage industry thing springing up with all sorts of Knights Templar myths is that somehow their European gold survived the greed and murder of the Knights Templar by France’s Francis IV and Pope Clement V.  

The popular History Channel typical airbrushing of history does not mention that Clement V was the first Avignon pope, of the papacy moved to France away from Rome and bound to the French King.

It was the beginning of a period of close to one hundred years of pope and anti-pope being elected both in France and also in Rome.  It was an age perhaps more corrupt than even the Borgia pope, Alexander VI.

The problem with the History Channel crowd is that they don’t want to get off there ass to find the Templar’s lost, and I think, very real treasure.  They want the treasure in their backyard – in Europe.

Let’s face it.  All the gold went to King Francis IV of France and his massive bribery campaign to get the pope and the authority of the Church moved to his backyard in France.

There was little or no Templar gold in Europe when Francis and Clement killed off the bankers so to speak.  Kind of a medieval version of nationalizing the banks, something even Obama has not done yet.

So if there is no Templar gold in Europe, where is it?

The truth is that the Templars started out issuing letters of credit in Europe for promise to pay in the Holy Land, Palestine. Trade was one way in the beginning.  Over time, trade moved east and the Templars to be successful bankers would have been issuing letters of credit in Palestine for trade moving west to the other side back in Europe.

There were two piles of Templar banking gold – one in Europe and the other in Palestine.

While the European Templar treasury might have been a pile of I.O.U.s from deadbeat kings and popes, the real gold left of that vast banking empire is probably still where the Templars left it.  In Jerusalem.

Where? Under Temple Mount?  Hell no.  Titus and Hadrian scraped that rock clean centuries before.

There is the myth that the Templars dug into Temple Mount and found the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.  Good myths.  Good myth cover.  Myth covering myth.

I look at two surviving symbols of the Templars.
One is the Scallop Shell, a sign of pilgrimage, originally by going from France to the shrine of St. James the Apostle in Compostela Spain.  This is where the protecting monks that evolved into the Knights Templar got their start in the centuries before the crusades.  Protecting pilgrims and being paid or receiving donations for their protective services.

The other symbol is the Keyhole which in reality is the shape of many churches in Europe built after the Crusades which follow the shape of the Temple (Templar) Church in London UK. 

Looks like a keyhole to me, the design.  And what is this design?  It is of the rebuilt, redesigned, with Templars’ cash, Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.  

This shrine, by many historic accounts,­­­­­­ has a massive honeycomb of tunnels under that shrine and most bricked up too for centuries like the recent Temple in India with its billions in forgotten treasure.

The truth is if you look at the bones of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, they never tore down the Temple of Venus part of this shrine, the solid round part of it built by a true builder – Emperor Hadrian. 

That Temple of Venus in Roman times no doubt served a lot like the Temple of Athena in Athens with a treasury vault built into the bones of the structure.

You can discount the myths of church fathers who say they tore down the Temple of Venus.  Truth is that no church father is ever going to tear down or throw away a protective vault for treasure.

The key to the Templar’s Keyhole in Jerusalem protecting the lost Templar treasure is the Scallop Shell – symbol also of the goddess Venus.

I want a finder’s fee.